October 24th Update

Just a small update today.

Many people were disappointed with the idea of the April & Violet game just having one sex scene at the end with both of them together. So, I floated the idea in the comments section that I could still include the two solo sex scenes, but release the game in two parts. This seemed to be a very popular idea, so that’s what I’m going to do!

The plot was already designed so that it could work this way anyway. I started the game with the intention of using new Genesis base figures and rendering everything in IRAY, and since I didn’t have much experience with them, I didn’t know how long it would take to make a game. So, in preparation, I setup the plot so it could be released in 2, 3 or 4 parts. The 2 part plan is what I’m going with here.

So, part 1 will include the sex scenes with Dylan and Violet, and Part 2 will include April’s sex scene and the groupsex at the end.

Since this won’t mean I have much work to do before I finish, I will be releasing Part 1 this week, on Friday the 28th.

Following that , the schedule for the site will probably be dsp3000’s Academy Part 3, and the April and Violet Part 2 all before Christmas.



As a quick bonus, here’s a nice image of my next main lady when I’m done after April & Violet. Looks like I might be officially naming her Sienna, but I’ll have to think about it. I think my subconscious mind was thinking that Sienna work as a newcaster’s name because of CNN. CNN-a. Get it? I’ll deal with ti later though. Sienna’s still a nice name.


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  1. Well, nothing to say about the upcoming game, except that I can hardly wait. And I have to admit, Leanna/Sienna is starting to get more into shape, and less “botoxy”

  2. “” I think my subconscious mind was thinking that Sienna work as a newcaster’s name because of CNN. CNN-a. Get it? “”

    no offense dude … but.. what a shitty joke :p

  3. I like the CNN/Sienna name and explanation.

    I seem to recall that when I was thinking of a name for Tara, it was based on the phrase , ‘titties are really amazing’.

    Sometimes setting names for characters is really quite difficult, especially in the knowledge that you are going to have to work with them for a while.

    1. So, Natalia was “not all titties are, like, immensely amazing”? Maria “man, are readhead insanely attractive”?

      1. Nah man theres a few of us out there that like smaller titties, keep us in mind too. Sneak a couple girls in with normal sized tits, would be much appreciated.

        natalia lowkey hottest girl in photographer series

      2. Interesting…
        I didn’t post that comment about Maddison.
        It appears that someone else appears to think it is a good idea to post on this blog using my name.

        I would always capitalise the M an Maddison and use a full stop/period at the end of a sentence.

        Besides which, I like to think that, in terms of characters, variety is definitely a good thing.

        So, it appears that I have an imposter to contend with…
        Is this the sincerest form of flattery?

        1. well seriously, that suck.. how can we know who is the real one and who is the fake ?

          you can know this yourself (of course) but also admin i guess by checking the mail adress.but this really suck : /

          wait, so that mean maybe chaotic is also a fake/imposter ?

  4. Chaotic, you the man! Can’t wait until Friday. It won’t come soon enough. I was also delighted to see the early blog post. And dsp3000, thanks for the insight on names. Those little bits of background trivia help to make thing more fun.

  5. I’m definitely excited for the reunion with Violet, but also looking forward to updates about the Leanna/Sienna game. If dsp3000 is able to finish Academy part 3 before the end of the year too it’ll mean great games to finish one year and more to start the next. Keep up the amazing work!

  6. btw
    i just got an idea , maybe an bad idea but, i think it can be good for peoples waiting for games.

    you thinking about make some comics ,remember ? (of course you remember -_- )

    well, i thinking , at replacement of making comics (that will took you time and work). its maybe an good idea to make some desktop wallpapers, based on characters and places that peoples are going to see in futur games.
    its similar to your post like this one with pictures and all, but it allow peoples to have something “usefull” (if i can say) that can help them more to wait.

    is that an bad idea ? :/

    1. Loose pictures, pinups and wallpapers seems like wonderful idea, I guess he could add it to girls section of the site, updating details, providing background and history, showing off the characters outside of a game setting. Maybe even charting the relationships between each character to show how everyone knows each other. All things considered though I think the games will always have to take priority given how thirsty people are for new games.

      1. I have been considering setting up a tumblr account or something, as I do end up with lots of random pics that I never get to use anywhere. Light tests, scene tests etc.

          1. thats exacly my idea 😀

            like an sort of “making off” or “behind the scene” part of the game.

            also dont hesitate to inclued some “fail” screens (we all know that happen sometime, those scene you prepar and suddently .. bam !… something weird happen and the character have weird face expression, pose etc..) , an little part of fun is always appreciate and it can also show us all how hard it is sometime to create an “simple” scene on the game

  7. I first I was annoyed at how greedy everyone was, then I realised that now the game is in two parts we hopefully get a delicious mystery cliffhanger and potentially a bigger game overall, so that’s nice. It’s likely there will never be a short-medium game with 2 or more major characters without a lack of story.

  8. I think releasing a new wallpaper or small gallery of random things maybe once a week or fortnight is absolutely a great way to make membership more enticing. If you kept these brief enough, I can’t say for sure but I’d imagine it would only delay a game by a few days? If a game took 3 months to make and you released 6 wall papers in that time then it would be delayed by a week at most surely? In any case I personally prefer that to comics. I really feel comics don’t fit the vibe of this site. Making smaller things also leaves you more flexible, you could make a picture of an old character one week and one of a new character the next, rather than committing a lot of time to one comic.

  9. You already know that I have nothing but good things to say about this decision!

    As far as Sienna, she’s looking amazing! Still hyped about the whole Karma idea behind that game!

    As for the next Academy part by DSP3000, I can’t wait! Both of you are absolutely killing the adult game industry right now! The games are perfect!

  10. Hey Dsp3000, thanks for that link. I love the info that is shown there about the characters. Fantastic!!!

  11. Hey DSP3000, will we have an update/preview of The Academy Part 3 soon? Not that i’m not highly anticipating Chaotics new Games, but its been quite a while since we had a proper update from you. I’d love to see a few teaser images in one of the next blog updates as i’m quite keen to kind out what happens next!

  12. Dear Sir Chaotic,
    Dear Sir Chaotic,

    Keep up your great work, I am impress with your games so far, anyway would you mind tipping me with some info about The Academy Game Part 3? Would there be any sex scenes with Bridgette, Principal Valentine, Holly, Annie, Laura, Maria, Didi, Amy, Lola, Megan, Jodie? I mean would there be any solo sex with any of these hot ladies or maybe a threesome sex with any of these few ladies? Or maybe I could get Sebastian to have threesome sex with any of the mention girls above, could it be possible that you create any of such sex scenes in the shower room, gym, store room, media department, toilet, or inside the principal’s office, or I could have sex with Jodie in the reception area? But I would love to have sex with Megan in the gym or in the shower area, Please bring back Megan in the Academy Part 3 game.

    Most importantly must have a few sex scenes with Principal Valentine and Bridgette cause these 2 ladies were stunningly sexy and hot as ever, they 2 have a massive great pair of tits or boobs size, must have sex with Maria too as she has hot big tits too.

    I cannot wait for your reply for Leanna or Sienna game and also for The Academy Part 3 game.
    Looking forward for your reply on these 2 games. Thank you sir Chaotic.

    David Ong.
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    1. Hello David.
      You are asking the wrong person about The Academy series.

      Top marks for paying attention and getting all those names right though.

      I can answer all your questions with yes, no, possibly and maybe.
      There will be an update on ‘The Academy: Part Three’ soon.

      The Internet, Somewhere.

      1. I had a couple ideas/suggestions for Academy 3 or could work for later parts. First, there could be a scene where you get an anonymous note asking you to meet one of the women in a room(photo studio or maybe a changing room). When you arrive the code used decides who it ends up being, what you get to do with them, and if you get caught or not. Second, it might be interesting, although probably time consuming to make, to have the mother for one or more of the students other than Annie(since her mother is the Principal) visit the Academy and with the right code you get to have some fun with one of the mothers. In that instance instead of the usual being caught by the Principal or staff member the student whose mother it is could be the one to catch you, which would negatively affect her lust levels. If not caught the mother could tell you something that would create a special dialogue or choice that would allow a special encounter with her daughter.

      2. now tell me this is fake too …..

        sinze when dsp post something stupid like : “the internet, somwhere” ?

        i mean .. this cant be real right …i never have see dsp posting something like that. he sound always serious when talk about game development.

        (kick me if this is the real one)

        1. I believe dsp3000 may be gently mocking Davids odd habit of leaving his name and location at the end of every comment. 🙂

  13. Twins… Leanna and Sienna…. one a newscaster…. one is something else…. whatever else… maybe one is sort of a “Rachel” type character while the other is less so…. (but not a betsy) Of course you can also put that away for a sequel if you want…. but since you like both the names, it’s an idea. And easily done since you already have base characters.

    1. None for Part 1.

      I’ll probably add some when Part 2 and the ‘complete edition’ are released.

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