October 21st Update

April & Violet

Progress is going very well, and I feel like I’m nearing the end of production. At this speed, I think a release date of November 4th is very likely, but I’ll refrain from saying it’s official until I’m more certain, which will probably be next Friday.

Since I refrained from it last week, today I also have lots of pictures to share with you.

After spending the night at the motel, April discovers that her car has been drained of gas…

morning3 morning4 morning5

After discovering you are all stranded there, both April and Violet change into something better suited for the heat…


April takes charge figuring out your options, while Dylan tries to help, and Violet nurses a hangover…


Violet and the player investigate a nearby town only to find it deserted…


Finally, you find some gas….


…but it may be too good to be true, as April spots something disturbing in her mirror!


Since it is supposed to me a mystery what’s going on, I don’t want to get into too many details about what’s happening, but that should be enough to start you guessing for now.

I also have a bit of an update on the sexual content. In earlier posts, I stated that there would be one ‘solo’ sex scene for each of the three women, then one orgy at the end. Sadly, (or not) I’ve decided to change that.

There were a few aspects about it that were bugging me. I think the biggest issue though was the pacing. Since it’s only a medium sized game, having four separate sex scenes makes the sex too frequent. By comparison, Betsy is about 2.5 times the size of what this will be, and that only has three.

So, instead, I decided to demote the solo April and Violet sex scenes to just nude scenes, but on the more more positive side, this means I’ve decided to expand the epilogue sex scene with them both involved. The sex with them at the end of Betsy was a little brief, so this should more than make up for it. Doing it this way should also mean I finish it a bit quicker.

It also makes a bit more sense with them being in a relationship. I was going to have them make a rule where they’re allowed to sleep with you because of a deal they’d made, but having an epilogue scene where you all just agree to get naughty in a hotel room after the main plot makes much more sense. Also, inspired by comments on the blog, I will be having a ‘titty-fuck’ with Violet and deepthroat blowjob with April as part of that scene!


Last week, I added a note to the blog say that, although I love Leanna’s look, I was having some trouble with her face. I don’t know what it is about her face, but it’s really, really difficult to get her smiling and not have it look weird. It’s like the rest of the face doesn’t shift with her lips properly.

You can see what I mean by these images…

smile10 smile11 smile12

So, I started working on a new face. Bit of a character change, but I’d rather do it now when I’m so early into production. This is what I’ve come up with. Everything else is the same, it’s just the face I changed….

final-leanna-10 final-leanna-11 final-leanna-12

I like it! She somehow looks a bit more like a news anchor to me. More mature, but not necessarily older. Slightly sterner face too, which fits with the ‘bitchy’ personality.

This is how her smile looks now…

smile2 smile3 smile4

Which looks much, much better to me. It’s probably still tweak it a bit over the next week, but this’ll be pretty close to what I use.

Very interested in what everyone thinks about the upgrade. Leave your thoughts below if you have any.

This weeks poll

I’ve decided I really like having polls on the blog here. It’s a good way to get feedback, and to to see how many people are reading it. So, I think I’m going to try having a poll every week, even if it’s for something frivolous.

This week, Leanna’s name. Since I’m changing her face, I’m also very tempted to change her name. I’ve been leaning towards Sienna instead. Her surname is Marseilles, and I feel “Sienna Marseilles” sounds a bit more news anchor than “Leanna Marseilles”. So, what do you think? Here’s both names with a pile of others I could live with…

Which locations would you like to see in Crystal Part 3?

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Feel free to add any of your own suggestions below too. If people like them, I may do another poll next week with this week’s most popular, plus those. Sort of a ’round 2′.


Finally, last weeks poll concerned me making the occasional comic for the site. Opinions were mixed, but since making a comic would consume time I could be working on a game instead, they decided they’d rather just have the games.

I think my brain may need the occasional break from just doing games, but I’l see how I feel as time progresses. One possibility I’m considering is making a short comic to go with the advent calendar this year. I normally try to aim for something a bit special for the final day, and I think this could fit well.

47 thoughts to “October 21st Update”

  1. I think u should do all the sex sceans in April and violet it would be great and make the story better

      1. I think it would make sense to have a solo sex scenes. Since the main character has already had relations with Violet and April it just seems right that he would have sex with them when they’re alone

      2. Because if you are stuck in the middle if no where and you get a chance to get to know them better also adding the sex will be better for the ending

  2. About comics idea, I was wondering if you ever try to expand the gallery section on your website, there were some nice pics in your previous posts here. Maybe you can try to make more renders of old characters.

    1. Maybe. I’ve been meaning to look for some good gallery hosting software for the site first though. Setting up the pages to put the pics on is surprisingly time consuming.

      One possibility might be just to setup a deviant art account instead and host everything there.

  3. Perhaps instead of having full sex scenes with each of the women as well as a group sex scene you could include one of these alternatives. First, solo sex scenes with just April and Violet and then the group sex with all three women. Second, have the player choose between solo sex with April or Violet, but be unable to do both and then have the group scene. Finally, keep the full sex scene as just the group scene, but have the option to get naughty( blowjob, titfuck, etc.) with April and Violet when you’re alone with them and a nude scene with Dylan. I just think that although it would/could delay the release that since the player/character already knows April and Violet that it should affect how much they can do with them. I’m sure the game will be great regardless, but having a bit more would help ease the wait for the new game.

  4. maybe its just me, (or its Iray) but violette look like to have bigger boobs than in the other game lol

    not that i will complain about that :p

  5. Hi Chaotic, I really like the images of Leanna. She has a really nice face and a killer bod. Faces are always difficult and a good smile is, I think, the toughest to provide complete satisfaction.

    I like Tman’s idea on the Violet and April game. However, the delay might be a problem. If I understood the original purpose of the Violet and April games, it was to provide a “quick” new game while we await your Leanna game and dsp3000’s Academy 3, which are to come out a little later. Things do develop a life of their own though.

    Either way, I really look forward to all of the games. The images are fantastic and the storyline sounds like a great play. A mystery is always fun.

  6. Those comments about The Academy part 3 are starting to piss me off. Chaotic brings a lengthy post, asking for feedback for his upcoming game, and you’re telling him “screw you, we care for the other game”….

    1. I agree… it’s a bit disrespectful, I feel.

      I like the Academy series a lot, but dsp will release info when he’s ready. Right now we’re getting to see a lot about Chaotic’s next games, which is great because we hadn’t heard about his talents in quite some time between Academy Part II and Anna.

  7. Hi, i will enjoy new game, but what about academy part3 i liked to know how it’s progress or if you take a break.

    By the way i’m sorry if my english is not very good.

  8. I really like the character model change for Leanna. I voted Sienna for a new name. I really like that name, but if you stick with Leanna, that works great, too.

    Dylan from the newest game is intriguing. Can’t wait to learn more about her.

  9. Lol I’ve been so hyped about the April solo scenes that this update came as a bit of a downer for me

    By any chance do you think you could spend the extra time to just pull it off? Or make other subtle things like an April handjob or blowjob before the huge orgy? Or maybe an April teasing scene? Lol

    I’m trusting that the extended epilogue might make up for it, but focusing just on her was an epic idea lol. So please don’t completely abandon it

    As far as everything else, I’m hyped!

  10. Maybe Leanna uses a stage name? Perhaps you could work it into the game that she changed her name to help her career, because a driven character like Leanna isn’t going to like something as frivolous as a name hold her back.

    Also I seriously can’t tell if all of these academy comments are some kind of joke, we know it’s coming but what is next from MrStomper?

  11. OK. Since so many people seem to be wanting the April and Violet solo scenes, how about this for an alternative – I release the game in 2 parts!

    It was already an idea I was considering, so there is a natural halfway cliffhanger. This way, part 1 will include the Dylan and Violet sex scenes, and part 2 will include the April and ‘the epilogue sex’.

    It will probably mean I release it sooner too! Maybe even next Friday (28th).

    Shout out if you like this idea!

    1. Chaotic hello. I think it’s a great idea. I am convinced that solo sex scene with Violet and April, every delight and when there will be a lot of cuddling and you can not imagine anything better.

    2. i not like the idea…. at all

      this will make the both game more short. and i prefer an long big game than 2 short games, its like an “serie” with ep1 and ep2 etc..
      i not complaint when each game are very big like academy or rachel, but this one can be pretty short if its cut in 2 parts.

      i prefer wait more and get an great game, than rush and get two small game that i will finish quickly and then wait for the next one.

      just my point of view

      1. If it makes you feel better, part One should still be about 700 images, so still a decent size.

        1. fine. cut it in 2 parts. i will just not play them then. simple.
          its not like i m important anyway, as everybody want them in 2 parts, just do it for them
          i’ll pass for this time

    3. Yessss put it in 2 parts! fuck that other guy who said no lol

      ever since the first game (Betsy) ive been wanting April to myself so please take the extra time for that solo scene with her lol.

      Thanks for actually taking the time to consider what fans want, you da real MVP Chaotic!

    4. I think that’s a great idea! Multi-part games seem to allow for a more complete story and better sex scenes. Either way I’m sure it’ll be a great game and I look forward to the next one too.

  12. Dear Mr. Chaotic,

    Leanna face looks better after a few alterations. But please make sure that she has tits or boobs as big as Maddison. I love her cool mature looks too. This is the type of lady I like, matured look with very confident personality. She must have tall height too.

    What about Dylan, does she have big boobs or tits too like Maddison? I hope so. Any outdoor sex scenes, maybe have a few outdoor sex scenes on the beach, behind the pub or bar at the back alley or lane, sex near cars in a public area or on a car hood, well I love games that have exhibitionist women who love outdoor sex scenes, or I can suggest have sex in a public toilet, sauna, bathroom or near a locker room.

    I just hope that you could have more of such sex scenes in your games, and have more asian ladies characters in your game, maybe more korean, japanese, or chinese girls in your games.

    I would say that your games were one of the best Virtual Date games on the pc, you have done a great work so far, I just hope that my kind request could be fulfill by you sir Chaotic.

    Thank you and looking forward in your soonest reply.

    David Ong.
    Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

  13. Dear Sir Chaotic,

    Just another one more final request, for Leanna game, is it possible that you create a sex scene in the Broadcast TV station, maybe can have sex with Leanna in the TV station locker room, inside the male or female toilet, in the TV station director’s room, or can have sex with Leanna in the TV Broadcast area, where I get to have sex with her while she is reading her weather news and the sex scene gets broadcast live on the TV with her, is something like exhibitionist sex too with Leanna.

    I am hoping that you Sir Chaotic could create such sex scenes for the Leanna game. If you could have such scenes in any of your games in future, it would be great.

    Thank you.

    David Ong.
    Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

  14. Perhaps not a full scene but maybe something like walking in on April and Violet having sex, sort of like a peek through the door type mini game. The more you see can depend on how quiet you are or some such I don’t know. Just a thought.

  15. hi chaotic. i was wondering if you could make it possible to have anal sex with april and violet in the epilogue sex scene. and also the option for anal sex with leanna or sienna or whichever name she ends up with in her game please. thanks

  16. I’m onboard with the April/Violet game being released in 2 parts. Can’t wait to have Violet all to myself.

  17. Well, there is nothing like instant gratification. I look forward to Violet and April in two parts!

    Does this still work with the concept of a mystery??

  18. Well, I think it’a great idea. I’d rather have the game in 2 parts, if it means more content.

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