October 14th Update

Progress on April & Violet is going well. I’m still aiming for an end of October/start of November release. Currently, I’m going through the Violet sex scene, having finished Dylan’s last week.

However, since it’s supposed to be a mystery game, I don’t really want to post too much about it before release. Therefore, this week, I’m mostly going to talk about Leanna.

But first…

Last week I posted a demo of what I was considering using for the new games. In principal, I think it’s a good idea, but there’s clearly some bugs and issues to work out for it. Around 16% of people who tried couldn’t use it. That’s too high for me.

So, I’m just going to use the regular game style until I figure out how to make the new version work for everyone.


As I said in earlier blog posts, Leanna is a TV journalist. She has an hour long morning show on a local TV channel.

I’m also keeping the theme that the player character is a photographer in this one, though I’m leaving it open enough so that you’re not necessarily the same character from The Photographer games, or Maddison, or any of dsp3000’s games.

Way back in February (I think), I floated the idea of taking inspiration from an episode of American Dad. In it, two main characters (Stan and Roger), go on a game show where the aim is to answer questions based on the other. For instance, “What is Roger’s favorite movie?”, then Stan has to correctly guess that it’s Millers Crossing. The main aim of this game is go on a game show like this with Leanna and win.

Initially, she intends to take part in the quiz with Kristen, her personal assistant. Leanna however, is not the nicest of people, and the two have a row, after which Kristen quits and leaves.


The player happens to be there at the time (they’ve been hired to take some promo shots of her), and soon finds out that Leanna doesn’t actually have any other friends. It is then that you can offer to go on the quiz with her instead.

The main body of the plot is the time that you and Leanna spend with each other in preparation for the quiz. You have to get to know as much about the other as possible. You also visit multiple places together and take lots of photos in order to fake your friendship. Obviously, I’m still at the start of production, but locations and scenarios include roller skating, horse riding, a party, and hiking.

Along the way, the player will have many opportunities to improve Leanna’s karma. Initially, she is not a very nice person, and the only reason the player agrees to help her is pity (though I may add some options for the motivation). Make the right choices, and she can gradually become a much nicer and caring person. It’s similar to improving Betsy’s confidence.

If you choose to however, you can also sabotage her ‘karma’, encouraging her mean behavior. Depending on how much you improve or lower her karma, you can get very different endings.

Obviously, April and Violet are the priority right now, so this game isn’t too far along (currently 42 images). I really wanted spend time getting the most of of using IRAY renders. I think I’ve finally nailed it in these image I rendered this week.



EDIT : I’m having some reservations about her face though. With this specific face morph, It’s really hard not to get her face looking weird when she smiles. I may change her face for the final game. Since I’m only 42 images into it (and she isn’t in 12), it wouldn’t be too much work.

I also have the title card up in the coming soon section now. Here’s the larger version if you want a closer look.


Hopefully, Leanna will be finished for Christmas, or very early in the new year.

This weeks poll

I’ve been thinking recently about the idea of doing some comics for the site. Basically just a series or rendered images with speech bubbles. It might mean it takes a week or two longer to create the games, as I will need to dedicate the occasional date to it, but it also means I get to do small, free (and maybe the occasionally paid) releases between. It could be using characters you already know from the games, or completely new ones.

What do you think?

What occupations would you like as an option in this game?

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EDIT : For instance, here’s an image from a comic I started working on a little while ago…


Tech stuff!

The sites have now been moved to a brand new dedicated server. This should mean everything loading a bit quicker, but more importantly no choking the bandwidth when there is a new release. If you were having trouble downloading games from the members section recently, I think this may have been the problem, so hopefully it should work for you now.

Final notes

While learning about the myriad things needed to get image looking good with daz studio and IRAY, I have now discovered the wonder of shaders. Particularly, how some of my older models can look with them. Here’s what crystal can look like with the new improvements.


I still need to do some more experiments with the setting, but I think it’s likely that Crystal Part 3 will be using something similar to this.


19 thoughts to “October 14th Update”

  1. you know, i personnaly would like if we play the same character than in dps games. maybe in another period of time or something, but it will be great if all your games are linked together. a bit like the elder scrolls games, you not play the same characters (yeah i know), but you play on same “world” at different period and place.
    that kind of things is great, definitly will vote YES if you decide one day to make games using the same character than dps. create an link between the games, like paragraph on an book, the story of “this guy” and his romantique adventure around the world 😀

  2. Damn, Crystal is looking great there. And the new games look awesome, especially Leanna. P.S. Any idea how Dsp3000 is getting along with the Academy? Can we expect an update?

  3. I love the looks of the two new games that you are developing. The concept of improving Leanna’s karma or sabotaging are interesting and I look forward to playing for the different endings.

    I am also looking forward to the new Violet and April game,. It will be fun to see how you develop those two. April is hot and Violet is fun. These two make a great one-two punch. Also, the way you did the sex scene with them on top was hot. I also look forward to the dialog.

    I hope that dsp3000 is coming along nicely with The Academy Part 3. I really enjoy the “continuing” story that is being developed. It would be nice to hear a bit more about that game in an upcoming blog post.

    Any thoughts of another Betsy games? She was very likable. And, who knows, perhaps that will give us a chance to see more of Cas.

  4. Hi, sorry for going off topic here, but I’m having trouble playing jennifer offline. It used to work perfectly, but now, instead of having the video, I have a whit screen (the online version works fine, though)

      1. Yes, tried multiple times, and I’m using firefox. The crazy thing is that the online version works perfectly, but not the offline one

        1. I know that this not make you feel any better, but I just tested it (I also had it downloaded previously) and it does not work for me either. I tried four different browsers with sound on and off. None worked. Playing online also worked. I too downloaded it again. So, it is not just you.

          I am running Windows 10 64-bit. The only change to my configuration since I last played Jennifer was my sound card. Maybe one of the local gurus can help us both out.

          1. It looks as though this is related to our video player (Shockwave or Flash Player perhaps).

            Maybe this will help the gurus.

  5. Both the ideas in the poll are amazing, I would like some small comics involving old characters and doing so may give you more inspiration on future games but I understand that some (myself included) would like to see you focus on more games.

  6. Regarding the comics thing. I voted no. But I voted no cause you presented it in a non very serious way – no offense – As something with almost no effort and helps you offer more frecuent releases.

    Well, to do a comic has a cost, has an effort, and as all things, if you want to do it in a correct way, you need some time.

    But there are people faster and people slower, in this world… and who knows, maybe you’re a crack, doing comics.

    So, from my point of view: you want to do a comic? Do a test comic, a prototype… to see how much time it costs to you and how much quality we, users, think it has.

  7. I’ve never been the biggest Crystal fan, but I love how that image of her looks.

    Also, I am really intrigued by the Leanna game. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun. As I’ve said, I’m a bit lukewarm on the game you’ll be putting out first based on what we know so far, but I trust your impressive skills, as you’ve never let any of us down. 🙂

    And I voted “yes” for comics. Sounds like it’d be a fun diversion for the site!

  8. So Chaotic, apparently, I’m not the only one having trouble playing Jennifer offline, care to see to it?

    1. Sadly, I have absolutely no idea how to begin fixing this.

      The only possibility might be using a different system to play the flash movies, but that would mean a decent bit of research and possibly remaking a large segment of Jennifer, all of which could be quite time consuming.

      Trying to finish April & Violet is my priority for now, but I’ll try and address it when the game is finished.

  9. Hi Chaotic, I would love to see the Latina style figure slim body but hips and a butt to die for with nice round breasts. Any characters like that crossed you mind?

    1. I think he did promise a character like that around August. Her name was Mia. You know I guess he’ll do that after he gets done with April&Violet and Leanna.

  10. Hey dsp3000 are you working on the Academy Day 3 right now or what? I know this is a little off topic but I’m a little curious.

  11. I personally voted no to the comics, I think the idea behind it is great. But I think the amount of time and effort you put into it won’t be appreciated as much as a game, and people will just overlook or skim through them, essentially just causing you two weeks of time that you could’ve spent developing games to go down the drain.

    As far as the April and Violet game, lol please make a April deepthroat scene if possible!

    And as far as Leanna, the whole concept and idea sounds great!! I’m beyond hyped for that! Especially the idea of the karma thing. It’ll give it a lot of replay value, and not to mention, guys like me who like seeing bitchy girls get fucked will love encouraging her negative karma lol.

    So keep doing your thing chaotic, it’s nice to see how far you’ve come over the years man.

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