October 7th Update

Right now, I’m working hard on the next members game, April and Violet. I’m happy to say that it is already about 300 images.

New engine

One thing I did not mention last week, was that I’ve slightly altered the game engine a little. Normally in my games, you hover over a hotspot on an image and a tooltip appears after a moment. This is fine on a desktop, but it can be a problem if playing on a tablet or phone.

Many, many more people are using using devices to play these games now. Compared to just 2 years ago when about 40% of players did, now it is up to a massive 97%. Here’s the full operating system list from the last 24 hours :







Windows Phone


Playstation Vita




Nintendo 3DS


(not set)






For the new version of the game engine, I now have text that appears below the image. If you’re using a tablet or phone, just touch and hold your finger on the screen to find the hotspots, then tap to use it. Here’s the demo : www.vdategames.com/test/begin.html

Let me know any feedback below.


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If your answer is no, please specify what went wrong below. Remember, if you don’t say what your problem was, I can’t fix it!

Extra stats

While I’m listing some statistics, here’s one more small set. While ago we were discussing which gender and ethnicity options were worth doing based on how many people use them. I never got around to posting them though, so here they are now :

White male – 63%

White female – 17%

Black male – 15%

Black female – 4.5%

So, white male is clearly the most popular option, but around 21.5% like playing as a female.

April and Violet will have all four options (for continuity if nowthing else), but it for Leanna, I’m going to try just white male and white female to save rendering time.

April and Violet

Not much to add for April and Violet. Progress is going well. The first sex scene (Dylan) is all done. Each of the three main women, April, Violet and Dylan, will be getting a sex scene where it’s just them and the player, with one final foursome scene at the end.






As I progress quickly though that game, I’m also making slow progress through Leanna.

I won’t post too much of it until April and Violet are finished. Here’s an extra sample though, showing Kristen in her new role as Leanna’s personal assistant.


Anna downloads

As a final note, some people have contacted me saying that they are having issues downloading Anna. I’m not sure what could be causing the problem, but I’ve added a separate download option so that it is divided up into several smaller files. Your zip software should be able to join them together.

46 thoughts to “October 7th Update”

  1. So the 97% is people who are playing directly on the website and not downloading, right? Any idea how many people might be downloading versus playing on website?

    1. I think those using tablets in particular are still often downloading.

      It’s usually about 40% downloading and 60% playing online.

  2. How about making a button that would highlight hotspots on demand? I’ve seen it in commercial adventure games and in some indie adult games.

    And as for different races and sexes. Maybe you should try working with separate static backgrounds and actor sprites. Use alpha channel transparency to render sprites into PNG with transparency channel then setup the scene using CSS layers (z-index).

    1. I don’t think that would cut down on render times too much. I’d still have have to do 4 sets of images for the characters.

    2. I used this approach with some animations for Anna.
      Some time was saved in the total rendering time, but there were no real time savings, as I let it render overnight.

  3. April and Violet are a couple, right? So, doesn’t them having sex separately with the MC is considered cheating? Or are you planing a sort of “agreement” in their relationship?

    1. Yeah, it’s basically the ‘agreement’ scenario.

      This game assumes that your ending for Betsy was the foursome, so they’ve both had sex with you before. It’s not normally an open relationship, but they decide sex with you is OK.

      1. Wait, if we’re talking about the “you” from Betsy, doesn’t that mean that YOU’RE cheating? If I remember correctly, Betsy didn’t oppose you having sex with Violet (and/or April), but only if she’s there with you. Is that really okay?

        1. You’ve separated from Betsy by this time.

          That way it also leaves it open that you’re the same character from many of the other games that I’ve made.

          Don’t worry though, you had many happy years with Betsy, and you may get back together again in the future.

          1. I trust in the decision, not to mention, isn’t it safe to assume that our main character is the same one who dated Madison, was a photographer, and was just about on every other date with like Rachel, Crystal, and every girl?

            Or is our protagonist a different guy in each game? Id like to imagine it’s all the same guy so I’m glad to see him not settling down with Betsy lol.

  4. I am seriously in love with Betsy I would love to see that character developed even further.

    Betys’s Bobcat

  5. First of all, if anyone is playing on a DS or blackberry still in 2016, kys.

    I play on my IPhone and normally I end up randomly clicking hot spots without knowing what they say lol. So this test worked well for me, I think it’s a good idea!

    1. Would like to know who the guys on the blackberry where XD but I used 3DS for this when my Nook HD ran out XD I am responsible

  6. I always thought about the whole race thing between white and black and always assumed that a light brown skin would be the perfect middle ground.

    If it’s an issue by majority of the audience merely placing themselves within the characters shoes and feel it easier to do so when the character is more like them then I feel having light brown skin would be fine. Light brown can be light enough to give the illusion of racial ambiguity, it could be a tanned caucasian, a latino, a light skinned black guy and even a tanned asian.

    Of course as I mentioned I don’t know if this is a big enough issue that needs to be addressed or I may have overlooked some things that might cause issues with my suggestion but just my two cents.

  7. Wow. I’m stunned at how high the mobile/tablet percentage is compared to regular computers.

    I’d never use a mobile device for anything like this. Need a computer for something like this.

  8. would like to try on my ps vita, but i cant figure how to make the images appear on it.. maybe its just the security system on the console, i dont know.
    but whatever, its better on pc with big screen 😀

  9. OMG I SWEAR THE MAJORITY OF THE 3DS AND PSVITA VOTES ARE ME!! When my Nook HD runs out, (which I use majoirty of the time to play on this) I use my PSVita (which glitches) and my 3DS (because I’ve had it for years on end now xD) Nice guys!
    Anyway, april is a really nice model. Also, can we get some more games for Maddison, she is a popular choice anyway. A trilogy of Maddison games? (Maddison 2 & 3?) And some more bustier models with big tits..
    Thanks 😛

  10. If you are looking to create a new model, what do you think about updating the Latricia model? I would still really like seeing more of Cas.

    Hey MrStomper, what are you planning next? I really enjoyed the challenge of Anna.

    Can any of you game development experts comment on Maya 2017?

    1. I am not yet decided what to do next.

      Anna was more of a technology learning that eventually evolved into a game.
      And now, more experienced with the development, I would probably try to find new ways of how to tell a story and interesting scenarios and locations.
      But so far I have a have so little it is not even worth sharing as it all can change overnight.

      (And I know nothing about Maya)

      1. So, perhaps Anna wants to get together with you again, but she is scared by the loss of control. She thinks that she might feel more comfortable with someone else there too. Turns out that she was into the waitress at the night club and would feel good about a threesome. The waitress really isn’t into Anna, but would be willing to be with you. So, she is willing to go with Anna if she knows that you would be involved.

        To expand the story, Anna got a job at an all girls college as an assistant in the athletic department. One of the teams allocated to her is the water polo team. There are two girls there that are a hot couple. Anna approaches you (to start the process of getting back together with you again) and asks for your assistance with the water polo team. You fall for one of those girls and her partner is smitten by Anna.

        Does that help any towards a new storyline?

        1. So the challenge in the first part is to negotiate getting Anna and the waitress together without it becoming overtly clear to Anna that the waitress wants you and not her. Only a successful negotiation of this can get you back into Anna’s apartment.

          The second part is more challenging. Anna will not want you messing with “her” girls. So the trick will be to keep Anna from catching you with one girl. Perhaps a perfect negotiation of this will be to create a situation where Anna is compromised with the other.

          In the first part you may have single sex and/or a threesome. If you pull it off correctly, the second part could end up in a foursome. And perhaps if all goes well, Anna will feel comfortable with you alone again.

  11. So based on the above statistics.In the last 24 hours 78,759 users visted this site.WOW VDG is quite popular 😉

    1. I’ve actually upgraded the server in the past week.

      It now uses shares some of it’s burden with other servers, so hopefully things won’t be quite as choked for the next release.

  12. Are there plans to finish the photographer story, or the academy story. Im not sure of any other story lines that are out there. Great games!

    1. The academy series is definitely continuing. Dsp3000 is working on the next chapter now.

      I do have some plans for a photograher Part 3, but if I decide to make it, it won’t be for a while. I have a few other games I want to make first.

      1. Thanks for the info. I enjoy both story lines and characters, looking forward to all of your games. I would love to see Holly again.

  13. In the Demo i cant see the text except if I hold my Finger on the screen. I know that is the plan but every time i do this a android Window pops up.

  14. It’s not just Anna… and I still can’t download it even with split files. Everything I try to download from your pay site fails at about ~70mb downloaded.

    1. This is very frustrating to me.

      A small handful of player are having this trouble, but I have no idea why. I keep trying it myself too and it works completely fine.

      Is there any extra information you could give me, such as your browser?

      Have you tried using a download manager?

        1. I’ve changed some of the server settings that may have been causing it.

          Could you try downloading again?

      1. I managed to download everything using a download manager… but even that had a problem due to “Remote server closed connection” errors every 2-3 minutes.

        I assume the same thing happen with browser downloading except that, unlike with download manager, when that happen you get “Download failed” message.

  15. I voted no on the test. I was using an iPad Pro to test. Functionally, it worked ok, but there were 2 issues that are worth noting.

    1) The text appeared below my screen, I had to scroll down to even notice it was there. I wasn’t sure it was even working at first until I tried scrolling. This should be easily fixable, but it’s worth noting.

    2) When you use a mouse on a desktop, you can sweep the screen to look for hot spots. It’s really hard to do that with a tablet/mobile device. Frankly, when I play these games, I often use a desktop (MacOS, which I didn’t see listed) and cheat by viewing the HTML source to see what options are available. One of the reasons I do this is because I’m interested in the story and seeing how it plays through, but I’m often short on time, so this “cheating” provides me a way to play it through in the time I have.

    I’ve often wondered it it would make more sense to just provide an option to make the hot spots visible, such as maybe drawing an oval or rectangle (with some transparent/alpha coloring so that it’s visible but not imposing). If you did that, the tap & hold feature could complement this, because it could provide the text for the action you’re considering.

  16. Hi, sorry for going off topic here, but I’m having trouble playing jennifer offline. It used to work perfectly, but now, instead of having the video, I have a whit screen

  17. Hi i was interested to know what software you are using to create these games as i would like to do so myself.

  18. something that i have realized that annoys me is that the game image sizes are too large, when playing the game i have to scroll down to look at the dialogue or i have t zoom out but then reset to 100% when going to a new webpage.

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