July 9th Update – Academy Part 2 preview

This week, news from dsp3000 on his new game, Academy : Part 2…

While Chaotic has been busy completing and releasing the excellent ‘Betsy’, I have spent the last 10 weeks or so working on the second part of ‘The Academy’ series.

Just to recap this is intended to be a five part series. Each part represents a day working at the ‘Goodhead Academy’ and meeting all the characters who reside there. Each part will further expand upon an increasingly complex story, and your actions in each part influence your options in the next.

Originally I had planned that each part would have around 700 – 800 images and would be produced in a 6 to 8 week timeframe. Part one took about nine weeks and had just under 1000 images and part two has currently exceeded 1200 images with two major scenes still to complete. Clearly I am terrible at sticking to self imposed work limits… 

Fortunately, for you the player, it means that the games are being given the increased time and attention I think they require and deserve. Unfortunately, it also means that each part is taking longer than originally planned. I think it’s worth the wait though. The five part series was supposed to be a year long project, I can however see it taking somewhat longer…

So back to The Academy Part Two. The images reveal most but not all of the characters who appear this time. Notable is the return of Holly.  This installment has more options to explore than in Part One and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by what those options entail.

As previously mentioned, the current image count is well over 1200, and I’ve completed 17 out of the 20 scenes on my production schedule.

Two of those remaining are larger sex scenes, so I reckon the final count will be about 1400.

This also means that the game is close to completion. All being well it should be released on or before 29th July 2016.

More info next week.


sample1 sample2 sample3 sample4 sample5 sample6 sample7

63 thoughts to “July 9th Update – Academy Part 2 preview”

  1. The preview images are amazing! As with the Tara series each part manages to increase in quality and amount of content. Also, the fact that you included the ability to influence each part with actions from the last will make this series even better. I’ve always enjoyed games with this feature as it makes them more immersive so it’s not just following a preset path. Keep up the great work and don’t worry about how long it takes.

  2. Looking good, and as always you manage to find a way to improve. If it continues like this, it’s shaping to be one the greatest games in the scene, in terms of length, and quality. Keep it up!

  3. hurray, hurray, hurray. I’m excited and full of anticipation. the first part, I believe that the next will be even better. I admire your work.

  4. Lola and Annie remain my favorites. I hope there is more to do with them this time.

    Is that an image of Genevieve in a skimpy outfit with the Principal in the doorway? Is that her normal garb? I guess it must be from the first pic listed. My first thought was that the Principal didn’t mind Genevieve being… forward… with the PC.

    1. If Lola and Annie are your favourites then this part will not disappoint.
      I’ll reveal a bit more about which characters are involved in more erotic scenes in the next couple of updates.

      Genevieve is far left in the purple dress in the first image.
      The sixth image shows Bridgette in the doorway and Holly turning to talk to her.

      All the characters have different outfits for each day. I don’t want their pixels to get smelly. 🙂

      1. Well, that’s what I get for not paying attention… I knew that! haha Thanks for setting me straight.

  5. Sounds great you have really been outdoing yourself.Keep it up.

    Definetly like the attitude u made with principal and Didi

    1. Thanks, the relationship and dynamic between the Principal, Didi and the player is something that really develops in this episode.
      I think that you will be surprised at what happens.

        1. Holly first appeared in Tara part 3.
          She’s the girl on the far right in the top image and is also in the 6th in this blog update.
          There is a very hot scene in Tara part 3 where you find out the nature of her relationship with Maria.
          Holly wasn’t in The Academy part 1 but she is going to feature quite prominently in part 2.

  6. Please publish part 1 walkthrough 🙂 And i’m so excited about part 2. Seems very good.

  7. The preview images are honestly pretty awesome! I’d be pretty psyched to play something like this.

  8. I really like you continue working in The Academy – Part 2…
    You can saw many people love that game… if you want help or something… you could ask from us… We can learn some things.. and help you….

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  9. My favorite characters are the principle and the girl that gave you the tour with the glasses

  10. there will be some “action” between Bridgette and the photographer
    Bridgette became my favorite girl

    1. Yes there will at some point in the series.
      I can’t reveal when though and you will certainly need to work hard to get the action you are wanting with Bridgette 🙂

  11. Question: Given that there are several “successful” endings to day one, will there be some sort of overview/summary as to what we achieved on day one when entering the code on day two?

    1. I think the code given at the end of Part One will be what is used in part two to continue your progress.

      1. I know, that’s why I mentioned it at the end of my comment (But maybe I was too brief).
        What I mean is: I have 4 codes from episode one. Can I, by entering the code at the beginneng of day 2, see what that code represents (How far did I go with X, did I get back to the locker room in time,…).

        1. The codes from day one are mostly about recording your influence level (left column) at the end of the game.
          Each code sets a different carry over influence level.
          You will need one of the six available codes to enter the Academy on day two and depending on which one you use will determine which additional scenes can be ‘unlocked’.
          The codes will become more important as the series progresses.

          1. maybe i suggest something ridiculous.
            but i think it will be cool to have an “second chance” on the others part.

            i mean, if we fail at part 1 and get fired.. we still have a chance to redemption on part 2 and if we fail again, then its over..

            something like if we have good rep with some others characters on the academi, maybe they can put a word about the player and allow him another chance

            yeah, maybe an bad idea :/ i still think it can be cool and good implented in the game

            what do you think about this ?

  12. I just want to say, this time you did a better job with the female character design.
    Your female characters are more beautiful then ever before, keep up the good work, good job dsp!

    1. Thank you.
      The main progression for me has been with lighting scenes.
      I have had fun creating characters though.

  13. On or before July 29th? That’s way sooner than I was expecting, awesome! I was a bit disappointed by the first part, but I’m sure the stuff I’m hoping for (photography sessions with the students, more of the two older ladies) will be in later parts. Keep up the good work.

  14. So, more of a technical question: will the game be in a different folder (like in the 3 parts of Tara), or you’re gonna do some sorte of continuation (like in Brad’s erotic week, don’t know if you know that game)

    1. i guess it should be in different parts at first , and when its complete maybe chaotic (or dps) will pack them all together for make 1 big game . but maybe the final size will be a problem)

      1. Currently intending to do each part in it’s own folder, mostly due to the size of the games and the production time gaps between releases. Less complicated that way and easier to test for faults.

        I will probably create an add on which links together all five parts in the future when the whole game is complete.
        That feels like a long way off though.

  15. i would say to chaotic and dps.. that is amazing when the different game follow the same story . i mean, when something that happen in another game can be reflected on another game.
    i dont know if you see what i mean, my english is terrible. but just say, its great when its an story-style.

    (i not talk about multiple game of same serie like tara or this academi. i talk about like if exempl , the tara story have effect on the academi story, as they are some similar characters in both , like the redhead one, i forget her name :/ )

    1. Maria! You are thinking of Maria.
      Speaking of whom, she is an important character because she provided a narrative and familial link to Maddison in the Tara games. Maria and Holly then give a link into The Academy series. It has always been my intention to have narrative threads running through my games.
      Some of these are planned while others evolve more organically during production.

      The back story to The Academy is loosely that you, the player, has been recommended by your boss (Maddison) to take on the job at The Academy.
      So Maddison recommended you and is related to Maria who in turn both know Tara and Natalia…

      Well… it does leave the door open to those characters possibly appearing in The Academy series.

      From a chronological standpoint, The Academy is set a few weeks after the events in the Tara trilogy took place. Some of those past events are referenced at times in the current Academy series.
      I guess it all goes some way to expanding and enriching the story.

      It also legitimizes why some of the girls already know you and already find you attractive, while others don’t and are less easy to impress and influence.

      1. thats an interresting info ^^ cant wait to see maddison or others come take some news in the academi..

        yes, we are still photograph, so everything is linked ( maybe an photographer 3 with thoses girls XD in futur )

      2. I do hope you continue with Maria after this series, she is amazing! I imagine there will be quite a few opportunities to hook up with other girls in this 5 parter but I hope we haven’t seen the end of Maria by the time you close it out.

        1. I’ve tried to make my current crop of characters reasonably diverse and distinctive.
          They all look different and this invariably means that people will find some girls more or less attractive than others.

          Out of interest, who do you like?

          1. Can’t speak for the other guy, but I’ve particularly liked Bridgette, Lola, and Natalia of yours because they look a little more real. That being said, I also don’t mind Tara at all, and I’m excited about all the diversity.

          2. Thanks for your reply.
            I love didi <3 She looks so real and cute. Also annie, amy. These girls look so real and gorgeous. bridgette looks fake with her large breasts. I don't like laura as her lipstick color makes me freak out, but she looks okay. Lola look so decent and beautiful too but not really cute as didi. Megan looks moderate, principle woman doesn't look that great. I hope you changed her look slightly and make her more attractive while keeping her leader look.

            I feel like when the girl is having big breasts, ass it makes her look so unattractive. Maria is ugly because her face looks so weird. Just show her pic to some of your friends, I am quite sure most of them say she looks ugly. Tara looks fake because her lips and all. I think didi is the most beautiful girl in this whole game. She doesn't have big breast and all but her look is great. And the other girl, the maria's girlfriend (the lesbian girl) she looks so pale (yet she is gorgeous too), like white pale. I hope you can change her skin color a bit more.

            I hope you will not make our male character to have sex with her like most of the visual novels. I think it ruins the realism as she is a lesbian, but you can include few scenes like we catch she is having sex with another girl, of we can sneak on her and spy when she is changing her cloths and all and some teasing or perhaps some CFNM with her. Of course the only thing that you can include isn't sex. I personally like a lot erotic teasing more than the actual sex. what it means, her dress is revealing, when she bends you can see her breasts, we can spy on her when she is showering, CFNM.

            if it's possible please include some adventures storylines which we play at night. I really love some adventures games. Also did you see now most of games in patreon use RPG maker to make visual novels, by that way you can extend the game a lot while keeping the images count a bit low. People can enjoy a longer game, and it will also help you to connect places with each other instead of rendering them.

        2. you have weird taste..
          maria look pretty sweet and great.
          but maybe you just not like freckless or redhead … i guess in this point you dont like madisson and lisette too..

          well, i must admin i love redhead ^^ madisson, lisette, maria, principale valentine and all

          the only one i not like in this game is “jolie” , not that she look ugly, but her skintone is pretty weird imho

          1. Hey Matris, Holly (Maria’s girlfriend) was never stated to be a lesbian. She’s bisexual, she said as much in Tara Part 3. She even engaged in a threesome with the player and Maria.

  16. Great work keep it up!! This game ist awsome but I was wondering if there will be another Erica game. I really like her but most of her games are now old and i was hoping for her new own game.

  17. I really like how this is a five part things. It made part 1 a great enough tease while still feeling fleshed out. The more I think about it I liked how Maria was the only one to get the sex spotlight, it allows the characters who haven’t been fleshed out and be teases as time went on. Basically we were given something we already experienced (Maria) in a fleshed out story so it doesn’t feel old as well as tease the myriad of potential that the other girls provide.

    I guess what I’m curious about and would like to ask dsp3000 is if part 1’s ideology can be described as a teaser (at least for me) what ideology should we expect on part 2 and onwards.

    1. Expect more sex as well as more teasing.

      Good analysis though. Anticipation is often much more erotic. There was a lot of intentional teasing in part one.

      The story becomes more complex as it continues and each part should leave you satisfied but wanting more.

    1. Making games is a hobby and I do it mostly for creative expression.
      Hiring people and turning it into a business would kill it.
      I’ve been there before on such things and do not wish to do so again.

      Be patient and bear with me.
      Everything will be awesome.

      Thank you.

    1. 29 this month, its mentionned on the description just at top of this news 😀

      well 29th if everything go good and bad… maybe before or maybe after .. still i guess, the week that have 29 on it XD

  18. btw DSP .. just small question (i wat serious answer please ^^ )

    did we need to wait ep5 for have something with Pr Valentine ? or can i expect something before ? i mean something serious right, not just flirt

  19. These girls Bridgette and Amy are my favorites (you are right, everybody has different tastes). But seriously Dsp3000, I started to support you, just for this game, this is my first post actually. I only wanted to say congratulations for such amazing job, I am from Costa Rica by the way, I really enjoy your game. I was waiting for episode 2 since day 1 hahaha xD, so thanks.

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