January 23rd Update

All the photoshoots are now done, which means the first act of the game is now entirely finished.

Here are some samples from them,which include the two women I previously had not mentioned : Katie and Jennifer.

Both are potential models for the photoshoots and each come with their own endings.

That leaves only Katie, Jennifer and Cassandra’s endings to finish working on, which hopefully shouldn’t take too long. Right now I’m working under the assumption that the game will be released on Friday 6th of February. Hopefully I’ll be able to confirm that next week.

Also, the game currently stands at 1113 images, which means when it’s released it’ll easily be the biggest game I’ve ever made.

cassp11 cassp15 jennp15 jennp37 katp7 katp31 tamp8 tamp16

14 thoughts to “January 23rd Update”

  1. Finally. The first was the Photographer Katie stubborn cop.
    Now, perhaps it is mow go a little more fun.
    Ps this is already part of a 3D engine or not. A DOCK ever?

  2. Can you please make this game available in your paypal store the same time its released for paying members ? I have many times paid the 20 dollars membership just for 1 new game. It would be nice to save a little money from now on.

    1. I can’t say for certain as dsp300 is making Tara Part 2, not me, but I gather it will be available a little later in the year.

    2. Yes, still working on finishing the next Tara game. It is set to exceed 1000 images and about 2500 files. It’ll be a big game with multiple options throughout.
      More details will be available after ‘The Photographer Part 2’ has been released.

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