September 2nd Update

This week, more from MrStomper on his forthcoming game, Anna…

Hi again,

Today is about game mechanics and structure.
First, the game mechanics. Last week I told you that the game is difficult. That is because it is “wide” rather than “long” (but is long enough).  To easily navigate the game, it has a scoring system that shows your Influence on the girl and her Lust. These are the major governing variables of the game. About 30 minor variables will still be hidden from you. They manifest themselves differently.
Next to help you to explore is a checkpoint system. The game is divided into zones and at the end of each one you will be given a choice if you want to:
a) try again, restarting the game,

b) continue, advancing in the next zone and c) load checkpoint, starting the zone over with the entry values.
Important mechanic to help you are hints in pictures, mostly face expressions. That can be hard to pull off, so please, be lenient in your judgement.
Below is an example of reactions to an outcome.




Last thing to help you is that the game has 3 difficulty levels. Easy, Normal and Hardcore. The original idea was to have only one difficulty with Hardcore settings, but after feedback and testing it proved to be way, way to hard! Now it is toned down, but the option to play it at the original difficulty is still there, and it is the only way to see everything in the game. Easy mode helps you in the beginning, Normal mode provides optimal gaming experience and the  Hardcore mode unlocks one additional short scenario.

As for the game structure, it can be divided into three sections of roughly the same size. In the first one, you will meet the girl and ask her for a date. The second section is the date itself, where you will

have fun…


watch a movie…


meet new people…


<p><em>have some more fun…</em></p>


reminisce the good old times..


or fuck up horribly…


It’s up to you.

The last section will have its own blogpost next week. Together with some naughtier pictures, technicalities and some other things.

Till next week…


33 thoughts to “September 2nd Update”

    1. A little later the year. I’ll be doing weekly updates with my progress once Anna has been released.

  1. I’m actually more interested in these many hidden variables and checkpoints.

    So, if I understand correctly, checkpoints means you effectively have a “save point” so, if you’re confident in how you played the last section, you don’t have to start the game from scratch. Correct?

    1. Yes. There are several chapters with checkpoints, so if you fail, you don’t have to go all of the way back to the start.

  2. thats the system i hate extremly ….
    the fact to need play in hard to unock everything , remember me “brad eroticy weekend”.
    i hate that sooo much.
    i know this is cool because push you to try play hard and enjoy more the game with his difficulty and rewards. still, i hate that.
    maybe i m not a “challenge men” , but i dont care. this make me feel like some kind of DLC where you need to do something specific for get the full game.

    well, just my pov and 2cents

    1. Will wait to see how Anna plays out but I agree BEW is a gigantic pain in the ass. The images are fantastic, the storyline is good, but the gameplay to me ends up being a chore rather than an enjoyable experience. I understand multiple play thru’s to try to find everything but when it’s easier to score in the real world than it is in a game, there’s a problem.

  3. While it looks promising, I’m afraid you’re setting the bar a bit high for yourself. The main point is that “this game is hard”, so if it ends up not being a challenge, that will be a bit of a let down. Plus, if it’s really hard, and then, the “reward” not quite satisfying, it will be really frustrating (especially for paid content). I really hope that you thought that trough, and I really can’t wait to see the outcome.

    1. This is why the game has three difficulty levels. Normal difficulty is recommended. If you find it hard, you can switch to easy. If you really like the game and want to spent more time with it and challenge yourself, you can go hardcore.
      As for the reward, everything sex connected is animated in high quality (no gifs, like Betsy). You will be able to see for yourself soon:)

  4. For those worrying about the difficulty, I wouldn’t focus on it too much.

    As MrStomper says “Hardcore mode unlocks one additional short scenario.” It really is just one brief scenario though. Over 99% of the game can be reached on normally or easy difficulty, with the same amount of effort you’d expect from one of my own games.

  5. Remember when games had no concept of difficulty settings and if you couldn’t finish it you had to find out how it ended from someone who had.

  6. I’ll be honest, just like the above comments, I’m a little skeptical of this game. Not only from the difficulty , but the overall feel seems like it’s not meant for this site. like others said, BEW is extremely tasking, feels like a chore to get the best sex scenes, or even a sex scene in general on that game. hopefully the difficulty isn’t too extreme.

    then again, it could completely surprise me and be one of my favorites!

    guess all I can do is wait and see. Chaotic seems to be vouching for MrStomper, so we’ll have to trust his choice of adding him to the team.

    1. I think the dev on BEW just went on too many and/if/or tangents. Not only stifling the gameplay but taking forever to release episodes. What started off as a promising first episode quickly devolved to something so challenging it’s almost unplayable, and the “rewards” have not been worth it.

      More devs and more games on Vdate is a great thing. The images for Anna look very good, looking forward to playing it. And it’s a first game, if there are kinks to work out for future games this is the way to do it. Release it to the public and find out.

  7. I am very happy, on the contrary, it will be a difficult game. This game will probably be quite short and even if it were easy, it would not be ten minutes to play. this is a challenge, and if someone does not know how to go on, so he Mr.Stomper certainly advise how to proceed.

  8. Here’s the thing: if it wasn’t his first game, I wouldn’t be concerned with the difficulty. If we take DSP3000 exemple, his first game, Tara, was not that complicated. It helped us to get familiar with his style, while he rose the bar little by little, and lunching The Acadamy, a great challenge with multiple outcomes.

    My point is, setting the bar high for your first game is a bigger challenge than the game itslef. If it’s a success, he’ll have a solid reputation in the making. However, if the reviews are not quite good as expected (which I hope it doesn’t happen), the downfall might be hard (Kinda like Daikatana, for those who remember it)

    1. Yes. I’m currently working on part three of The Academy series.
      Pretty much on target with my production schedule.
      Pretty sure this will be the best part yet.

  9. could u make a slave vdategame where it will be a medieval time where you start capturing girls or u can ask them to be your slave or make a bet with them or force them all of them will be different, for part 1 medieval for part 2 present

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