January 21st Update

I just want to do a small post today to address the poll from Thursday’s update.

The poll regarded whether or not players would be interested in a sex scene involving the player, but also involving another man or men sharing Leanna. Initially, no one really liked this, but once I explained the reasoning behind it, there were several people who warmed to the idea and wanted to change their vote. So, I’m going to explain the ‘why’ more fully and give the voting options again.

In Leanna, karma is going to be a an important factor. At the start of the game, Leanna’s karma will be fairly poor, but through your interactions you can improve it. You can encourage her to be nicer to people or more charitable when given a choice. This can result in a ‘nice’ end where Leanna becomes a much nicer person with very good karma.

However, if you wish, you can make Leanna’s karma even worse by encouraging her to be selfish and nasty whenever possible.

In the good karma ending, you will get to play through a friendly and sensual threesome involving yourself, Leanna and Kristen. For the bad karma ending however, I’m having trouble deciding what should happen.

What exactly does ‘evil sex’ look like? I’m not willing to do anything too nasty or extreme – no rape, no torture. So, what are my options?

My first instinct was to have Leanna go all dominatrix – she reenters the room dressed in a PVC catsuit and cracking a whip. I don’t really have an interest in S&M however, so I’m not really sure where it would go from there (I’m willing to hear suggestions!).

Another scenario I’m considering is breaking into a church and having sex on the altar. Not too sure this works well though. It kinda suggests I’m making her the Antichrist rather than just someone with low karma. Also, if you’re an atheist, it may not be the big of a deal, and if you’re religious, it may be too much for you.

Another option is to maybe have the same sex scene you would see in the ‘neutral karma’ ending with just you and Leanna, but include smaller ‘nastier’ things – Anal, fairly brutal deepthroating, hard spanking etc. It seems s little boring though.

One more resent idea I’ve had is a sort or rampage across the city. Leanna brings a video camera from the studio and pays/bribes various minor characters from the storyย to have sex with you while she films it. Would includeย characters like an attractive, but very scruffy homeless woman she interviews earlier in the game. I think that has an appropriate level of ‘messed up’ to it. My reservation is that it might require a lot or work – it would be several scenes in different locations, which means creating more sets, characters etc.

So, this is why I’ve been talking about a b/b/g scene (that’s boy+boy+girl), or possibly a b/b/b/b/g (that’s 4 guys all having sex with her). It would make sense to me for the low karma ending. Rather than just being satisfied with you or her friend Kristen, Leanna invites a group of guys to her apartment and makes you watch them all having sex with her (or possibly just one extra guy).

It wouldn’t be something you see unless you aim to make her have low karma, so you can avoid it if desired by just encouraging her to be nice.

So, keeping that all in mind, would you be interested in a sex scene with an extra guy, or a group of them?

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Or, did you particularity like any of the other ideas I mentioned?

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Normally I don’t like to crowdsource ideas for these things, but I really am a little stuck on this one, and I don’t want to proceed too far into making the game until I decide where it’s going.

If you particularly liked any of the other ideas I mentioned above, please say so. Also, if you have any ideas of your own about what a low karma ending could entail, please leave a comment describing it below. If there’s enough interest in the other setups, or I really like your idea, I may add an extra poll.

103 thoughts to “January 21st Update”

  1. Hi Chaotic,

    Thanks for making a new poll, I was obe who wished to change my vote

    For the bad ending you could have it appear as a good ending at first, you the character are tieed up by Leanna thicking she wants to dominate you, then you hear a knock at the door, Leanna goes answers it and comes back with a group of several men.
    She would then have an orgy with them while the main character is helpless and can only watch, she cold be triple penatated and have all her holes filled with cum.
    I would also like to see her get a double penatration (2 dicks in her pussy, ass or mouth)

    Hope you like the sound of this idea?

      1. But Chaotic since this is the first time you could be doing this I am very sure not many are still willing to support the idea so I would suggest a smaller game with b/b/g ending/s

        What did you think of the double penetration pussy, ass or mouth, think it is doable?

        1. Yeah, I would be happy to compromise it just being b/b/g.

          I think the DP would also be appropriate for the scene.

          1. Last question Chaotic: will you be doing this b/b/g even if the poll says NO?

            For the game which I suggested have it be a Cass game from when she was younger (the player is Cass) and about Rachael/Betsy’s father, make it have a double pussy creampie so we have no idea who the father was ๐Ÿ˜€

          2. For some reason I can’t reply to your last questions, so I’ll just leave it here.

            If enough people dislike the idea, I probably won’t do it. I would be lying though if I said a part of me wouldn’t be tempted to include it anyway. If it’s a scene where you really don’t want to see it happen, it would really make you feel part of the character!

          3. I too cannot reply to your last comment ๐Ÿ˜›

            I agree that not wanting to see it would make you feel like the character

            Would you be making multiple bad karma ending and vise versa?

          4. Five endings is a possibility.

            1 – Super good karma
            2- good karma
            3 – neutral karma
            4- bad karma
            5 – evil karma


  2. I would prefer more of a going out in a blast thing. Maybe have her watch do another woman (Kristen) after deciding to go lesbian or get you all bothered then leave you hanging saying she breaks up with you? Seems reasonably evil to me.
    The whole FMM+ setup appears only evil/selfish to me if the protagonist is reluctant to do it.

    1. So if the protagonist was tied up and could only sit and watch, you would be happy with that?

      1. If the point of being evil is Leanna being selfish that would satisfy my definition ๐Ÿ™‚
        If it’s more along the lines of the couple being selfish together, maybe they could seduce another person/couple in a happy relationship ending it in the process. That would work for me as well and could give the player the choice between the gender for the threesome.

        1. I like the idea of them both destroying another couples life and getting a kick out of it ๐Ÿ˜€

          Maybe it could be returning characters ๐Ÿ˜€
          (Betsy and her partner come to mind, why else did they break up before April and Violet)

          1. I like that train of thought. It also fits his weird reaction to A/V trying to bring them together!

  3. Bad karma,

    pregnant, loses job / possibly followed by a prego-sex scene

    sex tape goes viral, loses job / any kinky sex you care for would do, have a nice border like we’re watching on a monitor/tv

    Non-rape MM(MMMMM…)F is alway something I’d think a girl would like more than the men involved, so how would that be bad karma.

      1. Getting herself pregnant against the player’s wishes? I like that angle! She could puncture the condom with a needle or just “forget” the pill.

        1. getting knocked up by another man would also be evil but getting knocked up by multiple men would be really evil ๐Ÿ˜€

          1. I wasn’t talking about another man. Imagine your gf/wife brought up the topic and you said no? And then she goes behind your back and gets pregnant with your child against your expressed will?

      2. There in lies a fundamental lack of understanding.

        In modern philosophy karma means if you do bad (or good) things, bad (or good) things happen to you. In the original spiritual context karma would detemine your next life when you reincarnated.

        If she has bad karma, bad stuff must happen to her.

        If he corrupted her, then that’s bad for his karma and he should cop some flack, but her karma is her karma.

  4. For the Scene I had chosen b/b/g or more so long as it is not the player character who does her

    As for the rampage, it would be my second choice if it was Leanna and not the player character going around having sex with everyone male or female, she could even broadcast what she did to the world the next morning claiming it was a news report, she could even strip and start fingering live on air

    the other options sound too boring for being Evil

    1. For the rampage, I did consider something along those lines but I was concerned it would seem more like she was having a mental breakdown rather than just being wild and naughty.

      1. If we talk about endings and lets say Leanna has 5 endings with Each being deferent karma levels, 2 being great karma, -2 being evil karma then, it could be something like this

        +2- Leanna threesome with Kristen
        +1- Leanna good sex
        0- Leanna fail ending
        -1- Leanna rough sex
        -2- Leanna b/b/g or more b/b/b/b/b/b/g

  5. I would’ve liked to see leanna’s career be affected as well. Every bad karma she earns earns her a bad scene that would used against her so that she would lose her job, friends, and even family. She would fall into depression ultimately breaking her so that the only “good” thing about her life is the main character.

    All the good karma she gets would elevate her into stardom and even maybe have her run for governor or president and the people will love her and maybe she gets married to the mc.

    Just my thoughts about how I would like to see one of these games go.

    1. Agree with Ghost that bad karma is about bad things happening to Leanna such as her career being negatively affected as well as relationships. This would include her relationship with the the main character to the point of finding she lost him and Kristen who she finds together having sex and laughing about how the only good thing Leanna ever did was bring them together.

  6. Its clear that many folks here dont want to see any stuff involving more than 1 man. And that is okay!
    But b/…/b/g isnt about the men being gay or the aspect of sharing, its about the girl being the centre of attention and pleasure. The opposite of g/…/g/b, where the boy is the centre.

    And the 1 girl being pleasured by multiple man is really hot for me, because it is one of my fetishes.
    And everybody has different fetishes that should be respected.
    Thats why chaotics games can be good for everyone. Multiple paths and endings can involve different sex with different people. And if you dont like something you dont have to look at it because you can decide which path to follow.

    And im a lil tired of only g/g/g/b scenes in every game ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. This, so much this, it is nice for Chaotic to ask the people but he should do it anyways it is something he has never done before and I also like that the scene may contain the main player character but not being involved making it NTR related

      Chaotic’s games are typically g/b, g/g, g/g/b, g/g/g and so on, never anymore men which is why dps3000 academy part 2 was a definite change and good one with b/b/g, just wish we could see more of it.

      But like I said before he should make a small game with b/b/g as part of its ending

      1. You are missing the point about this being a reflection of HER BAD KARMA. If she is the one being pleasured by two men which would be something the primary character would not want he is the one who is being adversely affected not Leanna. That to me would be the neutral karma ending in as much as he has done nothing to change her nature at all. A positive change would be for them to be come exclusive and the best change is that he gets the three some. Otherwise for it to be Her Bad Karma bad things should happen such as she drives the primary character and Kristen together and finding them having sex. For really bad (evil) the primary character and Kristen replace one of Leannna’s interview tapes with a sex video of Leanne that gets aired live thus ruining her career and watching from bed where they are having their own sex celebration.

        1. We do not know what kind of Karma system will be involved, it could very well be Leanna’s karma but it could also be the karma between Leanna and the player there for not making her wish to commit suicide by destroying her life..

          God I just got dark there, sorry…

          1. We do know it is Leanna’s karma or didn’t you read the post which says, “In Leanna, karma is going to be a an important factor. At the start of the game, Leannaโ€™s karma will be fairly poor, but through your interactions you can improve it. You can encourage her to be nicer to people or more charitable when given a choice. This can result in a โ€˜niceโ€™ end where Leanna becomes a much nicer person with very good karma.” So, this is about Leanna’s karma not the karma between Leanna and the player.

            Plus you mentioned something previously about the Rampage being okay if it were Leanna being the one having the sex with everyone. That is not the scenario that I and everyone else who voting for it had in mind as long as that was part of the (evil) ending where the player captures the video and replaces her real new report with her knowledge.

        2. I know what it said, I did read it and we are influencing her karma to be evil or nice so in being evil or nice to her, when it comes to the end, she would be evil or nice to us

          I do not understand why so many people are against the idea of b/b/g, I say if Chaotic wishes to explore the idea then we should all support him ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. MM(MMMMM….)F is ok by me, but in no way should be anything but a good karma ending (non-rape assumed).

  7. i mean, im open to a b/b/g scene, maybe even a blowbang scene but since lots of people may be unsure about it, maybe make a small scene( like the betsy story from the advent calander) i know it would take a bit of time but it might sway peoples opinions ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Agreed, a small game or scene with b/b/g or more, could sway peoples opinions

      Chaotic has never done this sort of thing before so I will support him all the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. How about you do it like this; let the player choose in the beginning if they want to see that scene or not. If the player says that he/she doesn’t want to see it then you can set a variable that will be used to check at the end if the scene can be shown. If it can’t be shown you just go to the “neutral” ending or you go a different scene where you don’t see it (either just skips it or shows a scene where you hear about it, through phone or something). That way you can still make the scene but have a warning beforehand, as well as that you let the players choose if they want to see it or not.

  9. Just for clarification, what exactly does the bad karma thing mean?

    Karma catching up to Leanna so bad things are happening to her, or

    Her bad Karma being a mirror of her bad behaviour, meaning she will be more selfish and nasty?

    1. Pretty sure its your second ?, would kinda be like other games, (non-adult themed) like Fable (1-3), Mass Effect (1-3), Fallout 3 and New Vegas, that sort of thing. karma being a good/evil alignment of your morale being, example lets say you steal from a shop you lose karma, your morale alignment would go down resulting in a evil character, but if you idk help an old lady cross the street then the complete opposite happens and your a goodie too shoes. I hope that helps clarify what the karma aspect is that Mr. Chaotic is trying to impliment in leanna

  10. With regards to the B/B/G scene. I voted no interest but could be sold the idea.

    The thing is, as a heterosexual protagonist, I’m not really warm to th idea of the other guy being some random guy that I may not like as a person (or feel turned off by physically). I think it would be better if the other guyis a character that is cast as a particularly good guy or a friend. Someone you wouldn’t mind sharing a hot woman with. So maybe there needs to be some character development with this other guy? And ultimately, the protagonist would also appreciate outs honing the other guy, be it sexually or just in higher favour from the girl

    Just my thoughts.

  11. It was mentioned before but perhaps a bad karma ending could start out as a regular ending only for you to be tied up then forced to watch Leanna and someone else (could be Kristen, could be a dude) have sex in front of you. It really depends on how the karma is used and it doesn’t seem like there’s much enthusiasm for a b/g/b scene.

  12. I find your reasoning interesting in terms of the story telling’s technicalities but OTOH I can’t stand seeing dudes in my porn.

  13. Chaotic, back to April and Violet Part II…

    When I am End121.html at the end and I click the screen (it seems only one action is possible… “Smile”) I end up at epilcheckc.html with just a big black screen (no options) and the header changes to “Crystal Part 3.” Has anyone else reported this?

    I’m using version 1.1, btw.

  14. Okay I must admit I’m really curious how Leanna dominatrix PVC catsuit and cracking a whip would look like, sadly enough seeing the vote so far, its not going o happen. But still I really want to see it even if its just one picture on the blog.

  15. I’ve read some of the comments and the best ideas affect her lifestyle. I’m guessing that for neutral ending there is no sex or maybe that’s ending six.

    You seem to have the good and the super good karma endings figured out. Those being passionate sex and threesome ending with Kristen. So I’ll skip these.

    Even though I’m not a fan of b/b/g and I’m not fond of sharing, I think this could be the bad karma ending. Even though she would still enjoy carnal pleasure in the threesome, she would effectively just be a sex object. Using someone like that doesn’t sit too well for me, but I guess it would be acceptable for this ending. A good amount of supporters seem to want this, so whom am I to try to deny them their fetishes/fantasies. The reason this is a “good” bad karma ending is because you could make it so that she’s not really happy, which is why she indulges in her carnal desires. She could also become sort of the office slut, where no one respects her.

    I think you had the right idea with the “rampage” ending. It doesn’t have to be long, just two scenes would suffice. What’s interesting about this one is that someone could discover the footage and leak it to the media. This could be a revenge plot coming from Kristen due to the negative interactions you encouraged Leanna to have with her. She gets fired and loses her minor celebrity status. Those two bad karma endings sound a bit too dark, but that’s karma.

    Lastly, because Stargazer seems a bit too enthusiastic about this, I think he wants some sort of cuckold scenario/ending. Not sure what NTR is, and it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea, but maybe you could do a role reversal. One of the bad endings could be one where Leanna is bound and really turned on, but she isn’t allowed in on the action. Instead she would be forced to watch the character and Kristen go at it. This could replace the b/b/g ending or “rampage” ending. If you need more time working on the game, I would totally understand. And I really appreciate you taking the time to read our feedback and input.

    1. NTR

      Japanese acronym for Netorare, used to define a genre of Eroge (Hentai Game), meaning “Cuckold”. In short, the main protagonist’s loved one(s) are taken or seduced away from him and the heroine might be willing or unwilling. This is to cause an emotion of deep jealousy on the reader.

      You got that right, I just like the idea of the main character not able to do anything while Leanna is fucking a group of men/women, but like it says it creates an emotional effect which is something you do not usually get from games.

      And yes I am too enthusiastic because it is something that Chaotic has never done before

      1. A thing many seem to fail to understand is that the karma is her karma. How can this be a bad karma ending if something relatively good is happening to her, something she wants. That’s why I was stating that It’d make more sense for her to be bound while the main character has sex with Kristen. Maybe Kristen could record Leanna makes and in bondage and leak it to the media. This would make sense because in a bad karma ending, Leanna would have been a bitch to Kristen throughout the game.

        1. I like the idea of the player not even knowing about the gangbang and only finds out when shared with the world or has to sit through it because Kristen wants her revenge on both of them for being cruel the her.

          Until Mr. Chaotic can finally explains what the Karma system is, we can only speculate

          1. It explains it right there. The karma is Leanna’s, not the player’s. Go back and read it if you need to.

  16. Do everything you want. It’s not like players are going to accidentally stumble on to a sex scene they didn’t want.

    I think one scenario could be that Leanna is given a opportunity to sell out to Mr Hughes and depending on player choices and Leanna’s karma or morality she can flat out refuse, have swimsuit/lingerie/nude photoshoot for publicity or make a sex tape. I imagine live on air lewd behaviour is already considered, like flashing cameras by spreading her legs behind the studio desk or wearing inappropriate clothing out of shot. I guess instead of a church you could use a morgue, less religion but still morally/socially abhorrent with the player showing discomfort with the idea but Leanna continuing regardless, emphasising her bad side or just have drunken public sex leading to bad night in jail. Perhaps bad Leanna could orchestrate a sextape of a rival to be aired, which may end up blowing back on to her.

    How about a scenario where Leanna is late to a meeting and is forced to do a field report on a nudist event, deciding that the player is the reason she was late they are dragged into being her camera operator. On the road there ideas and options are considered on how to do it and make it fun and interesting, ranging from being fully clothed and far away from the event to close up participation. On site the player operates the focus of the camera between the event, Leanna body shot or Leanna close up (to spare her embarrassment if she’s nude), with marks awarded to how close the player operated to what was agreed upon on the road.

    Ultimately I think Leanna is going to be more of a RPG than dating game, with the player deciding her personality giving room for more options of what to do and what can happen. The other girls have been varied in introvert to extroverted natures, with a lot of them being curious with bouts of sexual adventure and public nudity, but none have had the capacity to be truly bad like Leanna could be, which could mean a very different game from what everyone’s used to.

  17. you know what will be cool ?

    make a pool, based on photographer serie and academy…. ask what peoples prefer at end of these serie..

    most of peoples will answer that they want the best end, with 3-4some, no sharing, no others mens and never turn others girls into a bad person..

    its obvious !

    look at academy…. how many peopels her are ready to accept the fact that valentine will fuck off the player at the end of the game and do nothing to him but just running away with tons of money ? how many peoples here would like to see an end where sebastian fuck the girls and the player gets nothing or just watch without interaction in it ?


    and its exactly same for leanna…. peoples make choice, choice of her, choice of her body…. its fucking obvious that nobody will share her or turn her into a good big bitches bad person. i bet my hand that 99% of peoples here will turn her into an submissive pet and fuck her in all holes…
    i m here for some times , watching all the comments. and i see a very very few minority of peoples who would like to get some dominative stuff in the game and even less to get some MMF stuff.

    in my honest and frankly opinion, i think this idea about good and bad karma is bullshit. things is good like this. with multiple end based on choice like in all the actual games. no need to try putting a new concept about this. just do the game like you have do the others. dont waste precious tie and effort into something that nobody will care anyway. just do it simple, good end, bad end, alternative end.. thats enougth

    ps: yeah, i m not agaist the MMf stuff, i already have explain it, that will be good to have an option in dialogs for that based on the action in the game. but that simply result in exact same thing than the actual games anyway.

    but you decide. my vote : i m in for some MMf with dialogs option for an end (or multiples end)

    1. I like the idea that Chaotic is wanting to try new things, it is getting old seeing the same sex scenes over and over again, so I say let him try it and if nobody likes it then it is only one game out of so many great ones, but I have faith that no matter what everybody will still love it in the end. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. true, but if nobody like it, its still some time and effort wasted for something bad…

        a demo about this can be welcome for see exactly whats going on with this.

        i dont think its become old to see same thing again and again, its at the contrary what have make this games that good. its an kind of signature

  18. I really like the rampage idea but I also would like if it was not just her filming you but if you could also film her having nasty interactions with some dudes in the street. Maybe enter a street-ball court and service all the players there while you film. I mean she has bad Karma, she should suffer and not the player right.

  19. Wow, some of the comments are… quite immature. “Give me what I want, or your site is crap”, are these poeple really adults?

    1. Since I am the No1 commenter on this post I will say that not once have I said “give me this or that” and that Chaotics site is crap, it is freaking amazing the work he does and I will support him no matter his decision on which path he chooses to follow.

      I may be enthusiastic about the whole thing and that is because it is something new, like when he first introduced Incest into his games (the small Christmas scene got my blood flowing)

  20. How about “Karma is a bitch” ending?
    Basically, since it’s bad karma, does it have to be bad things that she does? Just an idea, she does the whole threesome with 2 guys or more bla bla bla (not a fan of the idea) but instead of that being the bad karma, the bad karma is the ending where someone records it and puts on the net and she gets fired from her job…
    …or something like that ๐Ÿ˜›
    Don’t know if anyone posted something like this… too many comments :/

  21. For me… the cuckold scenario where she would be gangbanged in the room with multiple guys is a thumbs up for the evil ending… for the best ending is where the threesome (bgg) happens with kirsten and leanna… for the neutral ending there will be no sex… for the good ending you will have sex with leanna only without kirsten… i think thats enough… keep up the amazing job mr chaotic and whatever it is that you decide on making will still be awesome!!!

  22. Oh yeah, i forgot to ask Mr chaotic.. i hope in the intros there will be no job choosing for the player because it kinda beats the idea of having your own personal point of view.. i mean i wish you would not make the job options again like what you did with maddison and rachel part 3, and with other games, and it having a major effect in the endings.. what if the people have different jobs other than the 3 jobs you include, like office worker photographer and gym instructor.. i think its better that you would omit this part.. coz me as a player would like to be fully immersed in the game that we play and would like to imagine that we are the one who really is in the game, since at the beginnning the game asks for our name.. just a thought, sir..

      1. thanks man, appreciate it.. you’re suggestion by the way at the start of the poll was a perfect suggestion by the way and actually i like it, since i thought it would be a different setting other than a bgg or bggg scenario, and that the player would be bound naked and helpless and unable to do anything while leanna goes have fun with multiple guys.. just the thought of it man, being in that horrible situation.. its just pure evil hahahaha!!! NICE ONE!!!

        1. Good to know, thanks for supporting the idea, shame we are only a few who like it ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. I mean i work in a different field and would kinda wish that the game would just asks for our name, gender and ethnicity.. kinda like in the april and violet game.. although i do recognize that game was kind of a sequel to betsy… but still..

  24. I feel we should have a little bit more customizable options for our characters at the beginning. Just a thought.

  25. Hi, April and Violet are pretty cool game. But Academy serie still my bests. I really appreciated a cue for when you thing part 4 will come.

    1. Chaotic is not in charge of the Academy series. I think dsp3000 will let us know when he gets halfway through completion.

    2. i bet for february end. or top of march.

      get around 1700-1900 pics for the episode by part of 500-700 pics per month

  26. Chaotic, do what you artistically feel. Your stories are awesome, gameplay fun and visually great. The bottom line is that it’s your creativity, run with it. If somebody doesn’t like a path, they can be avoided. Everyone has their own opinions on likes and dislikes. Be free!

  27. Actually, you know what.. Skyangel10 just gave me an idea.. what if at the beginning of the game, at one of the intros, it also asks the body type of the player ranging from fat, muscular, thin or normal kind of body types.. however this doesnt affect the sex scenes, just the animation.. which means even if you pick fat, you still get to do whatever it is you can do with if you pick muscular.. then the game just asks for the job of the player and just kinda mentions what job the player has typed in the beginning kinda like just how the game mentions the name of the player.. instead of picking the 3 jobs office worker, photgrapher or gyminstructor.. just throwing out ideas and it’s still up to you good sir.. i know its a bit more work since you’ll add up more scenes i think because of the body types, but its still your call..

  28. Also, can LEANNA have a tattoo.. a tramp stamp at the back, just right above the asscrack.. hahahaha just wishful thinking man hahahaha i think it would be sexy

  29. Wait is leanna going to still be a gym instructor or in the fitness area or whatever?? I’m confused..

  30. I think some people don’t quite understand what karma is or how it will work. Having bad karma does not make you evil or selfish, being evil or selfish gives you bad karma. Now, it’s ok for their to be a b/b/g ending with a bad karma ending, but this doesn’t really show how karma affected her life. In fact, a b/b/g ending would be a relatively good thing for Leanna. For it to be a true bad karma, her career, relationships, lifestyle and so on would have to be negatively impacted. I know you’re busy, but It’d be amazing if you could further clarify how the karma system will work in your game. I could be wrong in my interpretation.

    1. Yeah, just to clarify, when I say that she can have ‘bad karma’, I’m not trying to use it in real terms.

      It’s just a scale similar to Fallout games where it essentially tracks your morality level.

      1. So more like having an effect on her reputation as well as being her moral moderator. Maybe it would be better if you changed karma to moral level unless you also plan to implement karma!A having an effect on her life.

  31. Im a little curious why are some people alright with b/b/…./g but do not want to be involved in the gangbang? Wouldnt that just be sad :/

    1. It is because it would make you as the main character feel bad, but I do agree that it is a strange (I am one of those who likes the idea) and maybe another ending could have you being involved with it.

  32. I really like the “rampage” idea, it is really new take as all the other options you can find in other games; I suggest not to use many locations but just one, for the sex in the rampage, the inside of the news van, it can be explained as a surprise for the pc (blindfolded) and then discovered the reality of the wild side of her..

    I wouldn’t call “karma” the stat but just “morality” it seems to covey better what appear you mean with it

  33. The important thing for the “evil” ending is that Leanna immediately regrets it afterward. She should wake up hungover, in some strange and unfamiliar place, walking funny, and having all sorts of shit written on her in permanent ink. Leanna should be in so much pain that she makes a whole bunch of stupid drunken decisions to try and forget the pain, only to hurt so much more when it’s over.

  34. The Bad Karma should have you do something deliciously evil like seduceanother mans wife together

  35. Hi Chaotic,

    My suggestions would be like this : –

    1. A blackmail sex would be the most appropriate for the bad or low karma results.
    2. Forget about the sex in the church with Leanna with poor or low and bad karma
    results as most of the players are christians here, well is just my guess only.
    3. I would also like to suggest outdoor sex scenes like having sex with Leanna in the
    park, beach, back alley, on the roadside near a car and on the car bonnet, with lots
    of people and audiences watching and filming a porno movie with a video camera,
    this will humiliate Leanna and she would be ashame as she is a newscaster or a news
    reader in a tv station, where her porno movies being filmed outdoor would be
    broadcast everywhere possible.
    4. Leanna would be daring enough be flash or strip naked in public areas like on the
    train, bus, or in the subways, can also have sex in the public transports like in a taxi,
    train, bus, and in the subway areas.
    5. Having sex in the restrooms in a pub, bar, or restaurants or in a shopping mall or in a
    movie cinemas giving blowjobs or rodeo sex.
    6. Leanna getting drunk in the bar or tavern place, after that gets picked up by any male
    guys, sent her to any place to have sex with her while she is drunk or in a sleeping
    7. I would likely like to suggest that she have some drugged sex scenes too while being
    asleep if she has low, bad or poor karma results.

    So Chaotic, that is all the ideas I could think off so far. I just hope that you could adopt any of my suggestions above.

    Thank you.

    David Ong Boon Heng.
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  36. I honestly would like but at same time hate the scene were Leanna having sex with a bunch of guys.
    Can you make that as an option from the beggining of the game to choose, like
    Option 1: Leanna Slut (Leanna enjoys having sex with another guys)
    Option 2: Leanna Saint (Leanna is a pure woman that only having sex with the main protagonist of the game).
    This will make a lot of sense for the ones that actually disclike group kind of things and for others who like that kind of an scenes.

  37. on church sex you said that most here are christian … i dont think so . the people here does not seem to have any problem with sex or even such sex as multible partners on same sex . they are even enthusiastic about asister(Madison & Lisette) threesome .

  38. I have to ask a question Chaotic, something about the rampage ending has me a bit worried.

    If the main player character is going around and Leanna is paying others to fuck them, you said it would be people she would have interviewed, does this also include the male characters as I believe since it is her wanting to see us suffer she would want to see us suffer and that would be the best way, what is there to suffer from if you are having what you want?

    1. Personally I think the rampage ending would be more suitable for the photographer part 3 where you go around the city with your chosen girl or girls and fuck every other character while 1 of the girls films

      Just a thought

  39. I like the idea of a rampage for bad karma but lets be honest, the idea of an attractive homeless lady doesnt really make any sense. Maybe try a corner working prostitute. Also, (as a semi religous person) I feel like the church scene would kind of appeal to the more sinful urges of the player, and any player that would be uncomfortable with that probably wouldn`t be on your site. However, just in case, you could make it a much harder scene to obtain and give the player several opportunities to back out of it before breaking into the church with Leanna being understanding of it if you do decide to back out. Anyway, I hope you get around to reading this. I realize you have a ton of comments. Also I just want to say I really apreciate how much time you spend on these games. You make a lot of people happy. Thank You!

  40. I really like the girl and all the other factors coming together to create this game can’t wait to spend hours on this game finding secrets endings and other routes. But I have a question where are Mr Stomper and dsp3000 I assume this game is only being created by Chaotic. What if the other two.

  41. Hi Chaotic! regarding the b/b/g scene I’d be cool with it but I think there could be 2 scenes for low karma. If the player was able to help Leanna during the quest/storyline (while still having low karma) they get the b/b/g scene but if he was unable to help her (with low karma) then he gets the punishment of watching Leanna have sex with another guy. I think that’s the worst punishment and something fresh to these games where the player doesnt get to have sex in the end.

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