September 16th Update

It looks like things are finally back to normal.

The website has been added to the same package I use for the main site and epoch have finished everything they need to do to give members access.

If you signed up previously, you should be able to log in now. If you are still having issues, please contact epoch via They will have your purchase registered in their databases and will be able to give you access.

I have also switched the pages back so new members can sign up now if they wish.

Again, my sincerest apologies for this issue, but know that it was beyond my control. I have now severed every connection I have to hosgator and they will never darken my towels again.

OK happy face_full

12 thoughts to “September 16th Update”

      1. Hi contacted epoch … absolutely no response … I have been with you since the beginning …very disappointed.

  1. Hello, just finish the game, very nice, sexy and funny.
    Thanks… I hope you will create some new game soon.
    Thanks A+++

  2. Hi, asked before, but no answer. Does the Members section contain the full game of Maddison + The expansion, or just Maddison?
    Meaning do i have to buy the expansion separate?

    Thank you

    1. Games in the members section right now are:

      Madison (Final Cut)
      Sci-Fi Mission
      Virtual Sci-Fi Girls (Sci-Fi Erica)

      So, as you see you don’t have to buy anything extra with the membership 😉

  3. hi it me again when jennfer game in the VDG store to buy sperate than the other games and what the price the game thanks,

  4. Hay, congrats on figuring everything out!

    I myself am having trouble in logging into the member’s page. Where do I have to go to fix this? (yes, I get that you have posted the name of the place, but I can’t seem to find it because I’m a derp).

    Thanks for keeping all of us posted and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this site! Oh, and I will donate again very soon, it’s about time that I do anyway, to help out. 🙂

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