June 22nd Update

Thank you to everyone who reported issues and bugs over the last two days.

I’m am now happy enough to declare Betsy out of Beta, so the I’m labeling the newly uploaded version 1.0. You can find it here http://www.vdategames.com/betsy.html. Remember to refresh the page if you’ve visited it recently or the new version may not show. The downloaded version should say ‘betsy_1.0.zip’, and the online version should say ‘betsy3’ if you look at the URL.

All reported bugs have been corrected and lots of types fixed. This version also has the easy difficulty re-added for those who need it.

A quick summary guide for playing :

  • As with most of my games, All browsers should be able to play the online version. Chrome cannot play the offline version though. I recommend using Firefox if you can.
  • If you see a 404 page when playing online, this means that too many people are playing the game online at the moment. Either download a version if you can, or a wait until a little later.

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EDIT : If the game is still not working for you, please specify your problem below, other wise I can’t help you!

UPDATE : A walkthrough for Betsy has now been added to the walkthroughs section.

SATURDAY UPDATE : I am on vacation until Thursday. This means, while I will try to answer email and comments, I won’t be able to do anything significant with the site until I return.


68 thoughts to “June 22nd Update”

  1. Do you ever plan on making an April game? You should do a poll

    Wish there was more of her at the club foursome ending. Would love to have seen some animated scenes with her or some solo time with her

    1. It’s possible, but I’m intending my next game to either by Crystal Part 3, or another, new character named Mia.

      April’s certainly a possibility for the future though.

        1. Agreed. That animated scene with Violet riding on top is jaw-dropping. Couldn’t look away.

  2. Would you be able to make the Gamelarge files viewable so we can jump between scenes?
    Cheers great game so far!

    1. Yes please Chaotic. Lisette was my favorite game! I Would die to see a full lesbian Maddison-Lisette combo.

  3. Really great game. Got the foursome ending too but it wasn´t so easy. I like these kind of games.
    Is there any hot scene with Rachel and Betsy i missed? and
    how can Betsy were the sexy clothes which you buy in the shop?

    1. i have been trying for quite a while now to get the foursome ending but never get it

      1. its all up to violet. you need to try understand her. its pretty weird, but its a pleasant surprise in fact 😀

        1. Can you tell me how I can get to the foursome ending? I played it over and over I just can’t get to it.

    2. rachel only start to show you her boobs….. and…(you know what happen after ^_ , i will not spoil too much hahaha )

  4. I love the game! I’ve had 0 issues with it. The girls are babes. Violet is probably my favourite. Keep up the good work sir!

  5. I’ve finally managed to get the foursome ending. It’s awesome. Good job Chaotic!

    This game has a better narrative than others, even being linear-ish. It feels nice. The foursome ending is a plus. I just wish you could see Violet licking Betsy’s pussy with a better camera angle, or a better lesbian sex scene between those two, because having sex with “your best friend” is a good sexual tension scenario. If you plan to release a “final cut” or with “extra scenes”, I suggest that kind of ending. =)

    Good job!

  6. endingcheck2 has a broken link (if you bought the kinky outfit). It should go to ending2c.html but currently leads to endingc.html.

  7. it work good for me.
    i was stuck with betsy at end.. finally understand about violet and get it to the end with 4some …

    creepy good story , what a pleasant surprise 😀 thanks for this one

  8. Please can someone help me? I still have a few points of confidence.
    After meeting with Violet confidence: 8
    After the pool with confidence Violet: 17
    confidence before the shoot: 21
    After a photo shoot in confidence 29
    Where is my mistake and I have many points in individual sections?
    I thank you in advance for your help

    1. be friendly with violet, but its not your date (keep that in mind) you should normally easily get 31+, also get some point with April

      make high-five, etc.. this give you easily 2-3 points each time

  9. Hi everyone ! I love that kind of games ! but i can’t build Betsy confidence until 15 when i do the Violet’s stuff could someone help me

    Thank you so much

    and Thanks Chaotic for this game !

  10. Please write walkthrough to the passing scene end with 4some . All time take bad end=(((

  11. What level of confidence does Betsy have to be in order to have sex with her in the school?

    Also, like most people I’m having trouble getting to the foursome. What numbers do the girls have to be at in order to reach that scene?

  12. I don’t know if anybody else spotted this…but I will post it anyways.

    On day 2, when you go to Betsy’s house in the morning, she shows you a newspaper and is very excited. Now, if you look in the bottom right part of the newspaper, there is an article with the headline: Aliens colonise Suburbia! House prices hit new low

    Now, if this is going to be related to the alien dating games you made a while back chaotic, and this is a hint at there being new ones, please make sure to keep humans so we can have some cross-species threesomes. Also, for a future game idea, a new pool party with new characters would be good. Maybe even make it a graduation celebration, or something like that ;D

    Here is the link to the easter egg: http://www.vdategames.com/betsy3/files/gamelrge/day2_4.html

  13. For some reason i cant get the lunchtime scene with April telling me not to forget about the tutor, it worked before but now i cant do it. can someone tell me how>

  14. Please I need help: in the game you can arrive at the prom, where they will meet Violet and April-možnýn get to the answers:
    “You do not need to say anything. Just Look At Each Other, Then kiss.”
    “This is not rocket science. You both have feelings for Each Other. Just admit it.”
    “So, please just stop this act studpid That you both put on and admit That You Like Each Other.”
    the painting to show me the watch and, after confirming by my will

    not Found

    The requested URL /betsy3/files/gamelrge/dance12b.html was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    both on the downloaded version, and a version “play online”
      Therefore, I can not even finish the game
    Please help
    Otherwise, the game is great and is one of the best I’ve played

    1. Holly cow, I too have reached far in the game (sex in the classroom) and it gave the exact same error. What a bummer.

  15. So, I’ve been playing on Chrome, and have been able to get the sex scene in the school with Betsy, but haven’t been able to get the foursome. I’ve been doing both dates with Violet and have set up the tutoring with April, but when the lunch scene comes, I just get a ‘listen’ option and then April pops up reminding me of the thing, and then Violet says she’s gonna go to the bathroom. Can anyone help me?

    1. It’s the same for me even i try to get the highest points with violet and april “my score is 50 with violet, and 25 with april” at the end of the game. Can someone give me a hint for the foursome with violet and april? By the way do i nees to curse at april at the begining of the game. Thanks. :))

  16. I’ve just added a walkthough for Betsy. See the blog post above for the link of check the walkthrough section on the site.

  17. Game still buggy. Followed your walkthrough which left Betsy with 94 happiness and 40 confidence, and she didn’t get the part. this was Betsy3.

    1. Did you play the other versions previously?

      If so, can you clear your cookies? One’s from a previous version might be interfering.

      Alternative, which browser are you using and can you use a different one?

  18. I cleared my cookies and it made no difference. I have played all of the previous online versions: Betsy1-Betsy2. My browser is google chrome. At this point I’ve concluded that this game sucks. The sex scene I unlocked was very tame and the game has too many bugs. For a free game it was a giant waste of time.

    1. Don’t know what you are talking about man, the walkthrough works perfectly.

      Thanks, Chaotic!

      1. Followed the walkthrough to the letter and failed to get the foursome ending and i’m not sure why? I have cleared the cache and playing offline however i will perservere.

        Also in the walkthrough, when in the park with Violet and Betsy drinking, its unclear that you have to say to Violet, when she takes a drink, NOTHING and then BRICKWALL in order to get the rest of the conversation with Betsy. I found doing the way the you suggested drops Violets points by 1.

        Also is 40 the max for Betsy confidence?

        1. Just to clarify, you should say nothing until Betsy says “Err….do you want to say something?”

  19. hi chaotic just wondering will there be more payment options added on your website

    becaus i dont own a creditcard and would be nice if u could put a payment option like ideal ? for people who dont have creditcards

  20. It seems to run a lot smoother than before mostly through it. However, I think there is only one error somewhere with the female caucasian play? I totally forgot which one it was? Though I think it crashed on me testing so much at a time? Anyways, I’m not too much worried about it. If someone mentions it before I do, then that’s fine. Anyways thanks for looking at the errors I gave you. Wonderful game Chaotic 🙂 muah

  21. I tried the walkthrough tonight. I followed it exactly, but Betsy didn’t get the role…

    Final stats were:

    Betsy: 118 happiness, 40 confidence
    Violet: 74
    April: 56

    I want to do a more thorough playthrough, trying all the other date options, tomorrow. But at least for a quick runthrough tonight with the walkthrough, the game looks great. Just not sure what’s going on in re Bety getting the leading role…?

    1. Play on easy and follow the walkthrough to the letter. It worked perfectly fine for me.

  22. Hi chaotic have you had any thoughts of doing a student-teacher relationship game. I’d recommend Mrs Thompson as a start if you ever do

  23. You should continue “Academie part 2” is needed to finish games that are unfinished and not starting new and new. Thank you.
    otherwise great games

  24. Hi, I think dancecheck16 is not working or something for the download version at least. Apparently, can’t find dance12b.html. Same problem as jurasek454. Is there a way around this Or are we not supposed to go this way? Or is there a problem only I encountered?

  25. Academy seris is made by dsp300 not chaotic, wasn’t saying now but maybe after he’s finished crystal 3 or any other games he’s got in the pipeline

  26. I am very sorry that you do not continue on (The academy part 2). so the story is not closed. It’s like I went to the barber, he shaved half my head and then he told me that now I leave undone, because I’m going to cut your toenails.

      1. They ARE working on Academy part 2. It will be 5 parts.

        Part 2 should be out in July something. Chill. It dont take 1 day to make it.

      2. The Academy is by a different person, who’s been working on Part 2 since Part 1 came out.

        1. Yes indeed. That’d be me working on The Academy Part Two.
          I reckon it will be about another month before it’s completed and ready for release.
          Updates coming soon…

          I was going to include a scene where the barber half shaves your head and then instead cuts your toenails…
          I won’t bother now though.

    1. Well, to be fair to dsp3000, he said that he’s working on part 2 after the release of part 1. I think he deserves our trust, and I’m confident that he’ll do a great job.

  27. Dsp3000 continue the amaizing work do you think the game will be realeased by 12th of Agust bc i am going on vacation with my girlfriend to Hawai.

    Suggestion: I think you should bring Moly back in this one

  28. I’m convinced of it. part 1 has been great and I was excited. I was just impatient, and I want the next episode as soon as possible. otherwise I admire the work of all the guys you’re working on it, and very much thank them for their

  29. Chaotic, could u make another game like Pool Party? But with more great graphics like Betsy, then there’s more girls such as the new ones (not like the pool party). Loved that game!

  30. Agreat Game problem with it is violet… in that she stole the show, her creation was the best part of this game i ended up really wanting an ending where your character runs off with her <3

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