June 21st Update

While most players had no trouble with the beta of Betsy I uploaded yesterday, about 10%couldn’t get it to work properly. The issues seem to be a combination of the new functions I started using for this game and the browsers people were using to play.

Since I’m a fan of the ‘simplest solution is normally the best one’ ideal, I’ve just decided to replace all of the new functions with the ones I regularly use for my games. If you were able to play games such as Miranda, Jennifer or Maddison, this version should work fine for you now.

I’ve updated the Betsy game page with new links, and I’ve replaced the online version. If you are playing online, the new version will have ‘betsy2’ in the the URL. If are downloading it, the zip should be named ‘betsy_0.91’.


Normal rules for my games apply. The online version should work with every browser, but you can’t use Chrome for the offline version.

Note : If you’ve visited the Betsy page recently, remember to press refresh on your browser, otherwise the old version may still appear.

Hopefully, this version should work for everyone. I’ve also corrected all the bugs that people have reported to me.


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69 thoughts to “June 21st Update”

  1. ciao complimenti per il tuo lavoro a me il gioco funziona bene su firefox o diminuito le impostazioni dei caratteri alle mie esigenze poi ho ingrandido il schermo spero che queste informazioni vi sia utile.

  2. Wow! I must say, this is your BEST game yet! Even better than Madison! I just finished and got the best ending (I had Betsy’s confidence up to 40 but she still didn’t get the lead role, not sure if that’s a bug so I just “cheated” for the perfect ending lol), but this was great!

    Are you considering doing an April game?? She is hands down the best. From her bitchy attitude to her soft side, I felt inclined to want to pursue her the whole time and wished there was more to her. (Is the club scene with her the only sex options with her?)

    Please do an April game! I got the feeling she liked guys too so if you do, make her bi and not flat out lesbian! I’d be willing to pay for that! Hopefully people agree with me!

  3. Best game by far.Congrats to Chaotic.
    Do u know when dsp3000 is gonna release Academy part 2 ? I realy wanna play that game and i am long time member i would like to be patreon member in future?

    Ps:Do u think their will be a part 2 (i loved part1 so much that i am not even taking care of dogs…lol)

    1. A part 2 is a likely possibility. An obvious long term desire for the players is a threesome involving Betsy and Rachel together.

      1. How can you get the ending with them all? I can’t get April and the others to be friends with each other

      2. I have a question. Is April related to Crystal in any way, because I see similarities. The black hair, her eyes, the way her hair parts, and maybe it’s just me but their faces seem similar too.

  4. This is my first “comment” on one of your games and i probaply play them since a long ass time…

    April and Violett have interesting charakters i think but that 180° turn on Betsy in that short among of time…I’am “conflicted” about that.

    0.9 was a bit buggy in the offline version, haven’t played 0.91 yet.

    But to be honest, the reason why i’m posting is…

    Am I the only one who “feels” many similaritys to RfJ? Well, a shorter version of it in another setting… But the main motive in both games is to build the confidence in a charakter and even the “best endings” in both games are very very similar.

    1. Not sure I agree about the comparisons.

      Betsy and Jessika are two very different characters going through very different things. I never really got the impression that Jess lost her confidence at the start of the game, just that she was caught in a vicious cycle of self blame and needed someone to snap her out of it.

      As for the endings, the only similarity is the fact that there’s a foursome. I think that’s pretty much it. The characters, setting and the way the scene goes are all completely different.

      If there is a comparison, I certainly wouldn’t object if it’s RfJ, but I think you might be overthinking it. 🙂

      1. Hey, there is nothing wrong with some “creative idea borrowing”, aslong one admits it. 😉
        And it is not like Blizzard Entertainement, who stole most of the ideas for Warcraft and Starcraft from Games Workshop and saying it is not true. 🙂

        1. Lol. I’m still not seeing the comparisons.

          I’m happy to admit them when they’re there (Jennifer is basically just an arianeb clone with movies and sound), but I think you really need to twist things around to make them match up here. 🙂

  5. Yesterday for me game was just a black screen… today the game works in the beginning then goes back to black screen after the locker conversation with Betsy in the beginning. Please fix if possible.

    1. I totally concur with Tom Hardy. The gender and name started to work perfectly, which is improvement, and then when it got to the first check.html-lockercheck1.html. I noticed that all check.htmls and mostly likely Jscripts still need to be fixed! I’m using Internet Explorer offline. Clearly it seems more stable online than offline on Internet Explorer. Clearly I have no idea to why it has an unstable problem offline.

      1. Excuse me, I assumed all of them did not work, but the lockercheck1.html does not work. I will go down the list of check.htmls for you Chaotic to help solve the conflicts/issues. Some of the check.htmls worked for me xD.

      2. lockercheck1.html
        dancecheck16.html (Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage) THE ?

        (These are the ones that did not work for me on Internet Explorer Offline)

  6. For some reason Betsy isn’t responding as positively during the school photoshoot as she did before the update/change. Not sure if it’s the lack of a boost of confidence from there no longer being an easy mode, but I’ve tried the side options (the left and right dialogue options) and she responds the same, cutting the evening short. I had her confidence around 35 at the time. Any suggestions?

    1. I’m still treating this as a beta for now. I’ll probably add the easy option back in for the next version.

      As a tip though – not all of the date options give the same amount of confidence increase. Choosing to meet up with violet on both nights will probably make it easiest.

  7. Definately using 0.91 and its not working in Chrome however it works fine in Firefox

    1. It’s OK, that’s normal then. The offline versions of none of the offline versions of my games work with Chrome (see blog post above).

  8. Definitely some issues…She got one line in the play (confidence of 8), but ended up skinny dipping and saying that she got the role of her dreams…

  9. I need some guidance, I keep getting the same results no matter what. Sex with betsy is easy but I can’t get april or violet involved.
    I speak to april and offer to tutor her and then never see her again and violet I spend as much time with as possible and can never get anything from her either. no matter how high I have her number she won’t say who she likes in the cafeteria
    what am I missing?

    1. Huh. That is strange.

      As long as you’ve agreed to tutor April, getting the hint out of Violet should be very easy.

      Can you confirm that you are using version 0.91?
      Is it the offline or online version?
      Which browser are you using?

      1. I have been having the same problem. I use chrome and just hit the play online button. everytime she says she’ll give a hint, the only option to click is “listen” but then she says nevermind

        1. I checked and the online version works fine with Chrome for me. April shows up and you get the hint.

          Are numbers like ‘Betsy happiness’ changing while you play?

          1. I’m getting the same issue as outlined above, re: April and Violet sex scenes.

            For example, for the lunch scene, April doesn’t show up and it’s just a listen (action/option) page instead, despite me agreeing to the tutoring and then they catfight at the dance and that’s it.

            P.S. Love the game and your work on all your projects that bring us much joy, we do appreciate it, some of us just need a little help/advice/guidance now and again!

  10. im pretty new and seemingly terrible at these game but i love them, does anyone know where i can find a walk through?

    1. Because I felt it would be way too weird for her (at least this soon after gaining her confidence).

      You can however have sex with Cass in Photographer part 2 in you’re interested.

  11. Okay, I can’t get anywhere without the easy version. Her confidence never gets high enough to even show her breasts in the locker room with Violet, where as she could when I was playing the easy version. I’m doing the same exact things as I was doing then, and I can’t see how she could possibly ever get the confidence to be in the play.

  12. There seems to no longer offer if you want easy mode or not which is something i need lol.

  13. I can’t find any of the “good ending” i just end up at the beach with besty and violet no sex scene.Can some one aid me

  14. I dont get enywhere. I have Betsy happiness: 59 Confident: 43 Violet: 46 and April:25.

    Betsy never get the leading role. I have played it over 15 times now. Starting to get kinda boring…

    1. Exaclty! I don’t even know how to get her confidence that high anyways, can’t get it past 11! I get the same ending everytime, doesn’t make any sense.

  15. I also got this at the dance:

    The requested URL /betsy2/files/gamelrge/dance12b.html was not found on this server.

  16. hello, i cannot seem to get betsy private sex scene nor could i get the 3 some even when tutoring and passing the girl what could i do *on the online chrome version*


    1. If you can wait until tomorrow, I’ll be releasing the 1.0 version with difficulty settings. That should make it easier for you.

  17. I ran into the same as another person here. I downloaded .91 and after class she ask what you want to do tonight (I know one of the options is something about naughty fun) no matter which of the three options I pick a black screen comes up

  18. Hey Chaotic not to press on the same thing but just wondering if you saw my comment above. Second comment from the top.

    Is there any chance we can get an April game like months from now?

    Maybe April and Violet are moved in as college roommates and they’re dating then your character meets April working at a shop or something being bitchy but you end up dating her or something and finding more about why she’s got such and attitude and helping her or whatever!

    She’s your best character yet!

  19. How do I get the threesome ending? Can I have it explained please. Also I never get the hint from violet

  20. Think I found a bug: Got Betsy to go topless during the play, yet she was clothed at the beach and talked as if she didn’t land the part. I was playing Betsy2 online.

  21. Seriously, you need to make a walkthrough. I’ve literally got the same ending every time, and every time I choose different paths. I always get 11 confidence and no sex scenes. Haven’t seen a single sex scene. I don’t understand how people are getting 40 confidence. Seriously, someone help a brother out.

  22. Game is giving black screen after locker talk with Betsy. Last thing I see is her at the lockers… last thing I say is you bet or anything else which leads into black screen

  23. I thank you for realizing that it didn’t work offline apparently with Internet Explorer. Clearly I have no Idea to why it even said Maddison when running those check.htmls and J-Scripts? http://tinypic.com/r/2d9vg1w/9 my example here. All I know is that something was conflicting. I will try to download the new version and see how it performs. However, I know lots of your games worked well offline in the past. So it won’t be a problem running using your old functions of script and I’m assuming it will accomplish some better gameplay. Thank You! I will testing the results soon.

  24. April is sexy as f*ck! Any chance to see her in her own game Chaotic?

  25. i feel like i must be missing some options in the game, i cant get her confidence above 11 and there seem to be very few times where i have more than 1 on screen option. the only time i have seen more than 1 is in the classroom at the beginning. also, seems to be very few times where i have an on screen option when i also have things to say at the bottom. i have been playing on firefox. when i play on chrome, i cant see the words on the on screen choices.

    1. i am desperate for help. i love the game but getting very frustrated with it. oh, i mentioned 1 time where i have 2 on screen choices. there are 2, the second one is the womens or mens locker room and beginning of the pool.

  26. I think this i probably the best game on the site, I’d like to make a request. Can you add link or buttons to jump back to previous days (day 1, day 2…) it would make it easier to change decisions and not having to play from the start. Thanks

  27. First thing I´d like to say is that Betsy is a great game!
    Unluckily I didn´t get any of the sex scenes yet. Whatever.

    The “bug” I found seems a little strange. And I don´t know if you wanted that.

    So if I decide to look after April and she tells me that she might have to repeat the year all conversation options besides to tutor her lead to an infinity loop of the player waking up in the morning and dumping April. I did that a few times but every time I am mean to her I end up waking up again. Also as long as I am mean to April I can build up Betsys and Violets happiness wherever I desire.

    I really love the characters in the game! Especially Aprils. I was just mean to her ´cause I never got any Sex scenes but I think I am just playing it wrong.

  28. Hi Chaotic
    I’ve downloaded the newer version and still get the same errors using IE as before. When the game does a ‘check’, the screen goes blank and I can’t progress

  29. I dont know where i am going wrong , i have had the school sex scene , when i try and play it again doing the same choices i no longer can get it …..

    and i can not get violet and april to talk at the dance what so ever and not even anything in the dinner hall ……….

    when we are doing photo’s in the school this is my score

    Betsy happiness: 69 Betsy confidence: 37 Violet: 44 April: 12 …

    is that good enough or not she never seems to want to get naked anymore

    and btw a Great Game

  30. I like the game but not that happy.

    1. like the graphics
    2. like how this is not a mindless sex game. she hesitates for things like that at the beginning. I love games like that and hate when the girl is so easy for sex as I want to feel a bit challenged
    3. like how the images are a bit big unlike the old games

    1. The game is a bit hard. there should be a very easy option as I believe.
    2. it’s hard to figure out which option to choose to get the best ending. the choices should be somewhat obvious or at least the game should give some hints about them
    3. no saving so it’s difficult to start if screwed somewhere in middle of the game.
    4. the story isn’t that good. it’s all about how shy she is and you have to encourage her to get rid it for participating to some drama. it’s so generic and a boring story. the story should be more interesting, it should have side stories where you can help different people.
    5. the game is short. it may have 1600 images, yet feels so short. meaning you focus on many paths by making each path short. you could make the each path long by reducing the number of routes.

  31. Hi!
    /betsy2/files/gamelrge/stage2b.html with “Betsy happiness: 128 Betsy confidence: 39 Violet: 80 and April 55” leads to /betsy2/files/gamelrge/stage1.html and then it goes to /betsy2/files/gamelrge/stage23.html.
    The end is without April and just the same as with “Betsy confidence: 9”. Don´t know if I am wrong with something I did while playing or if the end is not the right one. But if i am wrong I´d have no clue on how to get a sexy ending.

    Tested on Chrome and FireFox
    Online and Offline Version

  32. Still can’t seem to get Betsy to go naked in school despite a confidence of 37 or 38 and I tried all 3 dialogue options. Is there a glitch or just a special set of choices that I have to make? I tried picking the Violet date options both days so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Without getting her naked the game kind of dead ends since you can’t get any of the sex scenes.

    1. I think I may have gotten it to work, which may be due to a slight dialogue choice change prior to trying to convince her to go nude. I’ll have to try it a few times to be sure.

  33. i cheated my way into 56 confidence and still betsy ownt go naked in school. HOW is this game beatable ?

  34. I still found a little bug:
    There seems to be a file named dance12b.html missing at which dancecheck16.html tries to point. This is where Vilolet and April are confronted with their homosexual preferences at the dance.

    Not to forget: Thanks for this GREAT freebie!

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