June 10th Update

So, what have I been doling this week?

Sex, sex and more sex! There are now hundreds of images covering the two main sex scenes, and I’m still going.


The second time the player and Betsy have sex isn’t as public as the first, but is much wilder now that the two of you are confident being naked in front of each other.


If Betsy gets the lead role in the play, the Player, Violet and Cass come to watch. If April is friends with the group, she will also join them. If everything goes well, Cass gives Betsy the keys to the nightclub so all four of you can have a fun private party.




One thing leads to another. And then another. And then another. And then…you get the idea. Nudity ensues.

The foursome at the nightclub is the final part of the game, though you will have to unlock several things through the game’s main story to experience it.

I’m still not confident I’ll finish everything before next Friday. If it does end up being the release date, I’ll probably make a blog post about it on Wednesday. If not, Monday, June 20th, seems most likely.


6 thoughts to “June 10th Update”

  1. Uh…. this looks amazing. Like you basically said on The Sexy Lagoon, this shows how far you’ve come over the years.

    And, again, feel free to delay until after I’m back from my conference on the 22nd. 😉

  2. love the games but i can only play the free games

    becaus have no creditcard why is the only pay option for membership with creditcard

    is it possible to add more payment options like ideal ?

      1. i know avangard but i mean i wanna become a member so i can play those member only games also

        just wish they put some other payment option beside only creditcard becaus those member games look pretty gud as well

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