June 3rd Update

Production on Betsy is getting very near the end now. The only remaining images to render are for the epilogues.

As with Miranda, there will be an ending, but there will also be multiple epilogues that follow, in this case three. Two out of the three involve sex scenes, so I still have a respectable amount of images to make, but they’re all in the same location which should make the process a bit quicker.

A release day of Friday, June 17th looks likely, but I’m not committing to it yet, so don’t be surprised if I release it the week after.

Today however, you still get a small preview!

Betsy will have one more technical upgrade I haven’t mentioned yet. Instead of using animated GIFs, I’m going to be using image sequences instead. This should mean that the animations play better, and at a much higher quality too.

Before releasing the game, I want to make sure the javascript function I’m using works for everyone, so go ahead and download the test by clicking here.

You should see a very short preview of the game where Violet is trying to talk Betsy into playing with her breasts in public. Please let me know whether it works for you or not. It should be compatible with all browsers.

Next, more preview images.



Everything set in high school needs to have a big dance at the end of the week, and this game is no exception.


A moment from the infamous play that Betsy is trying to build up her confidence high enough to perform a topless scene in.


If you fail to build her confidence high enough, she will be forced to take a much smaller part in the play.


A high enough confidence can also turn an after school photoshoot very naughty.

The final thing to mention today is that it looks like the amount of images will be larger than I was predicting a few weeks ago. There are currently 792 images altogether. That makes it likely that the game will have around 1000 when I am done.

21 thoughts to “June 3rd Update”

    1. It just uploaded the image files to my phone gallery. Is that supposed to happen?

  1. Hi Chaos will there be a beta or something on the lines
    I love ur content!!!!!Keep up the good work.

    Also will dsp3000 will be releasing academy part2???

    1. Yes I will. Currently working on it. Over 700 images and pages completed but still quite a way to go.

  2. Works on Windows 10 Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

    BTW the animation is great! Looking forward to the game!

  3. great teaser, worked great for me (firefox on linux) looking forward to the game

  4. I, for one (and I’m sure I’m alone on this), would have *no* problem with the release date being the 24th… mostly because I am hitting the sack early on the 17th before leaving for a conference on the morning of the 18th. I wouldn’t get to play until the 22nd, anyway, when I’m back.

    So, take your time, chaotic. 😛

  5. This game is looking better by the week, thank you for the images with each posting as it makes the wait more bearable. I too have no problem with waiting beyond the 17th if that’s what it takes. Also, thanks for the test, it’s almost like a teaser trailer for the game.

  6. Does not work for me. Firefox on Win 10. Acts as if images are missing.

    1. I had the same problem, but it seems to have been a problem of simply not extracting the files from the archive.

      If you fully download the file and extract the contents, it should work.

      It worked for me with Firefox on Win7.

  7. Ran the animation on Firefox, Windows 10. From where I’m sitting, the animation looked a lot more choppy than your more recent works. Definitely a step back.

  8. Ooh, Crystal part 3 is next maybe? Was that a purposeful teaser thrown into the files?

  9. Windows 7 + Firefox

    The animation works fine, but the frame rate is a bit low for me. It’s probably because I play a lot of video games and prefer to have as smooth a frame rate as possible, so just ignore my snobbishness. It’s still fine for a game such as this where reaction time and a high FPS is needed for it to work.

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