April 22nd Update

Hello Everyone

Today, I am very happy to announce that the next game for the site will be Betsy. You may remember a couple of months ago, I had started work on Crystal Part 3, but my conviction towards it was waning. I think it might have been the format. The game followed the Jennifer template of picking many different activities and having more unlock unlock by making the right choices, but was just a bit too similar too that game. The plan is to have a large rethink about it, then maybe end up releasing it around Christmas.

This is mainly a blog post about Betsy though, so let’s move onto her.


Rachel’s slightly younger sister, Betsy is the shyer, nerdier member of the family. She loves studying, learning, and aspires to be an actress one day. In game, you will play as Betsy’s boyfriend/girlfriend (you will have the choice of both gender and ethnicity). Both of you are in your final year at school (though I am careful to note that you are both 18).

For the format of this game, I wanted to try something a little different. For these types of game (and perhaps games in general), there always seem to be a bit of debate between player freedom and story. A more linear game means you can spend more time constructing plot and you can build the characters, but the fact that you are usually forced down a specific path can make you feel a lot less ‘involved’ in the game. Greater freedom in game however, can make it feel much more like you are there and truly controlling what’s happening, but normally at the expense of character development.

Keeping all that in mind, I wanted to try a sort of hybrid game. The whole thing is divided into several sequences, which alternate between free and linear. Instead of one big date night, the player have Betsy and smaller dates in the evening, with more linear days at school in between. It’s my hope that having the more linear sequences in between will greatly help build the characters, but the choices presented in the evening will add lots of freedom and replayability.

One more thing I want to mention, because I know some of you will be thinking about it straight away, there will be no threesome with Betsy and Rachel in this. Both Betsy and the player are supposed to be fairly inexperienced when it come to sex (when you have sex in this game it’s supposed to be the first time either of you have ever done it), so it seemed like too much of an unrealistic leap to go from first time sex to threesome with your sister. It’s likely to be in a future game.

For this game, I also spent some of my time refining my image rendering skills. I might as well be honest about why – I had been looking at some of Mortze’s and felt a little intimated by how much better they looked than some of mind, so I decided to up my game. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a leap in image quality for this one. 🙂





Finally, the big announcement about Betsy, this game…will be free!

It’s been too long since I made a new game free straight away, so I’ve decided it will be this one. Part of that is also going to be a little economic/social experiment. Obviously, in principal, I like it when my games are free. I’m an artist, and the more people who play my games and enjoy them, the happier I get. However, I do need a standard income from the members section. So, this time around, I’m going to try releasing the game for free, with an emphasis on signing up to the members section by choice, more like a donation where you get 15 games in exchange for it. If it works, this may be the first of many new games I make for free.

In addition to that, I also just want to quickly address the adverts on the site. You may have noticed they’ve gone. They’ve been annoying me for a while and the revenue from them wasn’t that high, so I just decided to remove them. I think the site looks much nicer now. 🙂

That’s all for this week. Next Friday I’ll be posting about all the other characters you’ll be seeing in this game.

16 thoughts to “April 22nd Update”

  1. Well, I like this idea of the inexperienced couple, and how you will be able to discover each other, that will be a nice change of pace.

    Will this be the only post where no “when are you releasing a free game” comments are found? Wait and see…

  2. Awesome! Just awesome!

    I like your idea of the linear/non linear path. One thing that makes the Mortze games so addicting and have replayabilty is that there are multiple paths leading to different endings and even a secret ending. Factor those in and no one will stop playing it.

    Who cares when it comes out, its free! Take your time and make a game thats awesome

  3. On one hand im excited that you are going to trying out a new type of game that makes you happy as an artist, on the other hand i always thought you excelled at those Jennifer and Maddison type games, less story but more sex and character driven, and hope you will return to making them every now and then.

    And living up to Mortzes’ image-quality is a really big challange, i think he is one of the best, if not the best erotica artist at the moment.
    He is incredible good at making character-movement look more natural and at using light-sources to step up the quality, but im confident that you can, with enough practice, live up to that challenge!

  4. great post.
    i really like the sound of the betsy game, it’s good that you’re experimenting with this.
    i think a decent idea if you’re planning on releasing new games as free would be a make a custom donation option. people may be happy to pay a dollar or so to play/download the game, bug not want to pay for the members area if they’ve already played the games there. i know it’s not much but it’s better than no income for this game.

    the images look great so far. really hoping cassandra makes an appearance.

  5. I still think you should create a patreon. I believe a lot more people will be willing to pay.

  6. Interesting. I had not favored a Betsy game when you floated this back a while ago, but the initial view of what you want to do is quite good.

  7. Will be interesting to see the change in game format. Not so much intrigued with the character though, sounds like another conservative girl in the same vein as Crystal and Kelly. Those have been my least favorite games. My personal preference though, others may feel differently. Enjoyed the Rachel, Maddison, Leilani, and even Erica games. Girls who are more sexually adventurous. And really like what dsp has been doing with the multiple girl interactions.

    1. Oddly, Kelly is probably my favorite chaotic character, but as you point out, Betsy potentially is along Kelly’s line. But… then again, there are quite a lot of more adventurous girls. So, maybe this adds some balance.

      If I recall correctly, though, from chaotic’s poll a while back, he described Betsy as like Kelly as a person, but *not* like her sexually. I believe he said that in his view Kelly is actually quite naughty, but Betsy really isn’t.

  8. The heck with a threesome. Lets have a foursome with Betsy, Rachel, Cassandra and you!

  9. Well, as the guy who did Inspiring Celina, I obviously quite like idea of a shy nerdy girl, and also the idea of a first time boyfriend/ girlfriend. Interested in playing your take

    1. I also notice you specifically mention that there isn’t a threesome with her sister, but you don’t see none in general. It may be weird to have it be the first time in general though, but you could do it like in tlaero and mortze’s recent games or in your recent beach game where the group sex scene is a post game achievement scene so, IDK, yeah. We’ll see.

  10. I understand where you’re coming from about the no threesome thing, but if you were looking for a way to write it in you could take the ‘older, experienced member showing their little sister how its done’ approach… Just food for thought.

  11. I agree with all the people talking about patreon. You can make a nice amount of money with pledges. For example: $10 for access to member’s games, $20 for early access to games. $150 for choosing the characters for next game, etc… Something like that would attract a lot of new members. Consider it. It would be awesome

  12. Can’t wait. Think the whole donation thing is a good idea. Also when will this be released?

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