April 13th Update

Just a quick post today to bring attention to the fact that an updated version of ‘The academy : part 1’ is now available in the members section.

If you downloaded the original version and just want a patch, you can download that here.

Next week I’ll be starting posts on my next game, beginning with a rather large one.


27 thoughts to “April 13th Update”

  1. Thanks for that Chaotic.

    Just to clarify, the latest version is a full update to the whole game which updates the aesthetics of the interface slightly and also corrects any and all of the few known errors in the original release.

    Hopefully from a coding perspective, the game is now completely flawless and I can now concentrate on making part two.


  2. This game is amazing. Can’t wait to play the full thing back to back with all the parts. Question though, is it only going to be 2 parts? or more?

    1. Part one takes place on Monday, part two will be Tuesday and so on until Friday.
      So five parts in total.

      I’ll have to see what happens after that.

      I’ve been working on a really nice scene with Principal Valentine today. I haven’t decided which part to include it in yet though.

  3. Hooray! I was planning on downloading the full game tonight again since I didn’t know if you’d done a patch (and I’ve been consistently irked each night during exploratory playthroughs by the bug with seeing Maria twice… haha).


  4. Thanks for another great game. I’m not a really skilled gamer, but I have fun playing. A couple more hints would probably help a little….just something to think about.

    1. Noted.

      I’m glad you found the optional hints helpful.
      It was something I decided to include for the first time in this game due to it being relatively complicated at times.

  5. Hi dsp3000

    When I finished the game.
    I thought of the end as we are in an academy in the next parts
    You are going to create other specific characters ( nurse teacher….. )
    Before the shooting….

    dsp3000 for you which code (A) is the best for the part 2.

  6. There’s a dialogue reaction that I’m still unclear on. When Didi comes into your office to check your progress and give you info for your report she asks how it’s coming. Even if you respond to tell the principal that it’s going great she’ll still respond as if you said you’re being distracted after her initial response. Is this a glitch or dependent upon where you click on the screen?

    1. Are you referring to the line of dialogue from Didi that reads
      “Okay, I’ll leave you to it. I’ll shut the door on my way out to stop all those distractions…” ?

      If so then it’s not a bug, it’s an intentional progression of the conversation.
      Even if you don’t directly mention being distracted, she still subtly acknowledges that the girls in the academy can be a distraction.

      1. I’ve had the same problem, and I think I wrote about it on the previous blog week. Didi asks you how things are going. One dialog option is to mention you keep getting distracted. I’ve always responded that things are going well. She responds to that just fine. But after the next click on the screen, she reacts as if I’ve selected the distracted dialog option.

    1. Yes, that’s no problem but give me about a year please.
      Based on part one, each part will take me between 8 and 10 weeks to create.
      So I’m aiming for part two to be released in June, part three around August, four around October and part five around December time.

      Hoping to keep on schedule.

      1. why don’t you hire some people and speed up the development process? so you can attract more people and then more money will flow to you. you can’t improve a business without taking a step ahead.

    2. So fgh, are you actually gonna pay for it or just beg for a free version as usual?

  7. What game will you make free now that you’ve released this one? The membership fee is too expensive to pay

  8. Enjoyed this game and looking forward to the next part. Disappointed that the sex scene was with Maria though. No offense but she is ugly. I hope to find she has been expelled by part 2…

  9. Interesting game waiting for 2 part, do a bit annoying that it only seems like 1 way is to finish it without getting fired

    If no one pay then they will stop making games.

  10. couldn’t u make a game that allows u to date girls as a few different characters from previous games

  11. I’ve played several time and I always ended with the same code! Will there be impossible achievements if i don’t get the other ones?

    1. I haven’t been able to spend nearly as much time as I would like working on the next part so I’m a bit behind on my production schedule.

      That said, I’ve completed just under 250 images and I’m working on scene 5 out of a planned 19.
      Based on those numbers it’s about a quarter of the way there.

      Oh, and Holly is in part two.

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