April 8th Update

The final post from dsp3000 on his game, The Academy Part 1…

I’m very happy to announce that my new game is finished and should now be in the members section.

‘The Academy: Part One’ is the first installment of what I intend to be a five part series.

This first episode is mostly about establishing the location, the characters and the storyline.

There are several tasks to complete on day one, but your main objective is not to get fired. This could be difficult considering the many ways you can be lead astray by a whole load of sexy girls.

Having played it through a few times, I can confirm that this game is much longer in duration than anything I’ve made before. Set aside at least an hour to play it.

Overall there are 997 images in the game plus another 18 end cards, and 25 profile shots.

This game should prove quite challenging. 12 of the game endings mean you get fired, but at least you can do it in style.

You can have a bit of fun during your first day in your new job and make it through to the end too though.

Have fun discovering all the endings!

EDIT – Here is the patch for those not wanting to download the whole things again : PATCH

Just drop all of it’s contents into the “game” folder, and replace the items if prompted.

promo_amy promo_annie promo_banner promo_bridgette promo_didi promo_laura promo_lola promo_megan promo_principal

118 thoughts to “April 8th Update”

  1. Well, i have saved some codes, but i have gotten different ones :/ How many are there and what is the difference?

    1. There are six codes in total. They are used to carry over your achievements into the next part.

      1. Good Lord.

        I have 1 code so far… I think I know a way to get a second code, but I failed close to the end experimenting with the Maria scene. But six codes? Yikes. This is going to take a while to figure out…

  2. For some reason, I am having so much trouble figuring out the second code for the computer.

  3. I am having difficulty with Bridgette, can’t figure out how to advance her storyline. Any advice would be amazing.

      1. I got to the part where she asks you to help with the photoshoot the next day and then you go talk to her when she is with Didi, but every reply I give goes nowhere.

          1. In the achievements part it says you can ask if she is single and for a blowjob. I cannot seem to get any of those options. Don’t know if I am just missing it or doing something wrong.

  4. no I mean I found 2 codes for the cameras on computer in your office, is there any more. if not how do you get back out of room

    1. Close the window on the CCTV software. You should be able to get up and leave the office if you have inputted both codes correctly and unlocked the camera feeds.

      1. It didn’t work for me please make a walkthrough who vote for a walkthrough say i

  5. it`s a shame i cna`t play it because i have no creditcard or paypall 🙁
    i wished u had ideal so i can subscribe..

  6. doing my head in trying to find the code on the notice board must written down every combination of 6 numbers but nothing works

    1. I’m hoping it will be about 10 weeks from now.

      So that’s about the middle to end of June. I just need to create it…

  7. I found some bugs in the evening in my office – I spent some time with Maria, then she left. I went to the computer, played around on it, and Maria came back as if I hadn’t seen her. When she left the second time, Bridgett came in like I hadn’t seen her the first time. Being obscure to avoid spoilers, but definitely something to work on.

    Other than that, I love it so far.

    1. Okay, thanks for letting me know. It’s an incorrect link out from exit6.html
      Should go to cctvcheck4.html rather than cctvcheck3.html.
      It goes back to an earlier point in the story when it shouldn’t, hence the scenario you describe.

      I’ve sent a corrected file to Chaotic so hopefully it should be resolved very soon.

      If that is the only error in 1225 files then I’ve done okay. Not perfect but okay.

      1. This has now been resolved. You may need to download the game again if you aren’t playing the online version.

        1. Any chance you could make a .zip with just the corrected files in them so we don’t have to download the whole thing again? I’m assuming one would just paste the new files over the old ones without causing any issues.

          1. Over to Chaotic for that one.

            I did send just one html file over as a replacement (exit6.html).

            If you are able to edit the page code then just find the link to cctvcheck3.html and change it to cctvcheck4.html.
            Then it will work fine.

            Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  8. Username: 0 password: 0 doesnt worke anymore is this ur fault it was the only way to play the memner games

    1. I don’t understand what you mean by this.

      If you’re having trouble accessing the members area with your username and pass, contact epoch for assistance.

  9. I have unlocked 2 feeds how to unlock the other 2 feeds where it says no code for these. and i cannot exit till i open all the feeds.

    1. You do only need to unlock feeds one and two. The other two feeds will become active in the next installment.
      I’m not sure why you can’t exit the office if you have unlocked the first two feeds.

      You may need to clear your browser cache and start the game again.

  10. I have to say DSP, this is the BEST game on this site (and I mean that with no disrespect to Chaotic). It offers much more than the typical “day and fuck” format that’s been seen on this site time and time again. and I feel like there was actually more of a story here. It’s up there with Tlaero’s games (not quite yet but you’re getting there)!
    I really enjoyed this one and everything looks great! Looking forward to part 2!

    1. Praise indeed. Thank you.
      For what is only my fourth game I’m incredibly happy to hear that you are so impressed.

      I did want to make this game, and the subsequent parts in series, much more focused around a story that will develop and unfold the further you go into it.
      I’ve scripted out five parts including the one you have just played, each part will allow interaction with a selection of the characters.

      Not including the initial concept and character design, this first installment took about 10 weeks to create. Hopefully I’ll be able to maintain momentum and find the time to complete another installment in around the same time period, continuing at the same release schedule thereafter.
      This means I’ve set myself a project which will keep me busy for at least a year.

      Positive feedback like yours is great motivation.
      So once again, thank you. 🙂

    1. Here’s a hint man!
      For monitor 1, the code is in the desk
      For monitor 2, the code is on the clipboard with a red line under it

      I couldn’t figure out the codes for monitors 3 and 4

        1. I have the same issue, found 3 6 digit numbers but none of them works on any of the feeds.

  11. Is there a way to spy on ISABELLA & GENEVIEVE or to watch Lora & Amy without being fired?

    1. No sorry. Both of those scenarios mean that you will get caught by the Principal.
      She’s like a hawk that women. Almost nothing passes her by.
      Worth it though…

      You can get away with sneaking into the changing room and watching Megan undress and then sneak out again without getting fired though.
      But only if you are very careful.

    1. Nikki isn’t one of my characters and to be honest I’m not sure how she would fit into the story.

      I take it you are a fan of Nikki…?

      1. I just lover her overall design and her aesthetics she presents.

        I also love her massive assets 🙂

        I do sound like a fan

  12. Best vdate game yet. As much fun as I had with Madison and Tara, this one was my favorite. So many great girls, so many cool new mechanics to focus on. Also, threat of getting caught with the girls is a huge plus for me. Maria might be my favorite girl yet, and I’m interested in getting into Principal Valentine’s pants as well. looking forward to the next update!

  13. See it a lot here so I just thought I’d point out, If you find camera code two before one like I did you’ll have to look at camera two again before you leave the office. You get the leave office prompt only from closing out of camera two. Hope this helps anyone confused.

  14. dsp3000 you make a wonderful work I have 2 words for you thank you

    I just have a question for the codes of the end
    Which is the best code to begin the part 2 (Do not give me the code but the character Lola Didi Principal Valentine……)

    Deeply the part 2 very impatient to see the next part ^^

    1. You are welcome.

      The codes beginning with A are the two best ones.

      Starting work on part two tomorrow.

      1. Perfect I found the two best ones ^^

        Continue to make us dream in your futur games dsp3000

        Have a nice Sunday

        Your French’s Fan ^^

        Chaotic you make a great work too ^^

  15. Hello i have a question when i start and get to the computer i have 2 codes it doesnt matter which one is use for what camera it just says everytime its incorrect i have 175*** and 788*** but they dont seem to work can you explain me what to do?

    1. Clear you browser cache and if possible use Firefox.

      The codes you have look to be the correct ones for feeds one and two in the order you have given them.

  16. I think there is a bug. I got busted getting blown by Maria under the desk, and got ending 7. Ending 7 advised that I should not have asked Bridgette about the blow job. I never got the opportunity to ask her about it.

    1. I had the same situation. I haven’t seen any option to ask her for that, but I got that ending when I got busted during the BJ scene, too. My suspicion is that Bridgette comes in regardless of what you say to her throughout the day as long as you don’t turn down Maria.

    2. Have you played before and propositioned Bridgette?
      If so you will need to clear your browser cache before you play again. This is particularly important if you use Google Chrome.

      There is a check file that looks for a cookie with is added only if you have asked Bridgette about a blowjob.
      The only way to get Ending 7 is if that cookie is present.
      Restarting the game should reset all the cookies, but Chrome often over rides this.

      I double checked the coding and it is solid with no errors.

      So as I say, try clearing your cache or even better, use Firefox.

      1. Happened again. In Firefox. Cleared cache. In fact, I never even had the opportunity to ask her for a bj.

  17. This game is definitely top notch, but do we really only get to have sex with Maria? That seems like kind of a waste, honestly, considering that we’ve done that in 2 games already. Was kind of hoping for more emphasis on the other girls. Ah well, heres to hoping for it in part 2!

    1. There is a bit more to the game than just the climax. The code you earn at the end will be important in part two when it comes to which girls you can be intimate with.

      Honest question then, bearing in mind I’m writing part two at the moment and still have a bit of flexibility as to how the story develops.

      Who would be your preference…?

      Open question to everyone.

      1. Lola and Annie, basically. More or less them. I’m okay with the other girls, like Amy, but besides Maria those two are highest on my totem pole.

        It’s a pretty difficult game by the way, I know I could be doing better with it but I can’t find all the hot spots. I wouldn’t mind something of a walkthrough. Not that I just wanna cheat, I just wanna know if I’m missing something.

      2. can you change the look of maria? she is the most ugliest girl I have ever seen in a visual novel that I played. no offense. beside she doesn’t even look natural. apart from that ,the game is good. please don’t include a lot of sex scenes like crazy, then it would be a ridiculous game. I think few lesbian scenes are fine, holly should come to the academy and starts dating maria, you start dating with one of students, but 2 more girls should be pickable depend on the decision that we make, we caught that tough guy (I don’t remember his name) is having sex with the principle, you get caught to the girl who is wearing the glasses while you are showering she accidentally came to the male room thinking it’s the female changing room she saw your thing (CFNM), there should be a small drama between holly and maria and you have to solve it, you also have to plan with other student girls to kick out the tough guy from the academy, there should be a scene that he tries to rape one of girls ,then you record the scene and give it to cops so he is sent to prison.

      3. A poll may be your best bet in this matter (like what you did for Holly’s inclusion into Tara pt3). But my personal preference for who to include into the next game is Laura (or Laura and Lola as a threesome would be even better) and one of the administrators (I have no preference here, tho I think the principal should be saved for more towards the end, like ep 4 or 5).

        1. I mean Laura and Amy in the comment, not Laura and Lola. Not that I’d be opposed to L&L, but just L&A seem closer, and there’s already a scene with them in this game.

      4. I think that having one main sex scene with one, or two in the case of a threesome, of the girls per part would be nice without turning the game/part into just straight sex scenes. It would also be nice to have some minor sexual encounters (blowjob/handjob only, striptease combined with one/both, etc.) with at least a couple of the girls/staff depending on lust levels achieved from previous parts. This way you work towards eventually having sex with almost all of the girls/staff, since at least two sounded like they’re lesbians based on the associated ending. One of the minor encounters could be a choice between accepting the principal’s offer of providing release and one of the students. My preference for part 2 would be Lola as the next main sex scene since she expresses interest multiple times in part 1. She could then describe her encounter with you to Laura and Amy who would arrange a threesome, possibly in part 3. This is looking to be an amazing series, can’t wait to see how it plays out.

        1. Have you hacked my computer and have you been reading my scripts…?

          Seriously though, there are some nice ideas there and some of them might be similar to what I already have planned.

          I still have quite a few surprises in store though…

      5. Mr.DSP3000

        Excellent rendering first off.

        To answer your question I’d suggest Lola and Bridgette for episode 2

        An amazing dynamic to include would be a Pandora’s box effect on Bridgette. Have relations with her in episode 2, and then have her relentlessly pursue and offer herself in outrageous acts of foreplay, fellatio, titjobs, etc. Accept her advances and be treated to fulfilled fantasies of a sex crazed aimed at servicing her man, but at the expense of being considered by other women in the game.

        Thanks for your hard work and considering our feedback.

      6. I REALLY got the hot for Didi and the admin lady, surprise they barely got mention. But awesome game overall, dare to say the best on this site even! Can’t wait for 2nd part.

  18. Congratulations dude ! excellent game and design, i hope briggette get totally f*** in next games !

  19. Great start to the series, DSP. Looks great, plays great. I’m excited for the rest of the series.

    As for who my preference would be. Honestly, I’m hoping that Natalia randomly pops up. She’s my number 1 favourite. As for this game, either Annie or Didi. I was really hoping for a scene with Annie when I ran into her. Who’s your favourite, DSP?

    1. oh come and it’s vdategames. we should be able to fuck all of theese girls. This game is amazing and the level of teasing for the next part is intense. But that’s what i hate on this genre. I was really relly disappointed when i figured out there is no chance to have sex with any girls expect Maria.

      But with all the respect, seriously this game is perfectly prepared. Has amazing story-telling, amazing characters and lots of amazing stuff which are also amazing. Thanks for all the effort.

    2. Who is my favourite….?
      Good question and one that I couldn’t possibly answer.

      I think that Natalia definitely deserves more ‘screen time’ to develop as a character, I’m not really sure how she could fit in to this series. She will return at some point though.

      I do really like working on new characters, both in terms of visual appearance and personality traits and characteristics.
      Maria has been a good bridging character between the Tara games and this series. Her relationship to you as the main protagonist is intended to make things a little more viable in terms of starting a new job and fitting in.
      The fact that Maria is slightly infatuated with you and hasn’t been afraid to tell the other girls at the Academy why, is part of the reason you are already popular.

      All the other girls have there own personalities and roles within the story.

      I’m enjoying telling it…

  20. I may have found a glitch. Out of curiosity I tried closing the computer window, since it was an option, instead of watching the women’s dressing room feed of Maria’s after replacing the battery and the page with all white with the below message listed.

    Not Found

    The requested URL /members/academy1/game/media–.html was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    1. Thanks. Yes just found that too.

      There are a couple of other minor glitches that I have resolved. I’m just sending the modified game over to Chaotic so that all the remaining errors can be resolved.

      In total there have been four minor errors in over 3000 files.

      Once again, apologies.

      I work on my own so the the only people who were able to test the game were myself and my mate who was drunk at the time. 🙂

  21. Maria is the best, only complaint would be that that yellow shirt doesnt match her skirt 🙂
    It was a little disappointing to learn that you can only get intimate with Maria in this installment, but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end.
    I think you should include a way to save and restore. As the game grows longer it becomes very tedious to go through the same selections over and over again to change a single decision
    I was really impressed with Annie and I’m looking forward ‘interacting’ with her in a different setting

  22. trying to get laura and amy in the office but it always fails the check. does anyone know the correct combination for that scene yet?

  23. Agree with many comments. A save point would be nice since there are times u have to replay most of the game to make a different decision near the end. Great game. Very good looking models and fun to play. I like the option to look down shirts and more ways to check out girls closer would be great in future episodes. I also ran into getting busted by Bridgette with Maria and she brought up being asked about a bj which I hadn’t done since it was one of my first times playing through so I’m not sure if that’s a bug or not

  24. I think this idea for you next game of mine is not bad, but I wouldn’t say it’s amazing. Maddison and your character are husband and wife (or wife and wife depending on selected gender) and have a baby of their own. To get some ass at the end of the day you have to get Maddison in the mood, get the kid to go to sleep, and make sure Maddison isn’t too tiered for some fun. Please reply on what you think.

  25. I hate to be that guy but I have to say this game was very underwhelming in comparison to your other works, IMO. It was very block-buster movie flop esq. You previewed pretty much all of your best images prior to release. The game looks great and your attention to detail is commendable, but I found content (aside from the script) actually lacking. The game was enjoyable, but was simply a tease. Having the only interactive girl as someone we’ve already encountered twice before seemed almost to be a cop out. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that you put a ton of work into these games (it shows) and I respect that this isn’t your full time job. You clearly have a vision for this series but giving us a little more in this game certainly would not have hurt (by no means did I expect full interaction with all the girls tho, but just one was very disappointing), especially since we are paying a monthly subscription to this site, we should be able to at least expect to receive some content monthly (much of this is directed at chaotic as well), as the replay-ability of these games are only now starting to take a turn for the better. Now let me just say, before people jump on my post and label me a hater; I’ve supported caotic’s games since virtualdategames.com (I believe that was your first url, but I could be mistaken as I was pretty messed up most of the time in first year uni, lol), before Rachel replaced Erica as the go-to reoccurring hottie in multiple games. All the way back to 2009 Ive been subscribed to this site (admittedly off and on until dsp was brought in, at which time I signed up full time) I am now however strongly considering canceling my subscription as paying for the last three+ months and receiving a very short Grace game and now this tease game is not really worth my money. Again I stress that I understand that your work should be paid for, but our subscription should also be a bit better rewarded. The solution could be that you could return to a 3-month subscription or 1-month, or even better; sell the games on an individual basis, as I think you could possibly increase funding. So please see this as constructive criticism, I have the utmost respect for independent designers like yourselves, but when people like Tlaero are putting out games that easily rival the best on this site, for free, it begs to question the over all return on my money and if it is being appropriately valued by the designers. And just to be overly clear, I am not bothered by the price of the subscription, simply what I/we are getting in return most recently. I am hoping you two are able to pump out some more juicier content, because despite my current obvious displeasure, I am a big fan. Cheers.

    1. also i completely understand if you don’t end up posting this on your blog, i am more than happy to have just caotic and dsp read this.

  26. Great 1st part teaser. Loved the mirrored floors upskirt scene. Hope to see more of Bridgette, the principal, and the receptionist in upcoming episodes.

  27. I really like the direction of this game and look forward to future installments, but I would really like to see some elements included to make following a path a little more straightforward. The Maria scene was quite easy to access (and a great scene), but I’ve spent a significant amount of time trying to figure out how to ask Brigette about (and hopefully receive) a blowjob and to get the scene with Laura and Amy.

    While the bar on the right is pretty clearly a lust meter for each girl, it isn’t clear to me what the bar on the left is other than I assume it is universal and certain levels are requirements for all the girls?

    On the Brigette path, I once managed to get 4/4 when we enter my office for the first time but haven’t been able to duplicate it. The fact that her lust bar is hidden up until that point makes it very difficult (tedious) to know what impact decisions in the scenes leading up to it are. I’m not sure if that is a deliberate mechanic, but making 10+ attempts in a row to get back to the 4/4 setup without getting closer (accidentally went into the women’s locker room and botched that run) is just frustrating. At this point I’m tempted to just put the game down and wait until someone puts up a guide (though that defeats some of the enjoyment)

    One system I’ve seen in other games to make the best endings harder to reach involve displaying stat changes on an easier difficulty, but locking out certain scenes or progress past a certain point. That offers replay value but lowers the frustration level.

    Anyway, keep up the good work .

  28. How many endings can you get ? other than maria i can’t get anyone else. If there are other endings please give a slight hint.

  29. Found all the endings and getting them require some thinking and trying all the answers available.

    Found the game enjoyable and with enough content to merit the amount of time in have spent getting all the endings.

    Didi is a fascinating character and hope she she starts to warm up soon, personally I would like a threesome with her and the principle or Bridgette.

  30. Hi dsp3000

    When I finished the game.
    I thought of the end as we are in an academy in the next parts
    You are going to create other specific characters ( nurse teacher….. )
    Before the shooting….

  31. Dsp,

    This game has great promise — my only advice is to continue to craft a realistic and compelling story, which develops the distinct personalities and character traits of the girls. I like the idea that you seem to be developing that certain of the women/girls/groups have incompatible personalities and rivalries, and that you can blow it with some of them by hanging out with/screwing others. This creates nice opportunities for cheating, jealousy and seduction.

    Tara2 was your best entry in the last series for precisely this reason: you had distinctive characters who could overlap or sneak around on each other in ways that inspired jealousy, anger or lust, depending on who was involved an under what circumstances (you used the bathroom shower well, in this respect). Tara3 worked much less well, for me, because the branching paths forced you to focus on only one (or two, in once case) of the girls at a time, and precluded rivalry/jealousy/cheating.

    In the Academy1, you have Maria nicely set up as the main ‘girlfriend’ — who you can be faithful to, or not — and have other girls who can involve themselves in that relationship or seduce you away from it. You might cheat temporarily or dump her and switch entirely to another group. Take the story from there, and continue to weave the characters together in interesting ways, and you should be left with a great series.

    Good luck!

    1. I think dsp said that depending on what code you enter you’ll start out the next episode differently. I.e. the beginning stat levels with various girls will change. I suppose if you had a lower-quality ending code you won’t have as much of a head-start with the girls on day 2, or something like that.

  32. could somebody please help me?
    I can´t figure out on how to get Laura and Amy to dance for you.
    I also don´t know how to watch Isabellaand Genieve in the shower

  33. So there’s something that’s been bugging me. Whenever I try to set my name in a game, any resulting dialogue will list my name as “null”. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I use Chrome to play games I’ve downloaded, as Firefox and IE won’t allow me to scroll down the image to get to the dialogue options. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

    1. Buster-not sure if this is the issue you’re referring to, but you can’t hit enter to submit your name, you need to click the button. That works for me on Chrome

  34. To dsp3000,

    After having this problem myself, and seeing others having this problem here and on the new lagoon forums, I looked into the problem.

    Many users have been reporting getting a bad end, with the end card saying we shouldn’t have propositioned Bridgette for a blowjob, yet we’ve never done so (heck, I haven’t even found where this is possible yet)

    The issue lies within maria92check2. Maria92check1 checks the Bridgette blowjob variable, if negative, then it goes to check2, which checks another variable (which I won’t spoil here). If either are positive, they both lead to the same outcome. Meaning even if you don’t proposition Bridgette, yet if you satisfy the (unrelated) variable in check2, you still get the ending as if you did prop her.

    Looking at the files, in my opinion, it looks like maria92check2 needs to (ultimately) lead to end6, since that has the appropriate text for the problem (I don’t think it leads to them finding Maria under your desk at that point tho.

    1. Correction. End6.html is their reason for entering your office at the time. Obviously finding Maria is the grosser infracture

    2. Thanks
      I have tracked down what the issue was. I’m currently sending an updated version of the whole game to Chaotic.
      The checkfiles you mention work as they should but miss out a check for another cookie.

      My fault for making the game a bit too complex.

      Anyway, the updated version includes an additional checkfile which should divert to the correct end card.

      I’ll ask Chaotic to update the blog when the fully updated version is online.

  35. Actually i finished the game with all the 6 codes that were there.But i was just wondering thatif there was any other sex scene other than the one with maria ?? dsp3000 pls reply asap. Thanks 🙂 And the game is awesome , waiting for the 2nd part.Cheers !

    1. Btw i posted this very late. I finished the game on the next day of its release :p with almost 12 hours of continuous gameplay haha :p . I am just wondering if there will be threesomes or foursome in the next installments of the game ? pls answer that too. Thanks 🙂 And again , the game was pretty awesome 😉 😀 .

      1. Thanks for your positive feedback.

        To answer your question, as it is only your first day at your new job and bearing in mind you already know Maria, I thought it would be more realistic to have her as the climactic sex scene.

        I mean who walks in on their first day and fucks everyone without consequence?

        As your popularity and influence grows throughout the week then yes you can expect to be able to get intimate with other girls as the days and episodes progress.

        Threesomes, foursomes and lots of other erotic and sexual encounters will follow.

        Just don’t get fired!

  36. how do you sneak into the bathrrom and watch megan undres without getting caught?
    I enter and there is no option but continue and she sees me. Entering the men’s bathroom does nothing as there is nothing to do but look around. Help pls

    1. You can sneak in and watch Megan undress and get out again without getting caught. It’s all a matter of when you hide, when you look and when you choose to leave.

      You can also look around the men’s changing room, but you are correct, there is nothing to do in there during this part of the game.

      It will be used in part two though…

  37. I have found both the codes ( one on the notepad and other on the board) but none of them works. Is this a bug?

    1. Both codes, if inputted correctly should work, and presumably have done for all the other people who have played the game.

      You may need to clear your browser cache and start the game again.

  38. I see that you can ask Bridgette for a blowjob. Everytime its a no. Is it possible to get one from her?

    1. In part one you can ask but you can’t get.
      You need to get to know her a bit better before she becomes more open to the suggestion.

      You will get to see more of Bridgette in future installments.

  39. This game has a painfully long start that one has to repeat over and over again. There should be a jump to some point unless you can roam free from bridgettes tour…

  40. This Was A Great Game Overall , I’d Give A 9 out of a 1 – 10 factor though

    Idk if it’s to spoilerish but when do you think part 2 will be out , I’m Really Anticipating it.

    On another note have you thought of walkthroughs , the game is quite tough and … unforgiving.

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