September 13th Update

Jennifer has now been released.

Because this game is a little different, I’m calling what I uploaded today a beta. I’ve thoroughly checked the game, so I know there’s no dead links or similar major problems, but it is possible that a few of the sound files may be incorrect.

I will upload a slightly refined version on Monday, which will also give an option to display images instead of videos if anyone is having problems with that aspect.

A free demo is available in the games section for those of you who want to try it out.


EDIT : Hostgator have sent me an email saying that the members area is getting too many requests (because they changed the way the account works. Without asking me.) I’m looking into a temporary upgrade, but in the long term I’m guessing I’ll move the hosting over to the main site’s package.

For now, just keep refreshing as it should eventually load.

16 thoughts to “September 13th Update”

  1. Several points:

    1. At next games, please let us play with no videos. It is making the gameplay slow as hell
    2. Clearly the actress that put the voice felt kind of forced, with her act.
    3. I think you’re going to have problems with your off-site. The videos are taking a lot of bandwith, until the point that I had problems loading pages, from time to time… and the game is downloading at a very low pace.

    So, I really think that more than videos (that look forced), and that voice acting… you need to try to move to the gameplay itself. Adult stories, as much possibilities as you think these fits, and fun replayability. The videos…. are a little boring, I think.

    Anyway, good work.

    1. It’s unlikely I’ll do another game like this. As far as I’m concerned, this was just a little experimental fun.

      Also, go a little easy on the voice actress. It was very difficult to get anyone to voice this game period. I’m very thankful she said yes.

  2. I still think the first Crystal is your best game, because it was somewhat linear you had much more content. Simple can sometimes be better.

  3. I agree with the above.

    More content is a no brainer and will undoubtedly increase your player base. The videos aren’t that spectacular and there is nothing wrong with just simple pictures accompanying a linear story. I haven’t been able to hear any sound even though I selected sound to be turned on from the start so I can’t comment on them.

    I do believe your best games tend to be the ones with a good story and lots of paths to follow. Hence why Katie is my favourite thus far and would love to see more games like hers.

    1. I concur, I miss Katie very much. I was very disappointed when she was only a cameo in the photographer. And I kind of wish Alex has her own game when she’s not attached to anybody.

      Another wish of mine would be a space series sequel.

  4. It sure reads like a case study of GIFT in here. The voice acting is decent- not exceptional, but also not a bane upon the ears, and generally quite pleasant and on target. I wasn’t expecting a Morgan Freeman of porn VAs. The videos were an interesting experiment with the longer and more complex and detailed movement, though I prefer the GIFs for multiple reasons.

    Content is king, variety is the spice of life, and idioms are overused.

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