February 19th Update


I think it’s time for another small survey for this site. I think it’s been at least two years since I had one.

Answer as many as you’d like to.

How do you rate Molly in her own game?

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For more details on what I mean by a 3D game, see this post here.

How do you rate Marianna in her own game?

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In other games similar to mine, I often see the images switch to third person, especially during the sex scenes. I’ve always avoided it, as I feel switching from first person spoils the immersion, but would people like to see this? It would still have the ability to customize the player character though. The third person camera angles would probably be positioned so you can’t see their face.

How do you rate Leanna's big streak?

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How do you rate a new Maddison game?

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Ban anyone who is clearly just a troll, or do they have a right to post?

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Where should we discuss things?

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25 thoughts to “February 19th Update”

  1. If u could find away to let people mail you payments (cash) I bet you’d triple your subscription rate.

  2. Maddison, Lisette, Leiliani, Cassandra and Sophie
    – I’m pretty sure everybody loves the redheaded sisters. So no need to explain there. For Cassandra and Sophie I have to represent an interest in having the mature ladies in the games. Leilani because, although all the girls are hot, variety doesn’t hurt. I’d also rank Rachel high up, but she’s already in quite a lot of games already and I think including other girls instead would be better.

    3D would be amazing
    – If done well, this could make for a spectacular game. However, it would take a very long time to get to the quality of games you’ve achieved to far in 2D. So while I would like a 3D game, it would probably be better to keep experimenting between 2D games until you think you can match there quality.

    Third person images
    – As long as you keep the angles so that the player face is never seen, or obstructed (like the paintings in Maddison’s game) I have no issues at all. Having more freedom with the angles allows you to make some scenes better looking. For example, when kissing a girl having an extreme close up of their mouth puckered isn’t the best looking, but if you pulled the camera out a bit and kept the players face mostly hidden it’d look way better. There’s a lot more you could do as well.

    Members section
    – I currently am a member. I’ve been one ongoing for about a year now. When I first found the site years ago, I would be a member for one month a few times a year, if that. That was before I had a steady income. Although there isn’t content every month in it, I’m very willing to give a bit of money every month to support more games being produced in the future. Saying that though, I would be very happy to see more content in it apart from the games. More image galleries, and maybe even themed ones like the advent sets on the free site. Or even a more detailed update about what’s currently being worked on. You could even post a selection of new galleries to the free site to possibly encourage more people joining.

    – Absolutely. A fancy dress or role play situation would work, I personally would prefer it be set in an alternate world like Evana and Latricia for the fantasy or the various girls in the sci-fi games. You said before that originally Madison, Ellie and Naria were to be in a fantasy game but you changed it as you weren’t confident in it. This is more important to me, forcing yourself to do something you don’t think will work won’t be good for anyone. So do what you feel is best.

    Updated versions
    – I voted yes. It would be nice to have improved graphics and a higher resolution for older games, but to me it isn’t massively important. It’d just be nice treat. I said in the members section you could have image galleries for members. Maybe you could do the images for one scene at a time and have them on the member site, then once their all done and the games code is updated you could release it on the free site. Just an idea.

    All of this is just my opinion though. While feedback is a valuable asset to have in any creation, your own thoughts are important too. You should do what you feel is right. After all, doing so got you to where you are. You said you get 150,000 site hits per month, that wouldn’t happen if people weren’t happy with what you’re doing.

  3. good poll. lisette, maddison, natalia,cassandra and tara, although alex and rachel ran the last two close.

    i was disappoint with other erotic 3d efforts so that’s a no for me.

    updated older games would be good but hopefully with surprise bonus scenes.

  4. Anything with incest is a plus in my books, hope to see even more intimate incest scenes, especially between:

    Maddison and Lisette
    Rachel and Besty
    Jennifer and (who knows?)

    Also got to love the sex scenes between multiple characters doing Tribadism, with or without the main character.

    Speaking of which I would like to see a Game from a brother or sister point of view, Jennifer would have to be the older sister or twin to the main character, it could be based in a collage setting with the main character being tutored by Jennifer and multiple other characters, you study hard and play harder, being able to seduce even your sister would be the top goal and a hard one to achieve at that.

  5. Man, none of my choices were even in the top 5.

    I went with:

    1. Kelly (not sure why I am so attracted to her design)
    2. Miranda (absolutely loved her from the moment the game started)
    3. Cassandra (great mature character)
    4. Lelani (along with Kelly, why I started following your games)
    5. Tammy (always found her interesting… wish she was around more).

    The quality of the game is far more important to me than whether the graphics are 2D or 3D.

    I see no need for 3rd person. You do just fine without it.

    I usually pony up for a membership every so often. I’ve started doing it whenever a new game comes out, though I haven’t picked up the new short game yet.

    The Sci-Fi/Fantasy games were nice. I don’t mind either way.

    I’d rather see new content/stories/characters/stories-with-old-characters than see a re-done game, honestly.

  6. Love this site and the content. But please, please, please add walkthroughs for all your games! It would be amazing

  7. i’ve emailed before on how you can improve.
    1. please update maddison’s graphics. Man, she’s hot and sexy as hell, but i don’t know what’s with those spots all over her body. please fix that.
    2. a wider option, ability to fuck every girl, one at a time or altogether or even a threesome at the same story.
    3. more touching, kissing, fucking, grabbing, teasing, tickling.
    4. sqiurting will be a great option.
    5. more horny conversation.
    6. better gameplay and dialogues.
    7. more exotic locations.

  8. 1) Tammy
    2) Daisy
    3) Evana
    4) Alex
    5) Zoe

    Guess I just like the less popular girls better, although some of them may be less popular because they haven’t had the exposure of some of the other girls (I’m very tired of Maddison and Rachel).

  9. Well
    I’ve voted for Maddison, Rachel, Lisette, Crystal and Cassandra. But that’s far not all of them. I love Erica, Miranda, Tammy, Ellie, Erica, Melyssa, Nikki and Jennifer as well. Well, too many, right? 😀 Means, that lots of good models you have.

    I really love Maddison.
    Would be interesting to know the history of meeting Maddison. In the Maddison game there was an info about her childhood, and Lissette is her sister. That’s all we know for now.

    But what if the original photographer is a friend of Maddison from childhood? From school?
    The format is like splitting the story into some parts, like in Tara game.

    The first one is about Maddison at high school, when she’s 17-18, maybe, about her first love. The player can meet with Maddison or someone else, but the main part is Maddison, for sure. We can see her family, find out about Maddison’s dreams, etc.

    The second part would be about Maddison’s college years. Her friend, the photographer, came to see her, but he came the day before the meeting because of work. So he has sometime: he can make a surprise and come to Maddison earlier or do something else. If in the first part the player chose the main path, so in the second one the photographer and Maddison are in the relationship. If not, so they are just friends, but the player would still manage to make something bigger than friendship. And there would be different locations and characters.

    And the third part. Maddison has her small company, and the photographer has started working for her after moving to another city. And it woluld be about another work for big client.
    Different paths here again. 1) Maddison and the photographer’s relationship didn’t work out in the second part and the player has a chance to bring it back.
    or 2) Maddison and photographer are in very good relationship after everything, but there’s a problem: what if there would be a competitor?

    Just the idea. But I love all of your games (and dsp3000 as well), so anything new you make would be awesome, I’m sure!

    1. Yeah, while Maddison is a good character, I feel like she’s *everywhere*, which makes it harder to give other characters screen time.

  10. In my opinion i will become member only when there will be bigger (not the game like Grace) . Grace isnt worth subscription. And there should be variety also in almost every game you have madisson (she is a great model) but i am just bored to see him again and again.
    Thats what i want to say

  11. Comparing your first games to your newer ones, it would be interesting to see how you update them graphically and in what ways they would be different. I think if updated games are coming it would make sense for updated Crystal 1 & 2 to appear before releasing Crystal 3, so that they can referenced or perhaps see gifts like the board game, camera or various clothing options make reappearances either as apart of the date or in the background as Easter eggs.

    I have also thought about an overly ambitious photographer sequel, in which the photographer is tasked to shoot several solo calendars from their previous models.
    The first part would be recruitment, selecting girls by phone, messaging or meeting and talking them though additional shot themes; like fantasy, space, uniforms. Each girl would drop hints at what added themes they want (on top the obvious valentines, Easter, beach halloween, Christmas) and if the player picks them, they would accept.

    Part two would be the photoshoot, which would also be the ambitious part of my idea. The goal of the photoshoot section is match up each girls calendar style with their projected fan base, for example a Rachel calendar would be expected to be more explicit or raunchy than modest and coy. Although the player is prompted to photograph to each girls personality leading to a more successful calendar, they are given the option to freely photograph each girl as they please leading to uncharacteristic scenes and poses. Scenario wise, this is made possible by the trust built upon the previous games so the likes of Sarah or Kelly can provide some exciting shots to match even Rachel. Rather than going through girl to girl, it would go from location to location so that between each set the player can get updates on what type of photos they need from each model in the form of an assistant. The photoshoot itself would involve selecting poses for the models at each location adding various scores to their calendar; for example calendars would be rated on modesty(coy/shy), sensuality, explicit nature and with each different girl needed different scores to ‘win’. Another way to look it would be that the scoring affects the potential ending with each model from good to bad, or perhaps something different and unexpected. (A nice little bonus would be to have the photoshoot scenes in wallpaper formats, just a thought.)

    The final part would be the launch party with all of the girls present, because no one should be left out of the party, with obviously additional scenes and various endings available based on the player’s models and scores. Depending on the number of available girls this could be a huge and ambitious game and I doubt it will ever be made, but i seriously needed to get it off my mind.

  12. i just love maddison’s designe and all , she is trullly my favourite but a real grace game would be so awsome !

  13. The Captain I feel is one of the most under appreciated of your characters. And that’s in large part because she’s in a game that has been in the members section for a while with no cameos in other games. Would love to see more of her.

  14. Here’s a story idea. What about a “Wealthy Heiress” storyline…. where you have to woo an older woman with money into whatever… say investing in your business or whatever. the Heiress could have a young daughter (think Rachel and her mom, but with different characters) and, if you play your cards right, you can seduce them both. Maybe add a maid or even a friend of the daughter or business associate of the mom. Maybe have them go out to dinner where a possible 3some with a maid or hostess is doable given this or that. lots of options, but I think you get the point. Wealthy Heiress with hot daughter…. end could be a 3some with mom and daughter or even 4some with one of the friends….. or 5 some with mom’s friend and daughter’s friend.

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