February 12th Update

Today I’m finally going to do something I’ve planned for a while – A blog post with a big pile of fun trivia for the site. I hope you enjoy it.

Characters and Places

  • The original plan when I started making these games was to have first and surnames of all the characters alphabetical. This was a homage to arianeb, the game which inspired me to start making them. So, the list would go Ariane B, Crystal D, Erica F…and then I did Leilani and the whole thing fell apart. It’s probably for the best though as I would have ran out of letters on the 12th character.
  • Crystal and Kelly were originally going to be sisters. This is why, if you look closely, their facial structures are almost identical. Check out this comparison of them without hair.comparison
  • Do you remember the Mysterious ‘Lady’ who owned the nightclub in my earlier games? Well, under the mask it was Rachel. It wasn’t something I intended to have as a twist reveal though, it was just the model I used. It was easier than creating a new character from scratch.
  • In case you haven’t guessed it, Mr. Hughes is basically supposed to be Hugh Hefner.
  • Jennifer was originally going to be an updated version of Crystal. Hence, they both seem to like dressing in black leather.
  • The most commonly used character in these games is Rachel, appearing in far more rendered images than any other character.
  • Before I learned how to do background images myself, I used screenshots from Hitman : Blood Money and Grand theft Auto 4. If you can, play them and see how many locations you can spot!
  • Ellie was originally going to be an Elf in one of my fantasy games, alongside Naria as a warrior who helped her, and Maddison as the Princess who they were rescuing. I couldn’t come up with enough ideas to make me confident in it though, so I ended up transferring them all to Photographer. I still have all the models and outfits though.
  • fantasy
  • While I’m talking about it, is there an interest in seeing this game finished? Looking through the files is making me feel all nostalgic about it.


  • Vdategames.com gets around 150,000 visitors per month. Sadly, though, less than one per cent sign up for the members section. 🙂
  • About 68% of users use a windows desktop. 11% use an android smartphone or tablet, 9% use an IPhone or IPad, and 8% use a mac. 2.3% use a Linux.
  • 65% of users are from the United states, 18% are from the UK, 14% are from Germany, 10% are from Canada, 9% from France, 5% from Italy, 5% from Russia, and 5% from Poland. We also have a very small amount of people accessing from places like Iran and China (you rebels!)
  • The most played game on this site ever is Photographer Part 1.
  • Vdategames.com has a global rank of 214,694. In other words, it is the 214,694th most popular website in the world.

26 thoughts to “February 12th Update”

  1. -While I’m talking about it, is there an interest in seeing this game finished? Looking through the files is making me feel all nostalgic about it.

    Sure it seems to be a great game.And i like the idear of a the story!
    (Hope we will have fun with all three girls ;Dwhen it would come out.
    Im getting you right the payer is the 4th charakter? )

    I felling a littel bit sad for you only one per cent sight up for a member section.
    (gladly im since 2 years member and i like to support you.
    You are making great games keep going 😀 )


    (sry for bad english)

  2. This is pretty cool. Crystal and Kelly originally being planned to be sisters actually makes sense now that you mentioned the characters facial structures.

    I can’t remember if any of the characters surnames have been revealed in any of the games but little things like that I enjoy, it adds something, I don’t know why.

    The background images in the earlier games being from Hitman: Blood Money and GTA IV I recognised straight away, I remember The Photographer mostly used Algonquin, especially the area around the park, a small area of the beach near the first apartment, the Strip Club called The Triangle Club, the bowling alleys being in a few of your other games and a couple of other places.

    From Hitman you used the place in the mission You Better Watch Out… for the party area of your games, A Dance with the Devil was used for the club I remember, A House of Cards was for the casino loaction and Death on the Mississippi was used for the steamboat (Probably not completly right, haven’t played Blood Money in awhile). I can’t remember and this is probably wrong but wasn’t the fantasy games made with the backgrounds of TES: Oblivion?

    Anyway this was a fun and interesting blog update, I wouldn’t mind seeing you return to the fantasy game and if you don’t you can always make a game where they go to a fancy dress party so we can see more of them dressed up. Either way I would like to see that game continued 🙂

  3. Actually, you can use those in a differant way. Here a a few ideas:
    – You’re dating Crystal (on another girl), and you want to spice things up between you two, so you use a naughty role playing board game, and picturing the characters as the women that you already know.
    – The fantasy world is a dream, and you have to adapt the “living in your era” you, and try to woo girls.
    – Or, the “How I met your mother” approach. Instead of telling you kids the real story, you change it in some fairy tale, with their mother being the main character.

    1. I adore that first idea, and would recommend something along those lines. You already have the models, so the characters are there in the ‘real world’, so why not just make them players in a fantasy game?

  4. Not a fan of the fantasy stuff or girl POV either, but would love to see more Naria in games as an interactive character. And I am one of the 1% BTW

  5. Great site you have hear, but the price to be a member is a little much, which might be why few of your visitors become members. But great project nonetheless

  6. If I remember correctly, your fantasy games used backgrounds from TES4: Oblivion also.

    I would absolutely love another fantasy based vdate game, it’s been far too long. I’ve been waiting for over a year for a game with Rachel’s sister but I’d be willing to wait longer if it meant this was your next project. Plus who can so no to more Maddison and Ellie? They’re easily two of the hottest chicks in your games and I could definitely do with more pics of Ellie as a smoking hot Elf.

  7. OMG PLEASE MAKE THAT GAME!!! I’ve always hoped for more fantasy or sci-fi ones to add another worldly perspective into it and honestly Chaotic, those models are amazing to say the least!

  8. I think the reason the member section is low like many other websites of this genre is the lack of monthly updates. with respect I realize its nearly impossible for small operations to turn out quality games but that’s the main reason people aren’t members every month. most of us just buy subscriptions when new games come out which is sometimes months and months apart. it made little sense to me to pay for a monthly when sometimes there is nothing new.

  9. That sample picture is fantastic! I think it would be great to get another fantasy (or sci-fi) game, even if it were within the regular universe, like some of the others have suggested.

  10. Less than 1% sign up for the members section.

    Wanted to comment on this. Basically, your member section feels like a horrible deal.
    $20 for access to all your games is great. But $20/month for continuing access isn’t. Especially when there isn’t always a new game every month.
    So it makes much more sense to buy access, then wait a year or two to buy again.

    Generally, sites charge an up-front fee per game, or a low monthly subscription. Most pateron donors offer 1-10/month.

    Also, your games are quickly pirated out, so there’s even less reason to pay, if you’re willing to wait the couple/few weeks for it to show up on torrent sites. Now, no matter what you do, your games will get pirated. But the lower the price is, the fewer people will be incentivized to “wait for free”.

    Anyhow, just my 2 cents. $20/month is a bit extreme for what you offer (in terms of monthly addition). And I’m sure some people would contribute more if you had a Patreon or Donate button.

    1. I’ve done a lot of experiments over the years I’ve run this site with payments.

      I’ve tried reducing the membership fee to a low as $6.99 per month, and it basically made no difference. At the end of the day, I think that there is simply those who are willing to pay, and those who won’t unless there really is no other choice. If they were, I think every recurring visitor would have signed up the the members section at least once in the past five years. I can confirm that is definitely not the case.

      As for patreon, I don’t think I wold make nearly as much money if I ran the site on it. While I’m not going to disclose exactly how much I make from the members section, it is certainly more than Tlaero and Mortze make via their patreon support (as a comparison).

      The pirated version of the games I can see being the biggest issue, though I’m not sure what I can do about that. One possibility is to not have a downloadable option (everyone has to play online), but I haven’t tried doing it that way (yet).

      1. Lopgold has no download and they are still getting pirated. So disabling download option would only hurt your paying customers, not pirates.

        1. lopgold works a little differently. Since Leonizer makes flash games, it’s possible just to rip the one page. Since my own games can be thousands on html pages, I don’t think it would be possible in the same way.

          That said, I still don’t know if I would want to make it online only. Only about 40% of users in the members section play online, everyone else downloading.

      2. I enjoy your games and the work you have put into them. I would be very disappointed if the games were not downloadable. I for one doubt I would continue to pay for the membership if this was the case. By the way, I would love to see some more naughtier options added to the sex scenes. More BDSM? Public sex? Gangbangs? etc.

  11. Honestly, I think you should flood your site with adds since you would make more money than with the monthly subscriptions and just make the games for free

    1. This might work if I was able to use google’s adsense, but since this site includes adult content, I can’t.

      Revenue from adult ads in insanely low by comparison. Even if I flooded the site with as many ads as possible, I’d probably only make around 5% of what I do from the members section.

  12. Nice nostalgia there. Thinking of which. Crystal was the only of the original characters who didn’t have this classical environment as a hub. You should totally make here go there. Make her walk naked down the crowded streets and shopping like that (yeah, I’m a fan of public nudity). Go all out with her. It doesn’t even have to be overall realistic. Make her time travel or go to space. Crystal 3 should be like a huge reprise of everything you did so far. It could also be a good opportunity to introduce a rival, which has been requested quite often.

    Speaking of piracy, I don’t really know. I can tell, the monthly fee annoyed me during the years due to the lack of regular updates. Maybe releasing updates for games might be thing worth trying? Most pirating probably happens shortly after a game has been released. Now if you happen to release only a part of it and expand it during the following weeks or months, that might actually work. It’s probably more difficult with games that are more open world like instead of linear, but it could still be worth a try.

  13. Regarding the unfinished fantasy game, I’d love to see it finished. Looks cool. If you do finish it, I’d hope we get to play as either Ellie or Naria(or both), instead of some random dude. Idk, guess I just prefer to play as a female in games like these. Lol

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