November 13th Update

This week, more from dsp3000 on his upcoming game, Tara Part 3…


Keen blog followers may have already picked up on a message I posted a while ago about working on another game as well as Tara Part Three. While the Tara game is nearly complete, the other game is still very much a work in progress. I have however developed about six new characters and this week I wanted to introduce three of them.

The reason for this is that I want you to choose which one of them will appear in Tara Part Three as a Maria’s friend. The girls are Amy, Holly and Lola and whoever is chosen will have a substantial role to play in the final part of the Tara Trilogy.

I wanted to include one of these girls to Tara Part Three as a narrative link through to my next game, which should appear at some point in 2016.

So this week the choice is yours… Will it be Amy, Holly or Lola?

tara3_blog_amy tara3_blog_holly tara3_blog_lola

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15 thoughts to “November 13th Update”

  1. Just my thoughts, but rather than looks alone, it might be more interesting to give a short blurb about the girl’s personalities. Might add some variation and depth, rather than “I really like blondes.”

  2. I like all three of them, the only reason why I chose Holly is because she has a purple colour scheme going on… I like purple.

  3. I picked Holly because I like the pairing of pale skin with dark hair, was a difficult choice though as, like Brigma said, there wasn’t a blonde in the game yet so I almost picked Amy.

  4. It still says 46% Holly 29% Amy and 25% other girl even though I check it frequently so is it just rigged voting

  5. I went with Lola, although it was pretty close between here and Holly.
    Glad to get some info on what DSP will be doing next, the girls certainly look hot.

    Looking forward to Tara 3, hoping it will be released next week.

  6. I like all games! but, I want to ask if you can make a game based on Sophie, please! It would be amazing!!!

  7. I agree amy is great. We already have some dark haired girls in the trilogy. How about a blonde

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