Friday 28th Update

Miranda has now been released. If you’re a member, you can find her in the games section of the members area.

There was one bug involving the trek through the forest, but I fixed it fairly quickly. If you are one of the eager players who downloaded it in the first hour of availability, then you may want to redownload.

As I often post now, here are all the possible end cards, each showing one possible epilogue.

endcard4 endcard5 endcard6 endcard7

47 thoughts to “Friday 28th Update”

  1. Love the game so far, I really have to ask though, could you possibly fill me in on what one of Miranda’s interests is? I don’t want to spoil the interests in the comments but essentially I have 3 and I’m missing one. Cheers, thanks again for the great game!

    1. The three interests are : – Hiking
      – Philosophy
      – 80’s music
      – Nudist

      Each has a few opportunities for you to unlock it throughout the game, except nudist which can only be obtained via Faye at the hotel.

      1. Philosophy and Hiking both have several opportunities to unlock, but near as I can tell the only way to unlock music is by picking the right song on the jukebox. Played through several times and I can’t find it anywhere else.

        1. You can also unlock it with one of the conversations during the volleyball.

          Look for “Do you play any sports?”, then “What do you do competitively?”. It should be obvious from there.

    1. There will be, but free games are always released a few months after a new members game.

  2. Game is kinda fun. But I dont like it being way too linear.
    It doesn’t seem that easy and normal difficulty have differences.
    Good job anyway.

    I hope next game will be one that maddison and lisette will appear and do more lesbian stuff lol.

  3. Great game. Played it through the end, but there is a rather disturbing issue. When you have a lesbian sex with Miranda on end155 segment if you choose “Give it to me. Give it to me now” it will change to straight sex (segment end116 instead of 156).

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I’ve corrected the error and updated both the online and downloadable versions.

  4. I cant seem to get the game…it isn’t in the members section…all I can do is play the demo.

    1. I tried replying to your email, but your spam filter wouldn’t let me.

      You probably just need to refresh the pages in the members section (the old pages still being in your browsers cache).

  5. Having problems getting to the final scenes. I usually one away from influence and 2 lust. Any hints of what I can do, or look for??

  6. I got to the end and am having sex with Miranda and am playing as a woman. it says after I play with her tits, that she wants to see how hard my cock is. Sounds like maybe an error there in the working?

  7. Nice game, it took me a bit to get full meters, but i rewarded with a great scene which led to a three-way. Its the only conclusion I have found so far, other than try again. Great game. It was also cool to see the other girls from other games in cameos. Maybe include them in other options with a follow up?

  8. Can someone post the URL of the threesome scene in Miranda, I’m having trouble getting it to load, please help!

    1. The next members game will be announced in a few months, but the next free game will likely be Jennifer in a couple of months time.

  9. Can you please do more walkthroughs for all of your games? I ve been recently trying to figure the older games like Rachel? Btw have you ever considering making a part 2 for leilani or erica?
    Thanks alot chaotic 🙂

    1. I would, but sadly Leilani and Erica aren’t that popular.

      Which is a little sad since Erica is one of my favorites. So, I am little tempted to do a sequel to he, even if it isn’t quiet as popular as the others.

      1. OMG (it was kinda gay, sorry), How people don’t like Erica, she appear in almost every game (it’s not a complaining), and she was the first one that i “fuck” without using a walktrough, ans she’s pretty too.

  10. Ok. Still enjoy the Hotel Pt 2, Pool Party, and Photographer concepts better where you can branch off and interact with multiple girls.

  11. Ok, Im going crazy….I think I have tried everything , but I can’t seem to get the lust meter to fill. could I get a hint please, I would be pulling my hair out, except I’m bald

  12. I haven’t really gotten to dig in to Miranda’s game yet. Any hints from Chaotic or DSP about their next games?

  13. I have a question, when i played Tara i discovered that i’m a Photographer that work Madison, so i’m the same guy from the first Photograph, in the other games i’m this same guy (of course, when you choose to be a man)? or every games is a diferent person?

    1. Tara was made by DSP3000 not Chaotic so it has no connection to any of Chaotic games. Chaotic has previously stated that none of his games have anything to do with each other so being a photographer is most likely a recurring theme rather than an implication that all the games share a protagonist.

      1. The occupation of the protagonist in Tara parts one and two were of course inspired by Chaotic’s The Photographer and Maddison games.
        Being a photographer is a good premise for bringing in lots of scenarios with hot girls. In the case of Tara 2: The Hotel, it also presented the opportunity to include a role for Maddison who is one of my personal favourite characters.
        Basically, the protagonist should be ambiguous enough for you, the player, to assume whatever identity you wish. That is within the parameters of the game of course.

    1. I haven’t seen the combination change. There is a “correct” drink combination but just picking one of each will always work.

  14. So, I finished the game last night, even though I still don’t get the drink combination part. I said this in a post a few weeks ago on one of the last preview blog entries, but I’ll say it again… Miranda is the hottest girl you’ve created, Chaotic. She is definitely your best work.

  15. When I go diving with Miranda, if the bubbles are in the second spot from the right of the screen, I go there, and get the message that Miranda is happy I found her, but she isn’t actually there, and I end up surfacing without finding her.

  16. For the drinks select the first four from left to right, the jukebox song is Morrison (80s). Can’t get the threesome, any tips?

    1. Does that repeatedly work for you? Because I’ve tried the same combination different times and not always received the message that it worked.

          1. I tried that out of curiosity, but couldn’t figure out how it might work. The only thing I kinda know how to do is Inspect Element in Firefox, which can reveal what an option does. In the case of the drinks, it doesn’t show what is good/bad, so I am still stuck trying to figure it out. I don’t know if there is a clue, somehow, like there is with the beginning of the game.

  17. Amazing game once again

    If you plan on doing an expansion onto this game I would recommend a threesome with the person who almost caught them or a foursome after you win the volley ball game.

    Also, I have to ask this and it may sound wrong, when is the next incest moment going to happen?

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