August 21st Update

Today, I am happy to announce that Miranda is now finished and will be released next Friday, the 28th of August. A week should be more than enough time to check through the game thoroughly and correct any bugs.

Altogether, the game has 587 images. So, not the biggest game I’ve ever made, but still pretty big.

During your date with Miranda, you will be able to;

– visit a volleyball match, then play in one yourself on the nude beach,

– meet her friend Faye, then visit a secluded island where clothing is optional

– Visit ancient ruins and take a few photographs

– Visit the beach

– Take a voyage in Mirandas boat, then experience nude underwater diving before watching the sun set

– Have lunch

– Have sex

– Discover 4 possible epilogues, which will depend on your actions.

To finish with, here a large pile of random images from the game.

beach2 boat6 boat11 end12 end37 end73 end98 epil8 epil22 epil26 epil69 epil111 motel2 motel17 nbeach10 nbeach35 ruins10 trek3 vball6


See you all next week for the launch!

11 thoughts to “August 21st Update”

  1. Not sure how I feel about being able to see the PC’s reflection in the window. Always liked the idea that the player can imagine their character to be whatever they wanted.

    1. In all the latest games from Chaotic you can choose ethnicity and gender. So the reflection should change depending on what you pick, and it’s blurry enough to leave the rest of the appearance to the imagination.

      1. Yeah, this was pretty much what I was going for.

        It’s similar to the bit in Maddison where the player can pose for the nude portrait. There’s a hint of what the player looks like, but you don’t really see anything, and it changes depending on what you have your character set to.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Looks like it was just a file missing from the upload.

      I’ve fixed it now.

  2. Wish you’d make more grace games…. that gal is hot!
    Grace, Maddison and Rachel would make a helluva 4some!

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