July 17th Update

This week it’s time to introduce Miranda’s friend, Faye. She works at the hotel, mainly at the pool bar.

Some of you may remember her as another secondary character from Zoe’s game where she was serving drinks.

Unsurprisingly, should you make the right choices throughout the game, it is very possible to enter some naughty scenarios with both with Faye and Miranda.

The game now has over 300 images. This week I finished the main ending. Similarly to the ones in Maddison and Rachel Part 3, I tried to make this one long and detailed (though I think it’s a little bit shorter than either of those). Altogether, the ending has 164 images.

hotel3 hotel15 hotel24

5 thoughts to “July 17th Update”

  1. I liked Faye in Zoe and wondered if she had/was going to have a bigfer role at some point.

  2. The Miranda model looks fantastic, definitely on a new level technically.

    Any chance of the other unnamed characters from the Zoe game making their way into this one? The model from the runway show, for example?

  3. So since this takes place on the same island resort setting as Zoe’s game does that mean we’ll see Emma returning as well? I liked her but she hasn’t appeared since. Definitely want to see her come back.

    1. You’ll see her in the background, but that’s it for this game I’m afraid.

      It’s likely that she’ll have a bigger role in some future game though.

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