July 10th Update

Today, I’d like to introduce to you something a little different that we’ll be seeing in Miranda’s game.

I was a little concerned with Photographer Part 2 that a few of the characters personalities seemed to merge into one. Melyssa was hot, but I don’t I don’t feel like there was too much personality-wise that made her different to Nikki.

One way I’m trying to correct that for Miranda is by introducing traits that you must discover. Miranda has four different aspects of herself which you can find by selecting correct responses in dialog, or by completing certain activities in certain ways. They will include things like her personal interests and hobbies. If you ever want to reach the ending, you will have to discover all four during your time together.

Visually speaking, they will always appear in the bottom left of the game window (where the players ‘inventory’ normally is), so that you can keep track of them.

This weeks preview images are from the first location yourself and Miranda will visit together – a local volleyball match. Expect lots of opportunities for the above mentioned traits to be discovered there as you get to know each other.

vball21 vball22

5 thoughts to “July 10th Update”

  1. I like the idea of traits, ArianeB did something similar when she remade her Date Ariane game.

  2. I like Miranda, very nice pics. And after two years there’s so much progress in some aspects like hair, faces and all

  3. Not that this is really a surprise, but this is your best work yet. Miranda is well-proportioned, from what I can see, and definitely well-drawn.

    1. It’s all new characters in this one (or at least ones who were only minor characters in Zoe).

      There’ll be more details in this weeks blog post.

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