May 4th Update

The next batch of information from dsp3000 concerning his next game, Tara Part 2.

This week I’d like to introduce another character and another location
from the forthcoming game.

Zayna works the hotel bar and is the fourth of five female characters you can
interact with. After her shift finishes she likes nothing more than stripping off and relaxing in
the hotel steam room.

If she lets you go with her you can find out just how steamy things can get…

tara_sample14 tara_sample15 tara_sample16

9 thoughts to “May 4th Update”

  1. could u make a new game for free but with a twist u choose the gender but u can date any girls

  2. There are still games where you can choose your gender though. In Madison you can.

  3. I wish you would make Lisette 2 next. (with maddison/lisette lesbian ending) 🙂

    1. I agree, like photographer 2, that was pretty awesome with the mom-daughter threesome.

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