April 27th Update

More from dsp300 this week…

This week I’ve been finishing off one of the end scenes with both Tara and

With this done I’m pleased to announce that the whole game is nearly finished.
So far the image count is up to nearly 1250 with just one significant scene to
complete with one of the other characters. This could well add another 50 to 100
images as well.

I’m hoping to get all the rest of the images created next week. I’ll then
spend a week or so checking all the files and coding to make sure everything works
properly. No doubt there will be a few image remakes and perhaps a few modifications
and additions too.

So, pretty much on target to release the game mid to end of May.

Here are a few images from this week to tease you all with.

tara_sample10 tara_sample11 tara_sample12 tara_sample13

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