December 29th Update

Just another quick update on Sukiko today.

It is looking like Sukiko will not be released this Friday.

I have created every single scene and animation for the game, I’m just waiting for my computer to catch up and render everything.

There are only a handful of images left to render, but 12 animations. Some are short, 5 will take about 12 hours of rendering each.

I will still make a blog post this Friday going through my progress, but right now it’s looking like the game will be released sometime next week.

5 thoughts to “December 29th Update”

  1. Can’t wait to play this! She is easily one of the hottest characters you’ve created, imo.
    On a separate note, any news on the Academy?

    Happy New Year! Cheers!

  2. Hello Chaotic,

    I know this may seem a bit off topic but I was wondering if you could rerelease the zip links for the advent calendars and the leanna black male images. I’ve found that the links you posted in 2018 do not work anymore. Thank you.

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