December 11th Update

Not too much to add this week after last week’s exposition dump.

So, here’s a series of images I haven’t posted before from Sukiko’s upcoming game.

Meeting Sukiko at the airport.

Drinks with Sukiko at her favorite jazz club.

Changing rooms at the spa.

Everyone exhausted at the end of Violet’s party.

9 thoughts to “December 11th Update”

  1. Definitely already vying for one of your best characters ever.

    That shot in the changing room is en fuego.

    1. Members only, though released for free eventually of course.

      There will be a free release of a different game following this one.

    1. They’re still together, this is just part of Violets ever increasing business ventures and April has her own stuff going on.

      Did I establish what April was doing in April in Violet? I have a note in my head that she’s a lawyer, but I can’t remember if I stated it anywhere.

      1. isn’t April a bit young to be a lawyer ? in the last game she was still in school .and would have a few more years of studies before passing the bar .

        1. In Betsy’s game, she was graduation high school. But “April & Violet” is set years later, with the cast beaing fully fledged adults.

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