October 16th Update

Weekly renders

First, time for my weekly render.

I actually did 3 this week as this scene was much quicker to render than the lagoon. Marianna last week, so this week it seems appropriate to use Molly.


MrStomper is gearing up for the release of part 2 of his Anna sequel, though we’re not quite there yet.

I was asked to add this render with simply the words “MrStomper sends his regards”. 🙂

Anna Walkthrough

I have also added a walkthrough for Anna to the site this week (it was previously only in the members section).

You can find it here.


I will also add that I have heard from dsp3000 recently. He has been very busy with his ‘real world’ job as a result of the pandemic, but is still OK and well. The release of Academy part five is still a very long way away.

4 thoughts to “October 16th Update”

  1. Ok, so much to unpack:
    1- Glad that the “team” is doing good. With the recent news of Palmer (creator od Daughter for Desert) passing away, I’m happy that you guys are still around. Many of us take you for granted, but know that we appreciate you.
    2- Molly, Molly, Molly. Once beautiful, always beautiful.
    3- For Mr.Stomper: if the game quality is like that render, then you’re making a banger. Can’t wait!

  2. I can relate to dsp. Since the pandemic started, work has never been more insane. Just finished yet another 14-hour day this week. So, hang in there, dsp!

    Great to hear about Mr. Stomper. Looking forward to the second part.

    And, finally… ANY post that includes Molly renders is pretty much a candidate for top Chaotic post ever. 🙂

  3. Sorry to be that kind of person, but are you guys planning to release The Academy Part 3 as a free game like with the previous two? And when is gonna be released? I’ve been following your work and I gotta say you guys are the best when it comes to dating games. Keep it like that!

    1. Academy part 3 will probably be released for free eventually, but certainly not anytime soon.

      It won’t be the next free game.

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