October 2nd Update

First, of all, thank you to everyone who shared their views on Mondays’ blog post. It really helped to see what ideas people are enthusiastic about compared to others.

While remasters seem like a fairly popular idea, in consideration, I’m not sure that any of the popular options are really suitable. The original Crystal game would require me to redo all of the html files as well as the images, and although I don’t have to do that with Maddison, her game is around 1000 images + animations.

I think I need something a little smaller, but also very flexible, so…

Stories from Spring Break

I mentioned recently my aim to do a game themed around Debbie’s party in Leanna, but from a different perspective.

Well, my new variant is how about that, but with different, multiple perspectives.

Character 1 is Debbie’s friend and party guest who is most definitely interested in becoming more.

Character 2 is at the party with Maddison. You’re already dating (this would be just after the end of Maddison’s own game), and it’s all about what kind of naughty shenanigans you can persuade her to do.

Character 3 ; how about a bartender at the party getting seduced by those two friends of Leanna’s who happen to be at the party?

Character 4 ; how about a female guest trying to persuade a few men there to do something naughty with her?

Each story would be semi linear, but with enough choices to make replaying it worthwhile. They can be as long as I want. If Maddison’s story is 200 images, that’s great. But if it’s only 50, that’s OK too.

I guess a comparison which kind of works is Tlaero and Mortze’s Elsa’s Nightmares, but each would be a mini game rather than a linear story.

I think the only 2 stories I’m committing are the Debbie and Maddison ones. after that’s I’ll just have to see what’s practical and how much time I have.

The plan would be to release it around spring break and just add as much content to it as I can between now and then.

In the meantime, we’ve got one holiday/seasonal celebration coming up per month for the rest of the year, so I’ll make sure I create some galleries for each!

EDIT : I’d also like to add that this game will be for members (I want to get a boost in revenue for it),  but I will be releasing a substantial game for free around the same time.

10 thoughts to “October 2nd Update”

  1. Maddison & Debbie sounds great! Love it!
    PD: I hope a Sophie’s Game may be possible in the future

  2. I think the episodic plan helps keep the site fresh for a 10-month period as long as you think it’s doable for you with the time you want to take off for other things. Don’t over-promise; you know how people can be with that.

    1. I like character 2 more interested what could happen if Madison and Debbie meet. Maybe her sister ends up there to lol.

  3. I don’t have anything to say about the Maddison thing, but I do have some for Debbie:
    If your idea for the soccer game is still on (please say yes), this would be an oportunity to introduce the “coach”: a student that needs to coach the university’s women soccer team in order to get his diploma, and he bonds with Debbie over it.

  4. Sounds exciting! Hopefully you find the time to do all the characters, my favorite would be Leanna friend’s seducing the bartender.

  5. I would like if you can choose between character 1 & 2 & 3 4 allowing the player to follow different ways during the party . one thought is that the decision you made with character 1 effect the way of character 2 and so on…

  6. This idea for the party is a new different type of gameplay and I really like that prospect! I just wanna throw 3 suggestions if I may do so:

    – If the renders of Maddison could be with the Iray look You gave her it would be the absolute best version of her (For reference, I mean the maddison in leana’s room doing pole dance You posted some time ago). I don’t know if it’s possible but if Yes, I think it’s a win.

    – Please put Ashley (The bunny girl from Leanna’s party) in the party, since We could see the return of Leanna, Debbie, bartender woman and her gym friends. The only one missing is Ashley (Kristen can’t be there for storywise reasons) and it would be amazing to see her return in this game and get up to some naughty things with her.

    Just this guy’s opinion, hope You at least read this and Thank You for everything chaotic!

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