September 28th update

So, for today’s blog post I guess I want to get a bit of a discussion going.

As regular visitors to the blog will know, starting from February earlier this year, I’ve been taking a year long hiatus to pursue another big project in my life that I’m passionate about.

I’m not sure if I should classify it as good or bad news, but it looks like the hiatus will actually end around late July/early August next year (2021). This is partly due to the original project expanding (which is good), but also unsurprisingly the pandemic has affected all sorts of practical things this year, and I’m no exception.

So, my big question for this post is what should I do about the site’s content in the meantime?

Are you all OK with no new content added to the site from me until at least August next year?

If not, what do you feel you’d be content with?

I mentioned a few posts back the idea of doing an alternate take on the Spring Break party from Lenna, with you playing as another character and a large emphasis on seducing Debbie. It’d be a fairly small game though. I’m not sure something the size of Leanna’s Big Streak would be enough content to keep up the site’s momentum until August next year.

I have actually come up with a larger game premise I like too. It’s simple enough – you’re the new coach of a women’s 5v5 soccer team. Five women you can try and seduce (maybe one of them Debbie if I don’t do the other game). Lot’s of options. Lot’s of possibilities for exhibitionism of the pitch and in front of crowds. It would have to be a bigger game though, which means taking 1 or 2 month long break from my other project, which in turn means finishing it later than I’d like. I think I’d prefer to tackle it after my project is done.

Or, how about this..? There’s been the occasional mention of remakes/remasters of some of my older games. That would be fairly easy for me to do as I don’t need to do it in one batch. It doesn’t really matter if I loose track of the plot because everything is already written. I can just dip in and out of it whenever I have free time and in the mood.

Two obvious examples for this would be my first Crystal game (with the new version of Crystal) , and something that’s been particularly popular for me, such as Maddison’s game.

Or, as I suggested first, would everyone simply be OK with no new games until late next year, knowing that when I make a new game, it has my full attention.

No polls for any of this, but I’m interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on the matter.

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  1. I would love a remake of Maddison, my favourite game and the one that brought me here, however at the end of the day its down to you Chaotic and your project! Im sure we’ll all be eagerly awaiting anything and put our support behind you!

  2. A remastered Maddison game sounds really juicy but the soccer game including Debbie is a great idea too, I would be okay with both of them since I’ve been looking forward for Debbie content since the first Leanna game. Also, curious about the Academy series, it’s been such a cliffhanger, any news on Dsp3000?

  3. As a big soccer fan, I lost interest in every other idea that you mentionned XD
    But seriously though. If you want to make a “big game” like that, I really wish that you take your time with it. And yeah, involving Debbie in it is much more plausible (She’ll be part of a soccer university team, not so random).

    As for the remaster, yes and no. I’m fairly sure that Maddison will appear in some way in your future games, so I prefer a remaster of other games, with characters that don’t get that much attention anymore. I’m talking about Leilani (imagine, an asian character in I-RAY, so freaking hot), or Ivana, Katie…

    For the lack of content, isn’t Mr.Stomper releasing a part 2? And if DSP3000 is still MIA, maybe find someone that can join the site as a creator?

    1. True, Anna 2 part 2 should be coming fairly soon, and I will be doing other fun stuff around Christmas just to keep the site activity going.

      I would love to find another creator to join the site, but sadly they all have to come to me. I guess I could go all Epic Store and find some existing content creators to make some exclusive games for me, but I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable with that.

    2. i agree that Leilani , Naria , Ivana , Katie , Latricia , Nelena and others should have more attention … but i think that they look great just as they are .

  4. I think something I can get behind is the idea of remastering older games that were popular (Maddison, Crystal, etc.) or allowing other content creators like Mr.Stomper/DSP3000 to add their own releases as well. I also like regular blog posts like I see with the DateAriane creator, and if regular interaction with fans/progress pics or single renders could fill time as you work with your professional project. Then, post-hiatus, I think you’ll have at least engaged fans throughout the process and being able to deliver a quality product in a manner that doesn’t stress you out or feel like a chore to do. But yeah, I’m supportive of whatever you choose to do, but with the pandemic, I may not be financially inclined to subscribe until there are new games/content, if that’s fair to say.

    1. Yeah, more regular fun and games just on the blog could be an option.

      And, yeah, given everything going on and the lack of new content I won’t hold it against anyone if they want to skip being a member for a while.

  5. A couple of old remasters sounds like a great idea. But (and call me a cheap bugger) maybe you could release some old member games for free like Anna or *cough* Rachel Pt3 *cough* *cough*. Oh dear *cough*, shoot! I’m infected *cough x4*, oh god its’s spreading. Tell my *cough* wife she can go *cough* herself, with a *cough* *cough* then *cough* a pig.

  6. A remaster of Crystal would be perfect I think. The soccer game sounds pretty dang interesting as well. Maddison is one of my favorite characters but to be honest we got enough content from her on this site to last awhile I think some of the other OG girls need some love. I would love to know also what DSP3000 is up to since he’s been quiet I would hope that he’s coming back because his content was very well welcomed on this site. I would say in order to fill the gap if you cannot even do remasters why not bring another creator on? I would rather see smaller content released consistently overtime as opposed to one big game every few months. Thats my personal opinion.

  7. I think a party themed game would be great. Just like some of the old ones, a very straight forward story without many complications. Kinda a throw back to the older games. That would be wonderful, like easy for you because not much story content and not too many extra images as the story plays itself in a way.

  8. I’d be fine with low-intensity but fairly regular content over the course of 10 months. I feel like you need to keep interest in the site by having regular content, but it doesn’t need to be a significant tax on you. When you couple it in with (hopefully) bigger releases from Mr. Stomper and dsp (again, we can all hope), that should sustain the site.

    1. Well, it is gonna be a huge release, but the animations are a pain in the ass… (ah, the subtle art of foreshadowing)
      Slow and steady the GPU crunches all those scenes.

      1. Haha Yeah, sorry, didn’t mean for that to sound like I expect it immediately. If you and (hopefully) dsp release big games sometime in the next 10 months, chaotic can sprinkle in some low-intensity content along and way and keep the site fresh and active over that period. In my opinion, at least.

      2. Hey MrStomper big fan, hopefully everything is going fine (game and no-game wise).

        Wanted to ask you if you are willing to share, what is your setup? (specially GPU, CPU and RAM) and how long takes in average to render an image?

        1. Hi, thanks!
          For iRay the only important spec is GPU, I have 1080ti (post bitcoin bubble prices were really nice).
          And avereage time is hard to tell, some scenes require 10 minutes, others 1.5 hours and I don’t know how many of which I’ve made. It could be something in the range of 30-45 minutes for a scene on average.
          Really time consuming are the animations of those 1.5 hours scenes, each with 60 frames. These take more than 4 days to make…

  9. You need to decide if you want to keep the site. If you don’t release for another year+ the site will fail. Up to you.

    1. Well, speaking as someone who has access to the site stats, I can guarantee that won’t happen.

      Membership has been lower, still consistent. People mainly become a member for then online access to games, even if they’re older ones.

      1. If I may allowed to make a suggestion maybe you consider to lower the monthly payment for the time no regurlarly updates are to expect. I think it could help you keeping your paying fanbase even when you´re off for a year.

  10. I would love a Maddison remake! You should definitely remake/remaster the game! Maybe add more frames if you want. Anything would be great!

  11. Do you keep setups of scenes? Because I’d even be happy if you just re-rendered old games at higher resolutions.

    It’s just sometimes hard to play the older games. For example the images in Maddison are 850×500, and I’m currently on 2560×1440 on my main monitor.

    I’m happy with whatever though. You do what you want.

  12. I really loved the idea of being a coach of a women soccer (or any sport tbh) team, and I think that if Debbie is there maybe you could include the “friends” from Leanna (the ones you play basketball with). They are hot af, and were teasing the character.

    Regarding your situation, I would rather have a long game even if I have to wait a year or so, than having two or more minigames.

    Good luck in your endeavors, I wish you success.

  13. I’m so glad you’re considering doing remasters! Maddison would be a great choice. You might also consider doing Rachel. After all, she did win the poll of your most popular girl, and her renders are looking pretty dated.

  14. I’m ok with re-mastering of your older games – hopefully, most of the work will primarily be re-rendering scenes to a higher quality.
    Aside from that, I would simply like to see the conclusion to Anna from MrStomper, and of course, the Academy from DSP.

  15. New material is always appreciated. But there has been a character that has been teased a lot in this channel. That character is… Maddison’s mother. I would love for her to make an appearance in possibly one game and then possibly have a family 3 or 4 way in the future. Please make this happen within the next 2 years.

  16. I like your football idea the most for several reasons.
    Firstly because you like it and when an artist is inspired to make something he’s likelier to pull off a masterpiece.
    Second I like sweaty sportsy situations a lot and it sounds like a good story.
    Further, female rivalries turned passionately sexual is quite a fetish of mine since I was a kid when I watched two women in business clothes fight over something one of them was holding, to the effect of flying buttons and some quite exposed yelling in a boobies-almost-touching face-off. If there’s anything to that effect in the game I’m extra game.

  17. As someone who is a coach, I really dislike the soccer game idea. No coach on the planet should ever make advances toward any of the players. It is unprofessional and even creepy. This idea is wrong on so many levels. But I know that won’t bother some people, and I am only one person.
    Remasters of older games might be an idea, but to be honest, having more realistic versions of the older games is only mildly interesting.
    New games is what I personally would like to see. I guess the question I would put back on you is, would having a written out game plot that only needs images added be a way to help you out? I’ve always considered trying to make some games like this, always enjoyed the Choose-your-own-adventure style books, and big fan of the Leisure Suit Larry computer games, but I just don’t have the ability to do the graphics piece. I’ve tried, and I just don’t seem to have a knack at making actual humans that look like humans. 🙂 Email me if you wish to discuss further.

  18. You are very good at listening to fans and then doing what excites you most. There is no reason you should change that. You have also stuck pretty close to the date scenario Which works well for your games. I’ve seen a lot of games cross some rather creepy borders and appreciate that you don’t do that. As a fan of the Sarah and Lucy games I’d like to see more of that. I would also like to see you put your full effort into a Game. I know you’re in a Tough spot and can only say even the smallest thing done with passion and care can go along way. Maybe this is more than I should say I just wanted to Help a little.

  19. I know i’m commenting a little late to get a reply.
    But i think the remaster(s) are a great idea.
    Obviously, there’s a lot of love for Maddison (and I can’t say I disagree with that).
    But what about Remastering Rachel 1,2 & 3 so they’re all of a consistent art style and gameplay.
    Add a few new scenes in there as bonuses and I don’t think any of your fans will be unhappy

  20. I’m a little late on add my opinion to this. I would love a remaster of Maddison, or some of the older games. I also would be happy with with an Image collection update. A suggestion I have is maybe doing something like what Ariane Barnes “Date Ariane” did with Rachel Meets Ariane. Do a story or stories with a few image every so often. Not sure how much work that would be, but I’m guessing is not as much as making a new game would be.

  21. Adds my 2 cents,

    In the short term I feel the remastering of your earlier most popular games is best option. Small games based upon existing sub-characters such as the spring break could be a way to keep your creative itch scratched

    Put the whole soccer game on a long term development for a release after your other project is complete.

    But no matter what you do your fans will be happy.

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