May 15th Update

Playoffs : round 3!

A reminder of the rules : I’ve got 56 characters altogether. You can give each character a rating A = 3 points, B = 2 points, C = 1 point. After  4 weeks of polls, I calculate the score of each character, weighted against how many people voted for them (so they don’t just win by getting more votes, it’s what types of votes they get).

Round 3


Rate Kimiko

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Rate Kristen

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Rate Latricia

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Rate Leanna

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Rate Leilani

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Rate Lisette

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Rate Lucy

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Rate Maddison

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Rate Marianna

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Rate Melyssa

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Rate Mia

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Rate Miranda

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10 thoughts to “May 15th Update”

  1. Well, I’m quite conflicted about Miranda: In her game, I thought she was a delight. But in the 3rd photographer game, a lot less

  2. Man, it’s a long time since I thought of Leilani. Blast from the past there. Wish she’d make an appearance in a game sometime again.

    I LOVE that shot from the Miranda game. One of my favorite you’ve ever done.

  3. Leanna has slightly more points than Maddison so far. Nice to see. I really like them both

    1. Easily my two favorites. Honestly there was an “S” option they’d both go there for me.

    1. Most wanted, I don’t know about that. The actual MILF in this site is Cassandra, but according to the votes, she got more C than A

  4. I know you arent working on this site as much. BUT if yourre bored, I think another black girl should be added to this site. Im thinking someone with proportions of Nikki from photographer2. Feel like that would be a good addition as there arent many games with an african American woman as an option to meet.

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