January 17th Update

So, obviously Crystal Part 3 is not being released, but I’m pretty optimistic about everything being ready for next Friday, the 24th.

I have 3 animations and 15 images left to render. I’ve also done about 90% of the html work.

Assuming that I have no major computer crashes, I should be able to get everything rendered by the end of Tuesday, and that’ll give me a few days to thoroughly bug test.

Back to the remaining html work for me right now, so here’s some more random renders.

4 thoughts to “January 17th Update”

  1. Home stretch! Looking forward to the finished product. Really like the skinny-dipping shot there at the end.

  2. Crystal has a fine ass, I am looking forward to its upcoming release with great anticipation. Once again I ask about dsp3000 and his progress. Thank you for your kind attention.

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