January 10th Update

Just a standard post this week as I near the end of production on Crystal Part 3.

It is theoretically possible that it’ll be finished for next Friday, but unlikely. It’s must more plausible that release will be the following week.

I currency have 49 images left to render, and 6 animations. Each image takes 30-60 minutes to render, and each animation is around 30 images.

I’ll leave you with a random selection of images I don’t think I’ve posted yet.

3 thoughts to “January 10th Update”

  1. As usual, take your time. Make sure it’s the product you think is right and complete. We can all wait.

  2. Crystal looks positively amazing and sexy. I am anticipating the new game with great relish. Is there any news from dsp3000 about the bridgette walkthrough as well as academy part 5. Thank you for your kind attention

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