December 24th Update


First up, the full advent calendar is now online, including the 25th’s special mini comic.

You can also view all the previous advent calendars by clicking here (someone always asks for them).


The poll has a clear winner in the full leather suit, so that’ll be my new title card.

I probably won’t be posting until the new year, but when I do, hopefully I’ll have a nice pile of new renders to show you, and even a release date for Crystal.

Enjoy your Christmas!

8 thoughts to “December 24th Update”

  1. Merry Christmas to you as well. Thank you for the images.
    Would it be possible to add 2018’s images to the image pack though?
    I somehow missed saving half the images from last year. Would be much appreciated.

      1. Makes sense why i only had 12 images then from 2018. Thought i only saved first half of the month or something

  2. I forgot how much I enjoy Violet and April, we really need another game with them (and Betsy!)

  3. Excuse me I lost the first story with Violet (25th December 2017) and it is not present in the doc you gave. Would it be possible to get it too ?
    Ty very much 😉

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