December 13th Update

This week, I’m happy to say that I have now finished making every sex animation in Crystal part 3. Now, I just need a few weeks of my computer working overnight to render them.

I can confirm therefore that there will be five sex scenes in this game minimum.


Not much to show image-wise this week as I’m just waiting for those animations to render, so let’s have a fun poll.

Which image do you prefer for Crystal’s title card?

Image 1 (top)

Image 2 (bottom)

Obviously, it’s just superficial and makes no difference to the game, but I thought it might be fun to have a vote on this as I can’t decide.

Which title card image do you prefer?

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EDIT : No post this Friday. Instead, I’ll be doing my traditional one on Christmas eve.

5 thoughts to “December 13th Update”

  1. Actually, kinda prefer the first one. Seems sexier with a bit more clothes.

    Oh, and much thanks for making Advent images with Kelly and Cassandra! 😀

  2. Hi mate just wanted to know where did you get your inspiration for the girls I would love to know

    1. There’s no one set place.

      Sometimes I’m inspired to make them look a little like a famous actress, model or maybe pornstar, but a lot of it’s just playing with morphs until you get something you like.

      Hope that helps.

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