October 11th Update

Some final words from dsp3000 on his latest game…

I’m very pleased to be able to release stage four of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ today.

Naturally this follows on from stage three and as such you will need to use your entry code from the end of that stage to continue. Alternatively, you can play through from the very start of the game as one continuous gameplay removing the requirement for codes. You can however ‘save’ your progress at each of the three checkpoints, and then skip stages if you wish. I’ve added a new Main Menu page to allow this option.

Either way, what happens in each stage has various effects on options and outcomes later in the game so it’s worth experimenting to gain different save/continuation codes.

Back to the game itself…

By this point you will have arrived at Bridgette’s apartment, and what can happen next is by far the most varied, detailed and extensive series of scenes I have ever created.

You have an enormous 116 achievements to discover in this stage. Most of these are variations of sexual achievements, including several different positions, multiple orgasms and cumshots. You can’t get all of them in one gameplay, but that’s kind of the point.

If Bridgette is in the right mood, then the more she will let you discover. If she isn’t then your visit will be cut short and you will probably need to go back and try things from another angle. It will take multiple playthroughs if you want to try absolutely everything with Bridgette.

And it’s not just Bridgette. As many of you may have guessed, Didi can also join you for some extra fun. The threesome scene has its own array of options and achievements to indulge yourself with.
Both of these girls are full of suprises!

Stage four adds another 4525 images to the first three parts. So in total there are now just over 11200 images in this game. I think that counts as being pretty big. Admittedly there are lots of animated images in this latest stage which does inflate the count somewhat, but it’s also due to the sheer variety I’ve designed into the game.

Hopefully with all the testing that’s been completed there should be no bugs or glitches. I’m far from perfect, so if you do find any then please report them on the blog and I will correct them as soon as possible.
As always, the game works best when played in Firefox. Chrome doesn’t handle the cookies at all well so don’t even try it.

It’s worth noting that I’ve gone back and updated quite a few files from previous stages of the game and incorporated them into this release version. As such you will need to download the whole game again for optimum results.
In general the earlier stages have only minor technical amendments which won’t change the existing gameplay or narrative. The one exception is an update to remedy the fact that reaching the Alexia bonus scene during stage two was nearly impossible to achieve without cheating. It should be possible during a regular gameplay now.

I am working on a full walkthrough but, given a huge size and variety of the game, it has been proving a bit difficult and time consuming. I do know however that many of you are really crying out for it so I will do my best to have it ready very soon.

Many thanks again to everyone who supports the website and my games. It means a lot.
Have fun playing and good luck.


Bridgette Part 4 is now live for all members. As always, if you don’t see it, remember to refresh the page.


47 thoughts to “October 11th Update”

  1. That’s great news!

    Can’t wait to finish work today so that I can download it and play it. 5:00pm can’t come fast enough for me today

  2. DAMMIT DIDI!!!!

    Love the one-on-one sex with Bridgette too back at her place!


  3. I tip my hat to you DSP!!! Great game!!! Many more play throughs to get all achievements adds to the playability. Thank you very much.

    1. There are a few variables which effect the ways to get Didi to visit your apartment.
      During STAGE TWO:
      1) You need to go to the movie theater and watch ‘Wisp of Reason’
      2) When you meet Didi at the end of stage two Bridgette will suggest that Didi joins you for a drink. Go along with it.

      Then during STAGE THREE.
      Didi calls Bridgette’s phone. Either tell her to reject the call or let her answer.
      Didi will join you at the Pink Pussy club if Bridgette answers. She won’t if she doesn’t.
      Both options give Didi a reason to visit Bridgette’s apartment later on in the evening.

      Successfully complete Stage Three and move on to STAGE FOUR.
      Didi will visit the apartment while Bridgette is in the bathroom. She will leave, but return later.
      As long as Bridgette is still happy/positive, then Didi will stay.
      You can work out the rest.

  4. Downloaded and played Bridgette #4 a few times so far and I can saw WOW!

    Great job DSP3000!!!

    Great scenes with Bridgette (comparable with scenes with Alexia in Bridgette #2 but more difficult since various factors, scenes, and options are conditional on certain things happening)

    Looked at some of the coding during my last few game plays and with all the variables used, I believe that there is an error with variables threesome_finale and threesome_final. I didn’t look at the coding in great length but it seems like you initialized threesome_final but then use/increment threesome_finale.

    As it is my 9 to 5 job, I did notice 1 typing “mistake” immediately but this wouldn’t really bother anyone… except me 😉

    There were 2 other things that I noticed which seems to be certain scenes repeating the same option with no end in sight but they will/did eventually end and gave other options which is probably because of some type of variable control and I noticed something else but this was during my “cheating” session so I am not sure if it will actually happen in regular game play.

    Now that the entire “Date with Bridgette” chapter in the over all series is over (or at least for Thursday evening date), In terms of the entire “Date of Bridgette” chapter, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would have done some things differently but this isn’t my game or my story 🙂

    For example, when meeting Maria and Holly outside of the movie theater, even though Maria gives her “blessing” for the date, nothing will happen in the movie theater with Bridgette regardless of influence, lust, and alcohol levels. I can see why this would happen (Bridgette is reminded of the stories she has heard of my adventures with Maria) but I would have done the reverse where Maria’s “blessing” along with the other factors (alcohol, lust, and/or influence) will cause things to happen in the movie theater.

    I did notice some other things in the story line but in my opinion this can be dismissed as to how turned on Bridgette is, how much she has had to drink, and how much she wanted to share (or a combination of these things)… and as I said, it isn’t my story or game. 🙂

    Like your other games, certain variables from the earlier part don’t seem to be used but I attribute this to you thinking that you might use it so you decided to pass these variables but when you wrote the next part, you decided not to use it.

    I’ll try to play the Date with Bridgette chapter a few times from the beginning to the end to see if I notice anything else.

    Since certain assumptions are made in your game chapters even if they didn’t happen as long as that event wasn’t part of a negative outcome in the game, I’m hoping that for Academy #5, the threesome between Didi and Bridgette is part of “canon” since this wasn’t a negative outcome. What I mean by this is that even though one can complete Academy #1 to Academy #4 without having sex with Lola, I believe in Academy #4, it is assumed that you did have sex with Lola but things like having sex with Alicia in the elevator or Laura giving oral sex can’t be part of the story line canon since both of these options can only happen by not completing the game up to this point successfully.

    Once again, GREAT GAME!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to give such a thorough assessment of the game Jim.
      I’ll take a look at that ‘threesome_final/threesome_finale’ coding. It does indeed look like an error on my part.
      You are correct that some cookies that carry over haven’t been used… At least not yet.
      Thanks also for your critique on the narrative. Creating a game like this over the past couple of years is a very fluid and evolutionary process. The story has definitely changed and certainly expanded from the original synopsis I typed out back in 2016. At times it’s been difficult to get a handle on all the various plot lines. Sometimes I forget little details that could indeed be reflected upon later in the story.
      Ultimately I would like to go back over the entire Academy series and tidy up any messy bits of the narrative.
      In the meantime, as you have before, if you do find any errors or anomalies then please feel free to send an email via Chaotic so I can take the appropriate action. This type of support is very much appreciated.
      Once again, thank you.

      1. Thanks DSP3000.

        I’ve made a few minor cheats/tweaks and spelling corrections to your game that I needed to replay your game from scratch.

        After replaying the game from scratch a few times, I’ve jotted down a few things. I’ll e-mail both my suggestions and things that I believe are errors or noticed to Chaotic in a few days. If you want to incorporate these corrections/suggestions in the game, please feel free to do so. If not, there is no harm.

        I did notice with Bridgette #4 that the Alexia sex scene in Bridgette #2 is now possible to get to whereas previously without cheating (modifying the code or running the alexia.html file directly while playing the game), it was next to impossible to get it because of the mandatory high alcohol requirement.

      2. DSP3000, just letting you know that I just sent roughly 17 points/observations regarding the Date with Bridgette game to Chaotic so you should hopefully receive it shortly. Not all 17 points/observations are “errors” but you will see when you get it.

        1. Thanks Jim. Chaotic has forwarded your email on to me.
          Some very good observations and lots of very useful details for me to consider.

          To be continued…

  5. What a way to end this mini-series, hats off and three cheers for dsp3000! I’ve gotta admit bridgette and didi were never my cup of tea compared to the rest of the academy ‘cast’ (in fact I didn’t mind ‘failing’ part 2 and 3 just to get the bonus non-canon endings with the other girls). But still thoroughly enjoyed playing through all 4 parts regardless!
    Great job and Great Game dsp. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us when Academy Part 5 is eventually released!

    1. I don’t know whether a game with over 12000 images can be described as a mini-series. I mean, DwB is way bigger than all of the first four episodes of The Academy series combined. It’s really another episode itself.
      I take your point though and thanks.

      Episode five/six is destined to be huge.

      1. Haha I just meant ‘mini-series’ in that initially it seemed to be just an offshoot of the main Academy story. That’s crazy how it became bigger game than all 4 Academy episodes put together, another testament to your hard work and effort.

        So we get two more academy episodes?! Wow, thought it was only the 5th remaining. We don’t deserve you DSP! If you don’t mind me asking any estimate for when we’ll see Episode five?

  6. please, dsp, all youre creations are sexy, exept bridgette !
    but the story style is very cool.
    example : chaotic has more or less good girls (miranda is very cool), but no scenario. DSP is good in all.
    guess i have bad luck.
    or worst, bad taste !

  7. Hey ummmm…the gym from playforceone redirects to some other site and tries to malware attack your computer

    1. The Gym is not a vdategames.com game.

      The guy who made it just called his site ‘the v-dates’ or something like that.

  8. I forget, are there walkthroughs for the first 3 parts of Bridgette already? I can’t find them if I have them.

    1. No. DSP3000 hasn’t made them yet or at least it isn’t published yet. I’ve taken a look at the coding of the Date with Bridgette game and the storyline & selections are very complex with different branches causing different options.

      I’m familiar enough with the game and I’ve completed it as well as investigated the different options and I wouldn’t even attempt to write a walkthrough.

      If you get stuck in a certain scene/selection, my suggestion is that until the walkthrough is complete or available, that you just post your question and someone will probably answer it.

      1. I am working on the walkthroughs, but as Jim Acep correctly points out, they are very complex.
        So complex in fact that, without my production notes, even I forget all the various options.

        I think the best way will be to do a series of outcome based walkthroughs/guides.

        For example, there are a series of variables you need to achieve to get to the Didi outcome.
        And another series of things you need to do to get for example the Laura ending.

        A true step by step walkthrough which includes every little option would probably take longer to compile than making the game has done.

        I think explaining the key choices at key points in order to follow the main pathways will be more useful and effective.

        I’ll get back to any specific questions too on the blog though.


  9. Haha that’s okay. I found some notes I took from Parts I and II, but not Part III.


  10. Bridgette is fabulous, I hope that a walkthrough is coming soon keep up the great work . Thank you for your kind attention.

  11. What a series! It’s really remarkable what DSP has created here. A long-haul slow burn with a tremendous amount of content, all of it worth pursuing and experimenting with. Just awesome.


    For all my playthroughs and all the content of seen through all four parts, I still find it impossible to get the Alexia achievement in part 2 without cheating. I truly don’t know what I’m missing.

    1. You should be able to get the Alexia sex scene now. I’ve gotten it a few times even when I didn’t want to get to it (provided that she makes the offer when you leave at the bar).

      In part 1, you must get Alexia and Bridgette to reveal their breasts to you in a sort of contest. To do this, you will need a high enough lust value and you must take Bridgette to the bar as the 2nd choice in part 1. You can also get Alexia and Bridgette to reveal their breasts if you have a Bridgette has had too much to drink in terms of alcohol content but you won’t get the Alexia sex scene for this option because you will get arrested for DUI in part 2 either when leaving the viewpoint or the movie theater.

      After the breast contest between Alexia and Bridgette, when you leave the bar in part 1, you must also tip Alexia and she will make the offer to you of meeting up later that evening.

      In part #2, you just need to have a low enough score for Bridgette to end the date without you getting arrested for DUI. The easiest way of doing this is by taking Bridgette to the viewpoint in part #2. Even if trying to play to succeed in the date with Bridgette, your score might still be low enough that Bridgette ends the date after the police check. However, the easiest way to insure that the score is low enough for Bridgette to end the score is you get Bridgette to take off all her clothes and give you a bj. During the bj, Bridgette will detect a sound and it will turn out to be the police. She will run to the bushes without her clothes. It is up to you to grab the clothes but instead of grabbing all the clothes, only grab your clothes and then run to the bushes. However, this is not the only way at the viewpoint to get a low enough score since even when not trying to get Bridgette to end the date prematurely during one of my trials/tests, she still ended it.

      The rest will play at normally and after the police breathalyzer test which you should pass as long as you didn’t have too much to drink, Bridgette won’t be in the mood to continue the date and will ask you to drive her back to her place. Once you drive to her place, you will have the option of going back to the bar to meet Alexia.

      1. I’ve never been able to get the breast contest to trigger through lust alone. I’ve found several ways to increase the lust value along the way, but unless I go the restaurant first and order champagne or cocktails at the bar, I can’t get the scene to trigger. But of course these choices end up in failing the breathalyzer test. If there are ways to get her lust value high enough to trigger the scene without alcohol factoring in, I can’t find them.

        1. Going to the point where you pick the first place to visit in part #1, it is possible to get Bridgette’s lust to be around 26. In order to get the breast contest, the lust score just needs to be 30 or more. Going to the restaurant as the first place in part #1, by the time the date finishes in the restaurant, the lust score can be around 29 so all that is required is 1 point and there are a few chances to get this (I got 32 lust by the time the breast contest starts). Also, Bridgette must have champagne in the bar in order for the Alexia sex scene to happen. Going for cocktails will mean that your alcohol value is too high and you will be arrested for DUI in part 2 and going for wine in the bar will mean Bridgette is not drunk enough to suggest the breast contest with Alexia.

  12. I would appreciate a more detailed walkthrough about the threesome with Didi, or even some hint of how to accomplish the goal of the threesome. Thank you for your kind attention.

    1. My suggestion for the threesome with Didi and Bridgette is that you ignore the call from Didi in part #3 after you leave the dance club with Bridgette. To get the call from Didi, Didi must be invited for drinks (in part #2) and for this to happen, Bridgette and you must go to see the Lesbian movie (not the Office Girls movie).

      After you ignore the call from Didi (in part #3), go to the stripclub alone with Bridgette.

  13. I am missing something as well. I can get Didi to the club, but when Bridgette and I go back to her apartment, didi doesn’t show and Bridgette falls asleep. Any advice? Thanks for your help.

    1. Don’t go with Didi to the club. Ignore her phone call.

      If you go to the club with Didi (& Bridgette), not sure if this is a bug in the game but your scores (lust and/or influence) won’t be high enough when you leave the stripclub for anything to happen in part #4 whether it is alone time with Bridgette or a threesome with Didi & Bridgette.

  14. Still struggle. At some point you leave the strip club. I manage to get both extremes. Both shower or she passes out. No Didi.

    1. The sequence of event should be something like this (or at least this is how I got Didi to show up in part #4):
      1) In part #2, watch the lesbian movie (forgot the name but it isn’t the Office Girls movie). After being stopped by the police, if your alcohol level isn’t too high and your influence or lust score (I forget which one) is high enough, Bridgette will suggest going for drinks. If the score is not high enough, Bridgette will suggest dropping her off at her place
      2) If your score is high enough, you will bump into Didi when walking to a bar/club. In the conversation with Didi, Bridgette will suggest that Didi join the date at the bar/club. As long as you don’t tell Didi that you don’t want her there, she will agree to meet up
      3) In part #3, after you exit the dance bar/club with Bridgette (or right before you exit the bar), she will mention that she doesn’t know what happened with Didi. Once you exit the dance club/bar with Bridgette, Bridgette’s phone will ring and Bridgette will mention that it is Didi calling. Pick the option that you don’t want Bridgette to answer the call and Bridgette won’t answer the phone call
      4) Go to the strip club with Bridgette. At the stripclub, the hostess will offer a free drink. The hostess will accidentally spill the drink on Bridgette.
      5) Bridgette and you will be escorted to the back of the stripclub into the changing room
      6) At this point, you can either go thru the steps to have sex with Bridgette or the steps to have Bridgette perform a striptease on the stage (doesn’t matter which one)
      7) Once you exit the stripbar, at some point Bridgette might offer to give a blowjob. She will suggest streaking to her place naked. Accept her suggestion to streak back to her place
      8) You will now enter part #4 where I believe Bridgette will take a shower and will suggest that you join her. You join her for some fun and have sex with her. After the sex with her, Bridgette will make mention that she needs to take a shower and you will then wait in the living room
      9) At the living room, there will be a knock on the door. It will be Didi. During the conversation with Didi, she will leave
      10) You will then have more sex with Bridgette. Somewhere during that time, Didi will come back the Bridgette’s apartment when Bridgette needs to take another shower. When Bridgette is taking a shower, Didi will ask if she can touch you. Agree to it. When Bridgette leaves the shower, the threesome will begin.

      All this assumes you don’t get Bridgette upset with you during the sex

      1. Thanks, I was able to figure it out, So worth it. Thanks for all your help. What a great game and series.

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