August 2nd update

Molly and Marianna

I’m nearly at the end of rendering all the new animations for Molly and Marianna. After that it’s just a case of filling in some narrative gaps, maybe adding an extra small scene and finishing the new writing.

A release date of 2 weeks today is a distinct possibility, but as always, we’ll see.

In the meantime, here’s a Molly promo I forgot to post a while ago.

Crystal Part 3

Progress on Crystal part 3 has mainly been in my head the last couple of weeks as I try and work out a good system for the plot which allows a lot of freedom, but also has a pretty strong narrative at it’s center.

I like some of the new stuff I’ve come up with though.


Long term visitors to the site will know that I’m not really into much ‘fetish’ stuff, but I do have some things I can be into.

Which of these would you be interested in seeing in, say, Crystal Part 3? Pick as many as you like.

Note : Please do not suggest your own fetishes for this poll. This is about finding something I can share your convictions in.

Which of these fetishes appeal to you?

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10 thoughts to “August 2nd update”

  1. I have to say, some of the suggestions are way out of your usual scenes, and applying them to Crystal might be risky. It could work with another character more kinky, but Crystal have this “nice gal” vibe going on, that I don’t see her in orgy, for exemple.

    1. True, but that’s why the likes of orgy isn’t an option. I feel like the poll options are daring without getting too insane.

  2. I am pleased that the molly and marianna update is forthcoming. I also would like to know if a walkthrough is coming as well. I would if there is any news about dsp3000. Thank you for your kind attention.

  3. Are you daring us to dare you to add these fetishes? Is this the basis of Crystal 3, a series of dares escalating into the wildest date game you’ve ever made?

  4. There’s enough hardcore fetishes in other online sex role play games, that makes these a refreshing change.

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