July 12th Update

So, what have we got to update today?

Molly and Marianna

The completed/expanded version is on it’s way. Oddly, it doesn’t actually required that much work from me as most of the scenes are setup already.

What it does take is a lot of rendering time.

Still aiming for an August release date.

Crystal Part 3

Did some further redrafts of my new Crystal model.

I’m getting even happier with her (though I think I need to tone down the leg muscles a bit).


No new news yet, sorry.

As always, when I know something, you’ll know something.


Since Crystal Part 3 will have an emphasis on exploring the city, which locations would you like to see (Though I think I can guess what the most popular will be)?

Pick as many options as you like.

If you have any ideas of you own and I like them, feel free to suggest them below and I’ll add them.

Which locations would you like to see in Crystal Part 3?

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21 thoughts to “July 12th Update”

  1. Glad to have you back. You know at first I didn’t like the new Crystal but I have to admit she’s hotter than the original Crystal right now. By the way I would hope for an amusement park location.

    1. Thanks.

      I did dial in the original Crystal morph just a little more with this one. Maybe that’s what you’re seeing.

  2. I guess that the strip club is unavoidable, but I hope we go with something different this time.
    The sport choices seems logical (especially swimming activities), but on second thoughts, isn’t it weird to take a girl on a date, and end up taking her to her work environment?
    The amusement park idea mentionned above me is quite nice (and new), and offers new possibilities. If we must go with water activities, why not a water park, or an aquarium? A planetarium might also be nice. Or going to see a movie, or a stadium (watch a sport game or a concert).

  3. A return to the casino would be cool, but i would also like the chance to see Erica again in this game. After all she’s one of crystal’s friends and her comeback is long overdue in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

  4. I think a sex scene at a scifi convention would be interesting, especially if Crystal is wearing a costume.

  5. So many places and scenarios to be played out it’s hard to choose.

    Steamboat cruise and casino from first game revisited? Nostalgia Vs missed opportunities from first date, mistakes forgotten and repeated or remembered and avoided.

  6. Some ideas for locations and activities as well as expansions for ideas on the poll:
    – expand public train with streaking through the (main) station before getting on the train in the nude
    – billard pub
    – naked cycling or rollerblading through the inner city streets
    – visting a farm (milking cows, riding a horse naked)
    – visit a horse race
    – performance as one of those human robots with nothing on but body paint in the middle of the shopping district
    – streak through the town hall or police station
    – nude shopping at a gas station or convinience store
    – aquarium
    – terrarium
    – planetarium
    – Japanese gardens
    – liquor store
    – tennis court
    – early morning fish market
    – harbor
    – circus
    – zoo
    – monster truck show
    – fair
    – swimming with dolphins
    – hardware store
    – sex shop
    – swinger party
    – masked ball
    – baseball match
    – haunted house
    – mine

    1. Early morning fish market….?

      I’m trying to see the romanticism or eroticism in that.

      1. This was added mostly for being an unused scenario. Could be nice for just streaking around after a long night of sex, for skinny dipping in the ice-cold water or for fishing – and later on – selling naked.

  7. I’d love to go to the swimming pool/leisure center as a call back to Rachel’s first game where you meet Crystal and Erica there.

  8. The game sounds great, but in my opinion, the Strip Club idea feels very, very stale and played out.

  9. I still think this along with older games should have an option to let you play as female. Plus I still think Crystal 1 and 2 should be remastered to have that option. You still haven’t gotten back to me on that.

  10. Makes my votes for locatrions and adds as a complete curve ball

    Music Festival,
    Volleyball – possibly add into the beach setting,
    Hilltop picnic

  11. I want to see Crystal dance right over my head wearing a loose short skirt or dress.

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