April 26th Update

Molly and Marianna

Not too much to say right now. I’m progressing with the game, and it’s going fairly well.

Here’s another batch of sample images.


No news yet. When I hear something, I’ll let you know!


Some sader news to finish with.

Tlaero, co-creator of games on this such as Redemption for Jessika and Finding Miranda, has announced that she is retiring from making erotic games, citing personal reasons.

Mortze has already found a new writing partner, so the likes of darkness falls will still be completed, but she will still be missed.

All the best to her and the new stage of her life.

13 thoughts to “April 26th Update”

  1. After Chaotic recommended Tlaero and Mortze on this site, I fell in love with Tlaero’s work. I understand her reasons for retiring. I wish her nothing but the best as she moves forward. She will be missed.

    I also wish Mortze and his new partner well. I look forward to seeing their new style.

    Goodbye Tlaero. We miss you already.

  2. When I saw the news here, I went to their Patreon page for more info, and I can honestly understand where she’s coming from. We’re losing a great writer, but if having her will cause her despair, then I’d rather lose her.
    Now, considering the futur games of Tora, I’m quite torn apart. Mortze is one heck of an artist, and knowing that we’ll still be able to see his renders is comforting. His new partner though, is a different matter. I won’t judge him now, since we don’t have yet the fruit of their work, but I’m afraid that the gap between the styles will be way too obvious.

    I will look forward to what they will present, and I sincerly hope that my inner fears are misplaced.

      1. Apparently, some games with Lesson of Passion, like Living with Temptation and its sequels.

        1. Thanks. Ah well, my hopes aren’t too high then.

          One thing that has always made Tlaero special is that her male protagonists and the women in her games have actually been likeable… It’s so rare in erotic games.

          LoP games never really left me with that feeling.

          1. Well, he claims being capable of writing more in depths stories, but I’m afraid that the feeling we get with those games will be gone.
            Yet again, I will be patient, and have my judgment when I see the final product. I mean, Mortze isn’t an idiot, he knows what kind of a fanbase he got, and doing something completly opposite of what he’s been doing might hurt the business.

  3. The Tlaero news is unfortunate, but I hope she finds peace with herself. Sounds like she was in a really tough spot.

    1. I hope she does too. I do have to wonder though, if she really enjoys doing these stories and games, and her spouse would be that bothered by them, does she have the right spouse? To thine own self be true…..

      1. Well, that’s a bit rash of you to say, since we don’t know the person at all. Maybe it’s the only flaw he has, maybe his qualities are way greater than we know? We don’t know about their personnal life, so speculating like this is a bit inconsiderate imho.

        1. Not at all. We do only know what she says, and it obviously pains her to give this up, and she also says they would not be happy about this at all. Why did she start it and keep it up for so long if they would hate it that much? Especially if she liked it so much. We can only speculate, but, we can speculate from what we know. You mileage may vary of course.

          I know I had a girlfriend way back and she tried to get me to give up something I liked a lot. She didn’t last long…..

          1. All I said is that we can’t judge without having the full picture. You’ve been somewhat moderate in your words, but I’m more afraid of poeple coming and trash talking about someone we don’t even know, just for the sake of a porn game.

  4. Sad to hear about Tlaero. There aren’t too many erotic games with a good story, but hers were always superb.

    Sounds like she’s gone for good, but she obviously enjoyed working on these games so I’m hoping she’ll reconsider some day.

  5. Sad news to hear about Tlaero, but I wish her the best, and look forward to what the future brings.
    I really liked the Christine & Laura game. The idea that two hot sisters could share a guy happily was a fantastic fantasy to entertain.

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