February 8th Update

This week, more from dsp3000 on his upcoming games…

The Date with Bridgette production machine rolls on again this week, despite interruptions from pets, burglars and power cuts. I am now in the final stages of making part three of a Date with Bridgette and, as promised, this time I thought I would focus on the second location that this stage has to offer.

In the grand tradition of Vdategames, no date is complete without a trip to a strip club.

In the Academy universe we have The Pink Pussy club, and maybe Bridgette will agree to visit…

Once inside there are again many story paths to discover. The images will hint at some of those variables, but as usual I don’t want to give too much away. Fans of Didi may well be delighted to know that she will take you up on that offer of a drink, if indeed you ever managed to find out how to invite her during part two. There are several more characters to interact with in and around the strip club. It really is a substantial chunk of gameplay to work your way through and, as ever there are a whole ton of different things to find.

In terms of production, the whole four part game currently stands at over 9200 images. I still have a handful of images to complete the remaining two scenes in the forthcoming part three. As I said last week, part three will consist of over 3000 of those images.

In the last few days I’ve been testing and working out the scoring system to ensure those all important happiness and lust variables actually mean and do something.

I’m tentatively going to say that I think a 22nd February release date is feasible, but 1st March is probably more likely. Please don’t take that as gospel though. The last time I decided on a firm release date my computer processor went into meltdown at a critical moment. But I shall try my best as I reckon out of everybody here, I will be the happiest to see the fruits of my labors bloom.

Until next time, wish me luck.

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  1. I have to say Bridgette looks absolutely fantastic in these pictures. Can’t wait for the release! Glad to see things are moving along so well for you… through burglars and power outages even. Best of luck!

  2. Also nice to see the images seem much lighter and brighter! Going back and playing parts one and two there are a lot of scenes that were very dark so this is much appreciated

    1. If I get time I would like to go back and adjust some of the earlier images.
      Being set in the evening, the scenarios are relatively dark, but I agree that they could be a little lighter.

      1. If you are doing some adjustments after you complete Bridgette #3, I noticed 2 “issues” when I played The Academy Part 1.

        1) In the picture associated to meeting5 file, Didi isn’t wearing her glasses nor are her glasses anywhere around (like in her hand, etc.) but in the picture prior to this and after this, her glasses are on her face.

        2) In one of the endings, I get caught with Maria when Bridgette and the principal walk into the room and the game ends. The banner that appears at the end of the game says that if I didn’t ask Bridgette for oral sex earlier in the game, she would not have come back with the principal later in the game. Without going into details (unless you want me to since it would be a spoiler), I should have probably failed but I didn’t ask Bridgette for oral sex so I’m not sure why that end message banner appeared.

        1. Actually I noticed one more “mistake” in the Academy #1 for whatever it is worth.

          This is after the smoke detector is fixed and cam 2 is working. I forget where it is but can play it again if interested or if I get a chance but it is either when Bridgette comes into the office mentioning she needs help tomorrow (pretty sure it isn’t here but mentioning it just in case) or when Didi passes by the office with her report, if you click on the cam 2, it shows that the battery isn’t working instead of showing an empty changing room.

          Just mentioning these but they aren’t as important as getting Bridgette #3 & #4 out 🙂

          Good luck and I look forward to it.

          1. Thanks Jim.
            All noted. At some point, ie when the whole series is complete, I intend to go back and iron out any minor glitches in earlier episodes.
            I have a few ideas for some extended or additional scenes too.

  3. This looks/sounds amazing! I’m very much Looking forward to playing this. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Brigette Tittyfuck scene. Best of luck finishing up.

      1. I agree. Its been a while since a free game dropped. I think the whole tara series is so old might as well release

  4. Hi, what do you use to render games? (Single GPU, CPU, computer farm, etc). Please feel free to add as much detail as possible. Thanks!

    1. Currently using an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X CPU with an
      Asus GTX 1070 Ti GPU.
      I use 3Delight for most of my renders which relies on CPU rather than GPU.
      I sometimes do backgrounds using lray which utilizes the GPU.
      When working on the games I usually have at least three programs running simultaneously, so a powerful multi core processor is important.
      I find the Threadripper CPU handles things pretty well.

  5. Thanks for the update, DSP – I hope things are going well with all the non-vdate aspects of your life :o)

    Looking forward to the release.

  6. Thanks for the update.

    I’m looking forward to this.

    I’m hoping that with the entire Date with Bridgette storyline since there should (hopefully) be real sex with Bridgette on successful completion of the game since the storyline in theory is about her and she is the central character, instead of the usual teases, that we have options with sex with Bridgette both with her glasses and hair up as well as where the series appears to be leading as her “sexier” appearance of her hair down without her glasses.

    This is just my suggestion for whatever it is worth.

    1. Something else…

      Also hoping that there is a threesome with Didi & Bridgette. Most of the ladies (including the students from the Academy series) seem to be C or D sized (or larger) while Didi appears to be B or a large A which is a welcome change and contrast in my opinion.

      1. I’d LOVE a threesome with Bridgette and Didi!

        Have both of them stand over your head so you can look up their short dresses. Then they both undress, and the great unveiling of their pussies at the same time as they pull their panties down (close-up shots).
        I hope Didi is completely shaved, like Bridgette. Lick them both down there, then they rub their pussies along the protagonist’s cock. Then start fucking Bridgette while Didi sits on yer face, then they swap, then take turns fucking them back and forth. Then cum over the pair of them as they lick you clean.

        Sex with Didi in the shower before she goes, would be swell. Then Bridgette wakes up and you fuck again.

      1. Based on the posts from the February 1st update, it would seem that we aren’t the only ones who prefer Bridgette with her hair up and wearing glasses. 🙂

  7. Game is looking amazing, dsp! Hopefully we get to know a few of these new characters more intimately ;).

    Good luck and wishing for a smooth landing in the next few weeks.

  8. Your work continues to impress. Awesome amount of preview images to whet everyone’s appetites!

  9. Looks to be a huge update, will be subscribing for this. Appreciate all the effort from the creator.
    Also fingers crossed for more tittyfuck action in these next releases, not enough tittyfucking in adult fans IMO!


      Need some good close-ups of licking Bridgette’s perfect bald pussy too, like straight after titty-fucking her.
      Then slam that cock STRAIGHT into her pussy while she gasps in joy writhing on her back.

  10. Very nice Preview and as worth to pay the Credit to Play this Once again Fantastic Season.
    Thanks dsp and good fast Fingers to Source the Game.

  11. I am looking forward to the next part of Bridgette , i like the new images a great deal. I am curious are you releasing part 3 and 4 simultaneosly or seperately. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you.

      I’ve been working on them simultaneously, non sequentially, but mostly chronologically.

      Therefore, while the third episode of Date with Bridgette is nearly complete, there is still quite a significant amount to finish off before the fourth and final episode will be ready for release.

      At the moment I am very much concentrating on completing and releasing part three.
      After that it’ll be straight back to work on completing part four.

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