February 1st Update

Today’s blog update comes courtesy of dsp3000

Hello everybody. I am now very close to completing the next part of the Date with Bridgette game so it’s probably about the right time for a blog update.

I can confirm there will be two more parts to the Date with Bridgette game, making four in total.

Since my last blog update in December I have created around another 600 images, so that means over 6100 images will form the next two stages of the game. I reckon there are another 500 images which still need making to reach the very end of what I have planned for the four parts.

This blog post will focus on what I am planning to release next. I have a handful of images left to create, a few to remake, and plenty of checking and testing to do. I anticipate that this part of the game will be around 3100 images. Hopefully it will be all ready to go in the next two to three weeks.

So here are a few details.

Part three of the evening introduces another two locations to visit during your evening with Bridgette.
Firstly, you can continue your evening with a visit to a nightclub where you meet several familiar and a few other new characters.
You can dance, drink and talk to Bridgette and with the other girls you see there.
There are lots of different options to explore, and your interactions with Bridgette and the other characters will determine what can happen.
Ultimately you can choose to keep Bridgette on side, and/or explore what else is on offer.

Next week I’ll reveal a little more about the next location you can visit and maybe firm up a release date.

28 thoughts to “February 1st Update”

  1. Thanhk god, an update from DSP3000! Now, some of the naggers will stop asking EVERY SINGLE TIME about what is he doing…
    On a side note, great to see that you were very productive, doing not one, but two parts at the same time. Well done buddy, can’t wait to see the final product!

    1. I request you to please dont make us feel like criminals if we ask for an update on a game.

  2. Great birthday present

    I love those «fuck me»-eyes on Lola And I really look forward to explore this game. It looks very interesting.

  3. This looks great and totally worth waiting for. Thanks in advance for all the effort and hard work.

  4. Nice to hear its going on.
    Wish you good and easy Motivation to go ahead with Story of Brigitte in Short times.
    Thanks a lot.
    In each Case ist worth do pay the little fee

  5. Well its nice to get an update on Date with Bridgette. Good to know that we will have something soon.

  6. Last parts of Bridgette are looking great dsp! The lighting looks improved from some of the darker scenes in earlier games.

    Can’t wait to play the conclusion!

    1. Thanks. I went back and reprocessed around 800 images to adjust contrast and brightness.
      Alot of the nightclub images were just too dark.

  7. Thanks for the update, DSP.

    I’m hoping parts 3 & 4 come within ~1-2 weeks of each other, considering how close it is for the full game to be complete 🙂

    1. Hmmm? I do still have around 500 images to create to complete part four, plus testing so it’s unlikely to be that quick.
      (I include the production of each page of the story as well when I measure things in images)

      The whole Date with Bridgette game, as in all four parts, will have almost or maybe over 10,000 images in it.
      So when I say only 5% left to do that’s still 500 images.
      At the current work rate that’s about a month’s work.

      But hey, let’s all stay positive. It’s nearly there.

  8. Nice pictures. My only somewhat negative comment is that Bridgette’s hair seems to be off (not correct color) when she has her hair down in the pictures.

    1. Maybe it’s just me but I prefer her hair up versus down anyways. She is still my favorite character of the academy series. I’m glad the date episode featured her over the other characters

  9. Im hoping theres some more titjob scenes on the way, the scene in the last episode was so hot and well animated. You certainly do a good titjob scene. Will be resubbing for this one.

  10. Good to hear from you, dsp. I’m really liking that blonde in the red dress.

    I hope one of these girls is willing to get it on in an alley. Was pretty disappointed that Alexia turned that option down.

    1. Not sure if I’m correct but here are my observations:

      -1st picture which is labelled 18 are 3 students from The Academy series
      -I can’t tell who the 2nd picture which is labelled 17 is since there isn’t enough detail and she is too small
      -3rd picture which is labelled 16 is Bridgette and the girl from bar in Bridgette #1 if you visited the bar as the first place in your date
      -4th picture which is labelled 15 the blonde appears to be the waitress in pizza restaurant and a new person
      -5th picture which is labelled 14 is Bridgette and the blonde appears to be the waitress from the pizza restaurant in Bridgette #1 and I think that the other person is a new character
      -6th picture which is labelled 13 is a new person and the blonde appears to be the waitress from the pizza restaurant in Bridgette #1
      -7th picture which is labelled 12 is a new person
      -8th picture which is labelled 11 from left to right is a picture of the blonde waitress from the pizza restaurant in Bridgette #1, a new person, and 2 students from The Academy (the 2 students who are in front of the building of The Academy #1 when you entered the school)
      9th picture which is labelled 10 is a picture of Bridgette
      10th picture which is labelled 9 is a picture of the girl from the bar in Bridgette #1 if you went to the bar as first place on date
      11th picture which is labelled 8 is a picture of 2 girls from the movie theater who watched Wisp of Reason movie in Bridgette #2 and i believe that they were also in the bar in Bridgette #1 if you went to the bar as second place on your date along with the blonde waitress from the pizza restaurant in Bridgette #1 and a new person
      12th picture which is labelled 7 is a picture of Bridgette
      13th picture which is labelled 6 is a picture of a student from The Academy series
      14th picture which is labelled 5 is a picture of a new bartender along with Bridgette

      1. Your observations are generally sound.
        In those images you do indeed see Amy, Lola, Laura and Alicia from The Academy.
        You also see the waitress, Susie, from Bridgette #1 along with her friend Frida (a new character).
        The two girls, Abigail and Summer, have previously been seen in the movie theater in Bridgette #2 and briefly in the bar during #1.
        Then there is the redhead, Caitlin, from the bar in Bridgette #1. All depending on which paths have been taken of course.
        The barmaid in the red dress is another previously unseen new character. I haven’t decided what her name will be yet and I’m open to suggestions.
        All of these characters do have roles in the forthcoming episode. Some more profound than others.
        There are more characters to come too.

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