October 5th Update

Free release

Next week, as hinted at in previous posts, I will be making The Academy : Part 1 free for all players.

It’s a little older looking compared to dsp3000s current work, but hopefully those of you who haven’t played it will enjoy discovering all of the ladies there.

What next for me?

Very soon, I’ll need to start considering what game I’ll be working on next.

There’s a few options. Last I spoke of this, I was aiming for a game featuring both Molly and Marianna. That’s still a possibility, though right now I’m considering separate games for each of them. Each would most likely be ‘moderate’ length as well. So, not as long as Leanna, but certainly longer than Leanna’s Big Streak. Miranda’s game is a good comparison.

Either way, the next full new game is likely to be released early 2019. Another option I’m considering is creating an expansion for Photographer Part 3. Something with more scenes around the mansion, and added solo sex scenes (and maybe threesomes?). If I could release that, plus a new image collection, I think that would be a worthwhile update before Christmas.


It feels like forever since we had a poll, so let’s get back into the habit.

As research for Molly and/or Marianna, do you think Leanna’s main game was too long, too short, or just right?

Do you think Leanna : Breaking the Facade was too long?

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23 thoughts to “October 5th Update”

  1. Well, with so much hype for Molly and Marianna, I certainly want both of them to have their own game. However, doing a shorter game won’t do them justice. So I prefer a long joint game, than two seperate short games. Plus, think of it this way: multiple endings, means multiple playthroughs

    1. Well, the ‘shorter’ games would still be two thirds the size of Leanna, so pretty substantial.

      Also, if I did one big game with both of them, the time for each would be half that of Leanna.

      1. Now I’m really conflicted. I guess it will depend on the plot. Maybe two different, yet connected games? Molly is a cop, and let’s say that Marianna is a spy (or something like that). You do a Molly game, and in the end, you introduce Marianna, and make it a sequel. Better yet, Put Leanna in the very begening of Molly’s game, and make it some sort of a trilogy. I know that it’s far fetched, but I like having a big canvas.

        And if I remember correctly, there was a certain T.Bynes who might be Betsy’s father. You could create a whole universe for your characters!

        1. if Chaotic ask me this is great ideas and i would also suggest that he take it easy on creating new girls for a couple of years since there are alot of girls that we have not seen much of(for example Dylan) and if they have the role that Rachel and Kelly had in “Maddison” or more important roles like April and Violet in “Betsy” does not make a difference just as long as he use them instead of creating new characters(i think this would make it faster in creating the games

  2. The length of Leanna was Perfect!
    More Choices would have been Great (it was a very linear game), but the length was all right.

    And I Love the Photographer 3 Expansion Idea!

  3. I really like the idea of a Photographer 3 expansion. Maybe Carol could come up from the basement for a cameo?

  4. Anything with Molly gets my vote! I’ve been wanting a game with her since the first render of her was posted.

  5. I saw The Academy characters and got excited cus I thought dsp made his comeback ://

  6. A photographer 3 expansion is a good idea but maybe table that for now. Moving on should create fresh idea’s. I’ve wanted a Molly game since you first started with her. However these are your games. While pleasing fans is important. Do what is best for you.

  7. Can you please add Nikki into a game? I love the old vdate games where there is one main girl on the date and multiple routes to take with mulitple 3some possibilities

  8. I personnally would like to see a game with Betsy by playing the sequel of April & Violet.
    That would be interesting to play a character who date his former girlfriend.
    Not mention her family (Cass & Rachel) who could add a lot of “fantasy” ending as well.

    1. I am a huge Cas and Betsy fan. So you know I will place my hopes here.

      A Photographer 3 expansion would also be good in that it hopefully would not consume too much of your resources Chaotic.

      But if you are looking forward to something new, Molly and/or Marianna would be great. I didn’t really like these girls when you first started showing them to us. But they have really grown on me. Personally, I loved the initial concept that you suggested featuring both. However, the merit of two separate games is that we would likely get two “”full” games instead of just one. And maybe a third if you decide to do the combined game later.

      I short, my preference would be something with Cas, Betsy and Rachel (the Bynes family), but I am happy with all of the works on this site and will certainly be happy with whatever you do next.

    1. “Proper” walkthrough is sort of hard with a game that has conflicting priorities as an element to it. You can’t do everything, I think. Here’s something I’ve been working on today, if you’d like. It’s not done, by any means. I’m still working:

      Yeah, you picked a good outfit, too. (+1 Maddison)
      Maybe I should come, too (+1 Maddison)
      Pleasure to meet you Miss Novak (+1 Mia)
      I did try to warn him (+1 Mia)
      Wow. Thank you (+1 Mia)
      And if it does work, you could get a promotion (+1 Maddison, +1 Lisette)
      Hey, it’s a plan (+2 Lisette)
      See. You always have good plans (+1 Maddison)

      Maddision is in Mia’s office 8:00-8:30am
      I wanted to start looking at the girls as soon as possible (+2 Maddison)

      Mia is in the kitchen at 8:00am-8:30am
      I entirely agree. The whole thing’s…. (+1 Mia)

      Emma is in the garden around 8:00-9:00am
      Long enough to see how good you are (+2 Emma)
      Very, very tempting, but I don’t think… (+1 Emma)

      Paige is in the library around 9:00am
      Pleased to meet you too, Paige (+1 Paige)
      Cool. You really know your stuff. (+2 Paige)

      Around 8:00am-10:00am Miranda and Lisette are by the pool
      Can get +2 to Lisette or +1 to Miranada depending on choice

      Around 8:00am-10:00am Cherise and Kimiko are ALSO by the pool
      Click to LEFT when you see Miranda and Lisette
      Choice “Nice swimsuit, Kimmy. What are…” (+1 to both)
      And then
      “I very much…” (+1 to both) OR “You do look…” *(+2 Cherise)
      Woah! That is one revealing… (+2 Kimiko)
      IF the “Woah!” choice, then:
      “Well, obviously yours is…” (+1 Cherise)
      “Yours is nice, but Kimiko’s…” (+2 Kimiko)

      Mia is in her office at 10:00am
      So, how bad is Mr. Hughes’ company…
      You’re trusting me with secrets? Cool. (+1 Mia)

      Emma is AGAIN in the garden at 10:00am
      So, you look like that… (+3 Emma)

      Around 10:15am Kimiko is at the bar
      The mansion is cool, your choice in fashion… (+2 Kimiko)
      …here you can do whatever the hell you want (+1 Kimiko)

      Around 10:00-11:00 Paige is still in the library
      Maybe you will find some secrets… (+1 Paige)

      Around 10:00-11:00am Miranda and Zoe are in the game room
      Choices are either +1 to Miranda or +1 to Zoe

      Around 11:00am-12:00pm, Maddision is on the garden
      CHOICE Maybe we’ll be able to after Sunday (+1 Maddison
      “I dunno, I like the place…” then “I promise…” (+1 Maddison)

      Around 11:00am-12:00pm, Kimiko is in the bathroom

      At 12:00pm, Mia is in her office
      You seem a little young to be….
      You must still have some serious… (+2 Mia)
      (By the way, she’ll be at the pool at 6pm)

      At 12:00-13:00pm, Cherise is in the bar
      Fine wine for fine ladies. (+1 Cherise)
      Only the pretty ones, of course. (+1 Cherise)

      Around 12:00-13:00pm Lisette and Maddison are in the kitchen)
      Choices are either +2 to Lisette or +1 to Maddison

      At 12:00-13:00pm, Paige and Emma are at the pool
      Choose which to interact with
      Emma- Of course not. I love a woman who’s… (+1 Emma)

      Around 13:00-14:00, Paige is still at the pool, but alone
      Pretty much a veteran at this point. (+1 Paige)
      That’s fantastic… (+2 Paige)

      Around 13:00-14:00, Kimiko is in the game room
      Of course I was watching you, how could… (+2 Kimiko)

      Around 14:00-15:00, Mira, Miranda, Zoe, and Emma are in the kitchen
      “I don’t know, it might look” (+2 Mia, +1 Emma)
      “Of course…” (+1 Mia, Miranda, Zoe)

      Around 14:00-15:00, Cherise is in the pool
      Either choice is +1 Cherise, but “Scout’s honor” leads to…
      Yes way (+1 Cherise)

      Around 14:00-15:00, Miranda and Zoe are in the kitchen
      Choice is either +2 to Miranda or +1 to Zoe

      Around 14:00-15:00, Lisette is in the game room
      Either “Of, I’d rather be lounging…”
      “Easiest day…” THEN “For you…” (+1 Lisette)

      Around 15:00-16:00, Miranda is in the garden
      Er, “grass time?” leads to…
      There is something very natural… (+2 Miranda)

      Around 15:00-16:00, Maddision is in the library
      I agree. Everything fun… (+2 Maddision)

      Around 16:00-17:00, Mia is in her office
      Not right now. I feel you’re…. (+1 Mia)
      Good. I like flattering you. (+2 Mia)

      Around 16:00-17:00, Zoe is in the bar
      Of course! Today is all… (+1 Zoe)

      From 16:00-17:00, Maddison, Lisette, Emma, Kimiko, and Cherise are in the pool
      Choose “Lingere” and then, “Well, obviously…” to get +1 to all present

      At 16:00-18:00, Paige is in the library
      You looked really hot… (+1 Paige)
      (laugh) You don’t need to… (+2 Paige)

      Around 17:00-19:00 Emma is in the garden again
      If you’ve done everything with her to now, you get her

      Around 18:00-19:00, Mia, Miranda, and Zoe are in the pool
      Choice is either Outdoors (+1 to Zoe and Miranda) or Indoors (+1 Mia)

      Around 18:00-19:00, Paige and Cherise are in the kitchen
      Choice is +1 to both (say nothing’s wrong) or +1 just to Paige (call her out)

      At 18:00-20:00, Lisette is in the bar
      Is something wrong with your leg?
      That’s pretty hot…. (+2 Lisette)

      Around 20:00-21:00, Maddison, Miranda, Lisette, Zoe, and Emma are in the bar
      If you do, “Well done,” That’s +1 to Lisette
      If you SAY NOTHING, you can get +2 to Miranda with, “Well I’m certainly…”
      +1 to all for “Yes! Drunks are on me!”

      Around 20:00-21:00 Kimiko is in the game room
      If you’ve done everything with her to now, you get her
      (She had 11 points when I saw this)

      Around 20:00-21:00, Mia, Paige, and Cherise are at the pool
      Choice is either “Fun, yes” (+2 Paige, +1 Cherise) or
      Seven bedrooms (+1 Paige and Mia)

      Around 22:00-23:00, Cherise is in the studio
      (Need 10 points)

      Around 22:00-23:00, Kimiko, Lisette, Miranda, Paige, and Emma are at the bar
      Hi, everyone… is +1 Kimiko,
      Then, either choice is +1 Miranda for some reason…

      1. A proper walkthrough I mean start till end of 1 girl. Then a walkthrough for another girl from the start till the end and so on including threesome.
        Maybe organize it, what I mean
        Like this:





        1. Fair idea. I might try reorganizing it that way.

          I haven’t figured out how to get the threesomes yet (Zoe+Miranda and Lisette+Maddison), but I figured out how to get each of the girls who has an individual scene (Emma, Kimiko, Cherise, Paige, and Mia).

          1. For threesomes I figured it out.
            Maddison and Lisette:
            Reach a certain point level with each and on the next day you need to go to the sauna.
            Miranda and Zoe:
            Reach a certain point level with each and on 24:00 of Saturday go to the pool.
            Hope it helps you with your walkthrough. 🙂

  9. To help with your consideration for the type of game to do with Marianna and Molly.
    I would prefer a shorter game with multiple choices with multiple endings rather than a long linear game.

    If it is a joint game maybe you make a choice in the beginning where you side with Marianna or Molly. From there the game branches in one of two directions with different choices available depending on who you choose. Almost as if two games in one.

    Example: If you make the choice to be with Molly then you meet different people and have different scenes available. If you choose marianna then a seperate set of choices are available with diffetent options.
    The challenge would be the stort lines merging together to make it one game. But maybe if you make all the right choices a 3some with the two women is available at the end….

  10. Even though I voted Leanna as being the right length. While I understand the longer the game, the longer the development time, I really like LONG games – it really adds to the immersion.

  11. Honestly after playing other games. I wouldn’t mind smaller games released monthly or bi-weekly, as long as it doesn’t take forever. Certain Patreon games that follow that format have been pretty good. Like DfD or DoD had a pretty good release format. DSP and his series had reasonable wait times for the amount of content.

  12. What about Crystal III? You’ve been pushing that one back for what feels like an eternity now.

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