September 28th Update

Photographer Part 3

I finally got around to adding a walkthrough for Photographer Part 3 to the site. I just stuck it in the free walkthroughs section in case some of your memberships have already run out :

I’ve also added a new patch to the game’s page in the members section. It fixes some spelling errors, but also adjusts some of the times, notably when you can catch someone in the shower. You should find spying a little easier now.

New gallery

I wanted to render some new images for this weeks post too.

A while ago I converted Maddison to Genesis 3 (the same base figure as Leanna). Since I decided to render Photographer 3 in Poser instead I had no use for it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do the occasional image set.


13 thoughts to “September 28th Update”

  1. Well, seeing this, I’m kinda sad. Imagine if the whole game were in IRAY, it would’ve been visually amazing. I really hope that your next game (and possibly, all future games) will be made with IRAY. It may take a while to do renders, but the results will be worth it!

    1. I concur. The difference is really significant! If it takes too much time, I suggest using less photos. Quality > quantity

      My point is not to critisize though. I enjoy your games, but there is no doubt that the Leanna game is the visually best game by far. When you have seen that quality, photographer looks less good.

      1. From what we’ve heard, it really does take an enormous time to make these, comparatively.

        I’m definitely in agreement that the renders look amazing, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the frustration to Chaotic, at least that has been conveyed before.

        1. Well, that’s what evolving means. Going back to Poser after Leanna will be a step backwards. What happened with the 3rd Photographer is understandable, we was burnt out after Leanna, and needed a breather game, both for him and the players. But now, and don’t get me wrong, that won’t work again.

          I’m not saying this to be a dick, but Chaotic opened up a whole new vision to us with Leanna, we saw a new world. Not going with IRAY will be a bit lazy from him.

          1. Don’t worry, I’ll certainly be going back to IRAY for my next new game.

            As you say, I just needed a break from it for a while.

        2. Yeah, I’d say an image rendered in IRAY takes at least 7 times longer than Poser.

          It wouldn’t have been very practical for Photographer 3.

          1. Have you looked into using a render farm? It would offload all the render times so you wouldn’t have to do it on your own machine.

  2. The gallery shoots of gen 3 Maddison are awesome! She looks fantastic in IRAY but I’m sure the render times are terrible. And the old Maddison looks as great as always so I’ll be happy whichever way Chaotic chooses.

  3. was wondering if you are planning a Cassandra solo game . would be great(you could have appearances by Betsy and Rachel , like Rachel was in Betsy)

    1. Face it Chaotic, you have created a number of extremely likeable characters and we want more of them. Yes, its a pain, but that is the price of success. And yes, I love Cassandra, Betsy and Rachel. Especially when they are together.

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