June 15th Update

Photographer Part 3

Just a small update today to let you know that progress is being made with Photographer Part 3.

Here are the first two opening images.


June 22nd update

Just an update to the post to say that there won’t be a blog post this week. I’m putting together the bulk of the game right now, so there’s not as much to show until it’s done. I’ll make a bumper post next week though.

29 thoughts to “June 15th Update”

  1. He was 91? He looked amazing for his age. Must’ve been all the exercise he was getting from the ladies.

    1. I’ll go over a recap of the game’s premise next week for those who don’t check the blog every week, but you basically find that you’re the new boss following Mr Hughes’s death.

      So, in theory I could keep going with the Photographer games forever.

  2. Maddison looks hot in her funeral attire… I’m sure Mr Hughes would approve so it’s alright to say that.

  3. i see violet and april there… Models in this game or just a cameo? Hoping to see the return of some older girls like Lucy and Erica!

    1. i agree , but not remakes … it wouldn’t be Lucy or Erica if they had new faces . or maybe chaotic are thinkink plastic surgery with life threatening alterations of cheekbones etc.

    2. Just a cameo. After their cameo in Leanna, I feel like they’re my mascots right now. I’ll be sneaking in a cameo whenever possible.

  4. Is there a reason why everyone is standing out in the rain with no umbrellas? ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. Well, the outfits would clearly have been one of Mr Hughes’s last requests.

        As for the umbrellas…I guess it just started raining really suddenly? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I think those pictures are really well done. They really capture the gloom of a funeral.

      1. Well I’m at least happy we will get to see my 2 fav characters making cameos. Also happy that it seems you do have plans for them further down the road. Violet is just pure perfection!

  6. Since it seems that you patterned Mr Hughes after Hef, any chance he will have a daughter ala Christy Hefner?

  7. Is the plan to still release The Academy 1 and 2 for free? I believe you alluded to it on a previous update… If not maybe The hotel series?

    1. June 22nd update

      Just an update to the post to say that there wonโ€™t be a blog post this week. Iโ€™m putting together the bulk of the game right now, so thereโ€™s not as much to show until itโ€™s done. Iโ€™ll make a bumper post next week though.

      This is the latest regarding the blog

  8. Can you plz make the this game free for the firtst week we didnt get to play a free game for a while

  9. Hi, not sure where to put this but it seems like you do read the comments. I found some interesting stuff while browsing some other games. For example,

    if you check the source code, it seems pretty similar to your source code (I know because I like to cheat the system and remove/manipulate some of the functions, aka hardcoding names, etc).

    Some similarities I’ve noticed:
    existence of a begin.html that loads up the game
    file organization is similar (html in game root, images separate, etc etc etc)

    Care to comment? not sure if this is a related project or someone is taking some creative “inspiration” on behalf of your project.

    1. Yeah, it’s fine.

      The author contacted me a some time ago asking if one of his games could be added to the members section, though I said no as I felt the quality wasn’t quite high enough.

      He’s used the tutorials I wrote, so the games similar functionality makes sense.

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