June 8th Update

Photographer part 3

Just a small post today to let you all know that things are progressing.

These are the final two ladies to formally introduce you all to. The blonde is named Cherise and the Asian lady is called Kimiko.

Long term followers of the site may remember Cherise from when I planned on doing Crystal part 3. Since that game is most likely going to be done in daz studio with g3 base figures, it seems appropriate to use her for this game.


Since we’re now all aware of dsp3000’s situation, it seems reasonable to just let him continue at whatever pace he can do. If he sends me something to post, I shall do so, but until then I would assume you’ll just be hearing from me on Fridays.


19 thoughts to “June 8th Update”

  1. Oh, I think that Kimiko is going to be one of my favorites. Can you imagine how good she’ll be with IRAY?

  2. Oh! Asian! I always wish you would do more asian girls. My only complaint I wish is that the asian models would be nicer if they looked more alike Japanese AV stars like Ai Uehara, Yua Mikami or Tsubomi.

  3. Hey Chaotic, just a quick question. I wanted to buy myself a month of premium with a mastro card but the site wont accept it. Do you know what the problem could be? I just want to get premium so i can play photographer 3 when it comes out. Btw is it to early to ask when it approximately will come out. I hope you can help me.

    1. It won’t be over the next month, so there’s no need to sign up for it just yet (though feel free to join and support the site if you wish, of course).

      I don’t know what the cause could be as epoch handle all of the transaction. You could maybe contact then via epoch.com for assistance.

      Alternatively, if you use a European proxy, I believe you can sign up with paypal.

    1. Tara is one of dsp3000’s models, not Chaotic’s. We may see her again one day when dsp3000 is back in full dev mode, though

  4. Hi Chaotic- great to here from you and dsp3000 – will we see a new game published on the site this year? ( I know you are on a break and dsp3000 is still working on ‘a date with Bridgette’ )

    1. Certainly.

      I’m working on Photographer part 3 right now, and that’ll certainly be done before the end of the year.

  5. Just out of curiosity when can we expect DWB? July? August? Feel better dsp I know how u feel dawg

  6. Is there any chance you’d include any upskirt moments in the game? If so, I’d love to give ideas.

  7. Okay as we all know date with bridgette is already delayed so I would request dsp3000 to look into one issue and I am sure all of us are facing this issue. I am talking about the issue of playing the game in chrome where the influence stats and love stats dont show on the screen and we have to run the game in firefox and there another issue is there we dont get the choices at the bottom of the page at one go, we have to copy the address in a new firefox window again and then only we are able to proceed, so I would request dsp3000 to sort this issue with chrome as it is not a new issue it has been there ever since running the academy series in chrome. Request dsp3000 to look into this issue and resolve it once and for all.

    1. Using Chrome has always been a problem for these games due to the way Chrome handles cookies.
      I don’t think it would really be feasible to develop a solution from this end of things, particularly since my coding skills are limited to what I can do with the games.
      I’m also not about to try and get Google to change things either.

      In the meantime a perfect solution already exists.
      It’s called Firefox.
      Rather than open the game in Chrome and then paste URLs into a Firefox window, I suggest just starting up Firefox and going straight to the Vdategames site and playing from there.

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