September 8th Update

Today, I just want to share some of the cut/alternative stuff from Leanna with a quick explanation as to why is was removed or chnaged.

Strip club

Originally, the plan was for Leanna to perform on the stage at a crowded strip club, but in disguise so people didn’t recognize her. The main reason I didn’t like this was because it would be the first time you see her breasts exposed, but her face would be covered. I feel for a moment like that you should be seeing her face too.

Having an empty strip club instead also means that I didn’t have to bother with crowds, which is always good.

Longer streak ending

I had a few more locations included for the streak sex ending, including a dirty looking alley.

The reason I only added the locations I did is just because I wanted the project to end. If I’m in a good mood, I still might add this at a later date. There was also an unfinished motorway set and an underpass.

Pubic hair

I did some tests where Leanna has pubic hair rather than being shaved.

I prefer shaved myself though, and wasn’t persuaded by how the pubes looked. I’ll have a main character with pubic hair for a game in the future though.

Cum shower

Finally, this is a weirder one.

For the ending where you just stay at home and have sex with Leanna, I wanted to have it be particularly dirty. For a while, I quite liked the idea of her wanting to cum on her, but leave it one for a long as possible. Over the course of the morning, she would make you cum over and over until she was covered.

I get the tone I was going for, but in the end, it just looked a little silly. Here’s some of the pics though for those of you into that type of thing.

30 thoughts to “September 8th Update”

  1. Well, I get what you mean for the strip club scene. I don’t care about crowd or not, but the mask was against the whole “break the façade” theme.
    Don’t really have a comment on the streak, it wasn’t really my favorite, so…
    For the pubes, however, I do. While having pubic hair is normal, having way too bushy is a boner killer for me. It’s like looking at a bearded guy. But if it’s well trimmed (or in a cute shape, like a heart), that might be a nice change.
    For the cum shower, I think it will have much more impact in the end of the sex scene, almost like a self-made bukkake. Maybe it’s too much hentaiesque, but it feels more “appropriate” like that.

  2. Hi Chaotic,

    Thank you for sharing the “outtakes”. These are great. It is also good to glimpse your thought processes. The pictures are all hot. I too like shaved. But I noticed in Betsy that it was nice seeing pubic hair for a change. Leanna looks hot either way.

    Now, a scene in a future game where the female character starts with pubic hair and then shaves in during the game could be really hot.

    Thanks again for the great game!

  3. I wouldn’t have minded, what nazim10 so eloquently named, a self-made bukkake. Between the three choices, stay at home was vanilla and bland (Aside from the handstand). That can be good sometimes but I don’t think it works with Leanna.

    Seeing a few more settings during the streaking would have been nice as well.

    1. @Alex,
      stay at the topic please! And the topic of this post is Leanna.
      Chaotic will report about the academy pt. 5 when it’s time to report about it.

  4. I think Leanna looks great with pubes!

    Also, I think the “cum-shower” looks hot as hell! Especially if she combines it with extreme “dirty talk”! Would have been great to have seen it in-game and hope to see it included in the “extended” version! 🙂

  5. I was about to make note of the fact that it has been a long time since there was a poll, but then I noticed that almost every image had one….

  6. Hey Chaotic, I remember when Leana first was being developed and people where speaking of not wanting the “multiple male’s” have sex with Leana and all you can do is watch but that was supposed to be the bad karma ending, well I guess my question is, is that ending still in game. after all I was one of the few that wanted to see it for the “bad” ending?

  7. Cool outtakes, Chaotic. Personally, I prefer a little pube hair, but not “fresh out of the amazon, still hasn’t had her first shower” hair LOL!
    But in all honesty, Leanna strikes me as a shaver. I think it fits her character really.

    Looks great.

  8. I personally don’t like this Leanna’s look. I would appreciate if you could use some girls like holly in the next game.

  9. Interesting to see what got cut from the final game.

    The only thing I would have said is that the domino mask as Leanna was stripping makes me think of the scene from the Green Lantern movie where Carol Ferris raises a very good point about domino masks: “You don’t think I would recognize you because I can’t see your cheekbones?” I think a slightly larger mask might have worked better for that scene.

    But other than that, I quite enjoyed Leanna and I look forward to the extended edition.

  10. No without pubic hairs, Leanna looks very good
    I love your others updates too. Maybe some “hot” scenes with gym girls can be fun !

  11. Hi Chaotic, thank for sharing your thoughts with us. In my opinion the stripclub scene should be as it is. The reason for the strip is that she want regain her confidence after Mr. Hughes rejected her to be at the issue. The breaking factor in this scene is that she masturbates at the stage in front of the main character.
    I think that last wouldn’t ever happen in a crowded club (neither with nor without wearing a mask).
    The only thing I missed in the stripclub scene is that she doesn’t go full nude (the string she’s wearing barely hides her crotch – some pictures show more then you can imagine – so going full nude could not be the big deal).
    I like Leanna without pubic hair. But if I do remember correct than she has a little blond landing strip (almost invisible). A nice trimmed pubes also is ok, but pleeeeeease no bush.
    The cum shower could work but not for Leanna. Furthermore the graphical representation looks weird. It looks like she is covered with candle wax. Cum looks very different and after a certain time it is always transparent. To look like in the pictures there is more then one man required.
    Good thing is the idea to expand the streaking scene but i can’t imagine where this dirty alley should be located since Leanna lives in a more classy quarter. And a longer nude run seems to me impossible (at least in the prude USA). There is a very high probability to get caught and accused.

    1. Don’t know what you’ve seen. On all pictures above Leanna has a little blond landing strip (without the pic where Chaotic shows us his try with pubic hair for Leanna *blew*).

  12. Hey, I am playing this Leanna game and up to the roller disco. Seems like an interesting idea. She’s getting less bitchy too which is good to see, strange how she seems prettier.

    Nice up skirt shot of Leanna when she’s stacked it on the floor. Nice touch Chaotic.

  13. Update- managed to score a threesome with Kristen and Leanna! WOOHOO!

    But…somehow I’ve managed to grow some rather big boobs as Kristen is riding my cock…

    (file is kristen163.html)

  14. Hey Chaotic. Nice job with Leanna at the end in the morning sex scene. Love the stripper pole work too!

    Ha she’s grown on me!

  15. Love all the games ive played so far. I would love to see some more mature women. Like maybe maddison and lysette’s mother or just maybe just a new character that could be described using the acronym MILF. Love your work

  16. Thanks for sharing the outtakes. Leanna looks kinda good with a little hair down there. I don’t mind a little hair as long as it’s above the kitty. I prefer it to be clean around the lips and lower. You get so used to seeing bare floors nowadays that a bit of a change-up can be nice.

    Now that Leanna is released (and a huge success in my opinion) I have a question about your games in general. In many of your sex scenes you have sex with the girl in different positions and most times it’s over. You improved this with Leanna by being able to switch views back and forth. Would it be possible to switch back and forth between girls/positions basically indefinitely until you finish? Example would be in April and Violet after having sex with Violet you then switch to April and you’re done having sex with Violet. I was just wondering how difficult it would be to add the option of going back and having sex with Violet again and being able to switch back and forth between the girls until you decide to move on. Basically the exact same scenes just being able to replay them. I’ve made the mistake of misclicking and having to play the whole game again just to enjoy a particular sex scene. This happened in Leanna with the Kristen 3some. I misclicked and missed her amazingly hot riding scene. I’m asking about something kinda like the new switch view option in Leanna. You can switch the view back and forth as many times as you want and then decide when you want to move onto the next scene. This would be an awesome option for multiple girl sex scenes. Switch back and forth between the girls until ready to move on. Not asking for more scenes just the option to go back and have sex with the other girl again. I hope what I’m saying makes sense. I’ve probably made it more confusing than it is lol. I’m not sure how much work this would be or if it is something you would even want to do with your games. Absolutely love your games either way. Oh and I hope you continue with the switch view option. Really love it!

    1. Hey switters, something like this already exists in the Maddison game where you can switch back and forth during the sex scenes with Rachel at the night club or with Crystal at the swimming pool (to mention two examples only). You can find this in some other older games of Chaotic also.
      The implementation is really simple. You need the pages with the animations for the different perspectives of one position and/or further pages with the animations for the different perspectives of another position. The source code of each of these pages must contain the link for the continuation of the story and also the links to switch to a different perspective and/or a different position.

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