September 1st Update

This week, I’ll be going over all the things that will; be added to Leanna : breaking the facade for it’s final, ‘complete’ version.

  • Let’s start with the obvious one – I will be adding the usual gender and ethnicity options you’ve all come to expect from my games. As well as the already available white male, you’ll be able to choose black male, white female, and black female.
  • The sex scene at the studio will be expanded. Some of you have already spotted the images for a blowjob to finish the scene. There’s also the option to keep having sex hidden while the tour are in the studio. This was cut because scenes with a larger amount of people take much longer to render.
  • The final sex scene at the apartment may get a small upgrade. You may have noticed that it jumps rather abruptly from handstand blowjob to pole dancing. There are some extra frames to fill in the gap.
  • I’ll probably expand the threesome sex scene so that Leanna gets more involved with the player.
  • Some images will be redone, such as the final shot at the quiz. The current one is just a reuse of the crowd scene from earlier, but from a different angle. I’d prefer to have one with unique poses.
  • I may also add a low facade path. It was my intention to have two possible ways for the quiz show to go. It facade is low, you get the scene in the current version. It[‘s it’s too high however, Leanna is much less considerate of ‘the thief’s’ feelings and berate them until their crying. I’m not sure this is something people are bothered about seeing though, so I may just leave it.

And that’s basically it. I was going to add a checkpoint and an easy difficulty, but obviously I just ended up adding that last week instead.

I’m not too sure how long it will take. 99% of this is just down to rendering time. The actual html work and writing is less than a day’s work. It’s probably going to be a least a couple of months though.

29 thoughts to “September 1st Update”

  1. I was waiting for the beggar sex scene on the low-facade option when I play the game. That was one of your ideas back then, right? I hope you add it to the game, it would be amazing. A bit cruel, but hot as hell 😀

  2. Looking forward to the update – the renders are absolutely gorgeous for this game.

    Is DSP3000 still on vacation? 😉

  3. I feel doing a different ending with Leanna embracing the bitch inside and you coming along for the ride is a great idea. Could create a passionate but explosive relationship between the characters to contrast with the sweet relationship from the “good” ending.

    1. Well, just to clarify, the ending where she’s still being bitchy at the end of the quiz wouldn’t include any sex. It would essentially just be another fail ending, which is why I just had the cut off point at the restaurant instead.

    1. Maybe.

      It seems like an obvious and fairly easy thing to add to the apartment sex scene at the end.

  4. This would take a lot of work but in the future could we see a new game with Kristen or even a scene with just Kristen if it doesn’t work with Leanna

  5. Brilliant work,Chaotic. Leanna is an absolute pleasure to play. She looks stunning on so many levels and has a far more dynamic personality than most of your other characters. I was skeptical about the initial concept (being a newsreader) but this turned out an absolute winner.

    The handstand was breathtakingly sexy

    Not sure what you have planned next but I’m sure it will be amazing.

  6. Great stuff Chaotic, i really like the transformation of your games from just sex to story and character developement.
    The pictures are simply beautiful to look at and the different angles during the sex scenes are used to great effect.

    One thing i miss most though are the choices during sex scenes, they always opened up a way for different fetishes. Different strokes for different folks, eh? I’m a big anal fan, thats why im sad that the scenes are way more linear than before.
    They don’t have to be as variant than the Maddison game, but it is still my favourite game for this reason 😀

  7. No matter what I do, even following the walkthrough to the letter, she always flips her shit in the restaurant and ‘never speaks to me again’
    Been trying for 4 hours now, it’s annoying.

    1. Hi Peter, have you tried the EASY difficulty? You get some relationship points and the facade points are lowered by some point. This should help.
      Second advice, play always from the beginning and not from the checkpoint – this feature is a bit unlucky implemented – since you can made wrong decisions at the first day which you can’t undo if you start from the checkpoint.
      BTW I’ve played with the walkthrough in NORMAL mode and end up with 106 relationship points, one facade point and 12 relationship points for Kristen (before the ending scenes).

      So why is the checkpoint system unlucky implemented:
      Like I wrote you can made wrong decisions on the first day, on the second day and so on but you will see the consequences the first time at the restaurant on the fourth day (OK for the kissing scene at the pool party on the third day, but if you succeed with the kissing scene it means not that you also succeed at the restaurant).
      This means it makes no sense to set a checkpoint after the first day – in some cases (after some wrong decisions) it could be to late and you can’t correct these mistakes during the next two and a half days. So it’s better to set the first checkpoint after the checks at the restaurant and an additional second checkpoint after the checks before the stripclub scene. (These are the two points, where the player can get lost in this game, after this the stats only affects the count of possible endings.)

  8. Always good when there’s a complex character and great story to go along with it, perhaps you could adapt a “Life is Strange” feel to it with plenty of choices, characters, and an ability like rewinding to see other outcomes like that game

  9. Yeah ima also +1 for a titfuck, leanna has a great body and Id love to hesr her dirty talk as she does it!

  10. First thing, take your time (a translated german saying means “Good thing needs a while”).
    Next I found a bug (sorry), but at the pages with animated images are no stats shown. A short look at the page source code shows your mistake. You have reused pages from the Betsy game and forgotten to exchange the scripts for the stats for Betsy, April and Violet against the scripts for Leanna and Kristen.
    Then I’ve two suggestions:
    The “sex in public” (or streaking) scene should have a second step, where Leanna should say something like “Faster [playername], faster!”, before they get caught – IMHO the actual speed is a little to low to get Leanna aroused enough.
    And then there are pages where the player could change the perspective (SWITCH VIEW) – it’s a good thing out of question. But if there are some subsequent pages with this feature like in the stripclub scene then if you go from one page to the next page the perspective should be the same as the current view and not change (feels like jumping from one point of view to another point of view). The perspective switch always should be done by the player itself.
    I’ve done this for testing purposes on my own and it looks and feels better. To see what I mean try to call the pages where Leanna undresses the jacket in sequence – first the pages without the ‘b’ in it’s name only and then the same pages with the ‘b’ in it’s name only – you will see the difference.

  11. Hi Chaotic. When will you release Part 5 of Aca….hehe just kidding.

    I think, after releasing a some-what complete game (unless it is beta), details such background crowd or minor improvements such alternative quiz ending would not matter much. tbh they’d be time wasting – unless you wanna try a new technical method or try some new items etc.

    My few bucks thou.

  12. This is my first time giving you a reply I love your games from the beginning to this recent release shows your talent for making adult games and how you improve a pond game play choices and Character rendering and you take your time to put out a great product which is important and you listen to the good and the bad replys with out taking them to heart so that being said if you ever need help rendering I’ll do it for FREE just to be able to learn from someone like you. Oh before i forget Madison, and Rachel are my favorite!

  13. I’m stuck at tablet screen. Where do you tap to proceed. Been touching every inch of screen and can’t proceed.

      1. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately It’s in the intro, where random person says “duuuude she is totally fine”. No dialogue

  14. Hey Chaotic, love the new game
    I would love to see some titfucking being added to the Leanna and/or Leanna-Kristen sex scenes
    And the choice to cum inside

    Any possibility any of this could be added?

  15. some people already mentioned it:

    +1 for additional sex scene with Kristen
    +1 for tit fucking Leanna
    +1 for the option to cum inside one of those girls

  16. I’ve just started playing the Leanna game. On the Easy level. So far I am taking the photos of her in the studio and Leanna is a complete turn-off, I can’t stand her attitude.


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