July 21st Update

Time for another update.

  • Seq 1 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 2 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 3 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 4 (medium) : 100% complete
  • Seq 5 (large) : 20% complete
  • Seq 6 (small) : 0% complete
  • Seq 7 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 8 (medium) : 95% complete
  • Seq 9 (medium) : 5% complete
  • Seq 10 (very large) :
  •                 Section 10a : 100% complete.
  •                 Section 10b : 100% complete.
  •                 Section 10c : 0% complete
  • Seq 11 (small) : 0% complete

Current image count : 1191

I didn’t get quite as much done this week as I’d hoped. The reason is that sequence 4 contains a lot of characters and you have to reposition all of them for every image.

It always makes the game look better when you have the occasional scene where there’s lots of people, so I don’t mind having to do this, but it can be disappointingly time consuming.

Next week, I’m hitting the mall, which is going to be a series of smaller scenes as you visit different places. Hopefully progress will be a little quicker with that.


EDIT : Decided to add a poll as I decide how exactly the mall sequence could go. I’m considering reducing it down to a choice between shopping at the mall, or doing a photoshoot with Leanna.

However, this will be, like, the 100th photoshoot sequence in one of my games. They’re always popular, but has there been one too many?

What do you think?

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56 thoughts to “July 21st Update”

  1. The main girl doesn’t look attractive in the pool scene. other girls look much more better.

  2. “Didn’t get as much done…”?! What?!

    You’re killing it man! 1200 images and counting, I can’t wait to play this game.
    Looks so good, keep up the great work Chaotic!!

  3. My problem with photo shoots (in nearly all games) is that it appears to be completely random which pose the player needs to suggest to raise influence or lust. There’s nothing to figure out from previous dialog. It’s purely trial and error. If the influence and lust were removed from the photo shoots–and the shoot itself was its own reward–then I’d feel better about them.

    1. Yeah, pretty tired of photoshoots here. For many reasons, the main one being the one bing6541 mentioned above.

      I’d even say that’s a problem in your games outside of photoshoots too… way too much guesswork. When comparing your games to those of Tlaero (the queen of the genre, imo), her characters tend to feel less random, more realistic and more likeable. The smaller amount of trial and error gameplay makes her games easier to finish than yours, but I prefer that over frustrating guessing, YMMV… 🙂

      But enough of that, despite that (hopefully constructive) criticism, I do like your games too and I am looking forward to this one.

  4. Chaotic, some feedback regarding your polls:

    Sometimes, you give the same answer in different options, so the final result could be tricky. In this one, you gave the options “No” and “I will never be tired of photoshoots” and while I understand that your intention, I think it would be better if you gave only one option, right now is equally between people that wants photoshoots and people that doesn’t want, but poll result shows otherwise. You could just simply ask the question then use numbers from 1 to 5 and assign a value (Strongly disagree – Strongly agree). I know, it isn’t funny at all but imo final result is more accurate.

    1. Don’t worry. It should be fine as I’m aware of the ‘no vote’ split.

      All I have to do is add together the ‘No’ and ‘I will never be tired of photoshoots! ‘ votes for the true answer. 🙂

  5. I feel like at this point Chaotic should just hand over everything to dsp.

    dsp does a way better job, with way better stories, in way less time. I’m honestly astounded that dsp hasn’t broken off from this site and decided to do his own thing, because he’s honestly the only thing that keeps me coming back.

    Chaotic’s stuff just doesn’t have anywhere near the quality, nor anywhere near the promptness.

    1. Indeed. My most recent stuff is clearly awfully written and terribly produced.

      No wonder Betsy only has a mere 88.84% approval rating on playforceone. A terrible game with unbelievable one dimensional characters if ever I saw one!

      1. Are you kidding it placed #5 on top 15 games on that site. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it. (or are you just being sarcastic).

    2. So… why are replying to a Chaotic post? Just wait for dsp3000 to do something, then bless us with your wise words…

    3. Dude, seriously, DSP just released one and now we’re a couple weeks away from Chaotic releasing one….They pretty much stagger the releases of their games….for all intents and purposes…. seems to me like the only problem here is with you, Alload…. they have varying styles and DSP LEARNED his craft from the blogs Chaotic uploaded in the first place, so i’m sure DSP would agree that without Chaotic’s guidance, there would be no DSP…. take nothing away from either of them. Their work is awesome. But dude…. respect! have some!

    4. Funny, I really enjoyed Betsy as both a character and as a game. Hope to see more of her in the future. A “Betsy 2” would be a good thing in my book.

  6. Who is the girl in the pink bikini? Are we going to… get to know her better, if you catch my drift?

    The pictures look awesome, btw.

        1. And also is the mansion in the background Mr. Hughes mansion, making the pool sequence an extension of the party scenario?

      1. I’d love to get to know her better, maybe in a future game? *wink wink* *nudge nudge* *kick in the crotch*

  7. I like the photoshoots, it’s really sexy to have a lady pose as you like. Perhaps just don’t make it mandatory, but it could dtill be an easy way to pick up lust points.

  8. Is there any chance the hottie in pink will be fuckable in your future games? She’s too hot to pass up.

    1. Agreed. I can’t wait to see her out of that pink bikini and into some hot sex action.

      Even her in a photoshoot scene that leads to sex would be great.

  9. Although photoshoots are a thing in these kind of games, there’s always something fresh about them. Location, models and positions always change. I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

  10. Coming along nicely. And the depth of the pool looks more normal this time. lol

  11. You can always have a photoshoot but give it a little twist to make them more interesting. I’m not tired of them at all.

    But if you do feel the need to switch it up, do an extended clothes shopping scene, where she tries out different outfits, and not just two or three and a few token shots of each, but add some dressing/undressing, voyeurism/peeking, and maybe even some foreplay/fondling through clothes.

  12. Chaotic,

    Been a fan of your games for a long time now and despite the majority of people I always enjoy the photoshoots.

    But if you want to mix things up by all means go ahead. I look forward to playing it!

  13. Since you have done a lot with photographer doing photo shoots and such (don’t get me wrong, I like the photographer stories) would you consider doing other professions to change the monotony of those kind of jobs to jobs such as doctor (drama story) or police officer/detective (action story) for example but still add in the seduction and conquest of your previous games with photographer and such. I’d also recommend stories shown in manga, anime and hentai as other source material but still have the girls look realistic and not too cartoony from those media types but the story in those are really enjoyable.Let me know if I can give more ideas mate

    1. You are right mate i also want these types of strories, and i want some role-playing bondage too please chaotic use these ideas in your future games

  14. The girl in the pink bikini (one piece?) looks fantastic! Looking forward to seeing her more, for sure! Looking good so far!

    As far as photoshoots, yeah, they’re probably getting a bit much at this point, if only because sometimes it starts to feel a bit convenient, in a bad way, if you know what I mean. Kinda like a copout. They’re still fun, but I think they get a little bit monotonous after a while.

  15. Maybe as an alternative to the photo shoot to use the games on the strip? For example the rock-paper-scissors or cards. And that the penalty for losing was something sexual.

  16. If you add the two No votes together, it’s leading the poll by 8 votes over yes, ha! 😉

    1. Lol. I like your optimism, but I think you’ll find 24+15=39, so the yes and nos are dead even.

  17. Hey Chaotic, image quality is unbelievable. Best in all games in vdg. I think this will be an amazing game. Leanna is so hot as well.

  18. I have to say, your choice to sticking with I-RAY rendering was worth it. The bodies (both male and female) are becoming more and more good looking.

    With that, I do have a question: have you thought about making your old characters I-RAY style? Not the entire games, just the models in some poses, just to see how they’ll look like? Some “older” girls might benefit from it, like Leilani, Lucy and the others.

    1. Not too sure yet.

      There are some old pictures somewhere on the blog where I redid Crystal with IRAY skin, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

      1. When you get a chance, I’d love to see Jennifer and Maddison re-done with IRAY skin.

  19. So all of these models look amazing and I have to say these are the best images of feet I’ve seen do you think we might get anything for foot fetishes in the near future? I know in an old post you said its something you possibly might do wasn’t sure if you’ve retouched on that thought.

  20. at the pool scene, if the player’s a girl. does she get to pick out a slutty swimsuit to wear herself, or even go naked?

  21. Hey I’ve got some things to ask
    1) You haven’t forgotten about Mia have you
    2) Are we gonna see more Betsy April and Violet (I know you must hear this question a lot)
    3) This game will be out in August 4th right

    1. Uh never mind about any of these questions I think I know the answers to all of these questions. Thank you.

  22. To be honest the background female characters look more hot then leana, seems like Leana has a cellulite on her body, and that makes her to look like an 40years+ old character compare with the other girls.
    I liked her 1st design without muscles more then this one.

    1. I think you are confusing the shadows on her toned legs with cellulite-ridden flat patches.

      I agree she looks older than the others, but that’s due to her more angle-shaped jaw.

  23. Can we pick a gender and skin tone in this game like in the game Betsy it be more fun?!?

  24. It’d be nice to have a non-professional photoshoot with say a snap-shot camera or camera phone, on a date.

    Say some happy snaps, then it gets more flirty (as you increase her arousal) like she’s leaning over for you to shoot a pic of her cleavage, stands over your head so you can shoot an up skirt, flashes her butt, a sneaky shot of her lifting her skirt to show her pussy. It could lead to a hot outdoor sex scene, or a photoshoot that leads to her showing you her body naked in private in her bedroom where you then have more romantic-style sex.

    I really like the idea of a short “Doctor & Nurse” sex game. You can pick a range of female characters (e.g. Maddison, Bridgette from dsp3000’s Academy game, Lissette, Jennifer, Rachel etc.) who are in a hot nurse outfit. Or turn the tables and they are the hot Doctor in a sexy lab coat and do the examination on you…

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