July 28th Update

Lot’s of work done this week.

Here’s where the game currently stands…

  • Seq 1 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 2 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 3 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 4 (medium) : 100% complete
  • Seq 5 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 6 (small) : 0% complete
  • Seq 7 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 8 (medium) : 100% complete
  • Seq 9 (medium) : 75% complete
  • Seq 10 (very large) :
  •                 Section 10a : 100% complete.
  •                 Section 10b : 100% complete.
  •                 Section 10c : 0% complete
  • Seq 11 (small) : 0% complete

After deliberating what to do for the second date at the mall, I actually decided to change the entire setting. In keeping with Leanna’s fitness theme, I though if would be more appropriate to do something sporty for each.

This puts the image count at around 1300.

It also means that I think I’m finally ready to suggest  release date. Friday, August 11th seems very likely at this point.

It’s not an official release date at this point of course. Hopefully, I’ll be able to confirm it next week.

31 thoughts to “July 28th Update”

  1. A question for dsp3000 if he still comes around these parts…

    Do you plan on making a walkthrough and/or patching files for Academy Day 4? I know that you said in a post a few weeks back that you are taking a break from production and plan on starting with Day 5 in late August/September. I was just curious if you plan on revisiting Day 4 before you delve in to Day 5, or if you consider Day 4 finished and don’t plan on working on it anymore.

    1. I think there was answer on Academy part 5/Day 5 will start working on september and the walkthrough you should just read the improvised walkthrough made by someone.

      1. If that is in fact the situation then I am disappointed. I feel like dsp3000 should take a little bit more pride in his games than to not fix the buggy as hell Day 4, or provide a walkthrough that he himself said would do the week following Day 4’s release. Instead he has left us high and dry with a buggy game, and a user-submitted walkthrough based off of incomplete information.

  2. even though I really wish it would be released on 11/8. I would guess by my math and your weekly progress report that it would be finished on the 18/8 since it would give you time to polish it and test it out Chaotic like completing seq 6 and seq 11 since they are small scenes and the 25% left for seq 9 (medium scene) by next week 4/8 and seq 10.c by the 11/8. I just don’t want you to overexert yourself and rush what looks like a great story from the teaser pics.

  3. If she is playing squash then it should be a small black ball not a tennis ball, just a small technicality.

    1. It does look like it could be a Squash racket, but we don’t really get a good shot of the racket. It seems too skinny for a tennis racket, so I’d say that you’re right. It’s always fun to find these small mistakes in the details.

      1. I play racquetball with, oddly enough, a racquetball but hey that’s just me

  4. Can’t wait for the game chaotic. Those outfits gives me a serious chubby.

  5. That’s a surprising release date! I’m really looking forward to this game. The plot sounds interesting, the woman is hot, and the graphics look top notch!

  6. What racquet sport is being played in the top photos?

    The visual was jarring for me because I used to be an avid racquetball player, and the court she’s playing on is either squash or racquetball. So the first thing you look at is the racquet and the ball to decide.

    But a racquetball racqeut doesn’t have a long neck like the one she’s holding – the long neck racquet would be more like squash. But when I look at the ball, it is yellow! A racquetball ball is usually blue, sometimes black (but not often.) A squash “ball” is much smaller and it’s black.

    Just thought I’d mention it because there’s an expectation that not being met that led directly into “uncanny valley” for me. It’s like looking at a render of a rainbow, but where the color stack is supposed to be ROYGBIV, it’s rendered as VIBYOR (relative to the radius of curvature.) It’s one of those things where at first you recognize what you see. Then something strikes you as being wrong. Then when you finally see it, you can’t unsee it.

    You make really great games that keep getting better, and you eventually release them for free so everyone can enjoy them. So I thought I’d share this insight pre-release so that you can correct or ignore as you see fit.

    Best of luck to you

    1. Listen to “JOE”, we are all here for another reason than looking for differences in the colors of the balls. We do not care if the ball is black, green or purple. We evaluate the game in terms of story and exciting scenes, and that is important in these games. The graphics are excellent, we’ll review the story after the game ends, but no one will ever mind the color of the ball. So if it bothers you, you probably chose an inappropriate game, and you should play sports and not erotic games.

  7. Hello Chaotic. The pictures are beautiful, the graphics are excellent and I believe the story will be great too. I can not wait for August 11 when the game comes out

  8. Great work! The tentative release date is actually the earliest likely date it would be released.

  9. dat green kill my eyes …. holly hell !

    love the idea of some sport activity, i dont see this alots in games actually.

  10. Hey chaotic, is there going to be a strip club competition like in rachel game, I loved those, if not are you going to add it in a future game?

    1. He might not have enough money to hired a team of his own, I think that’s why he’s working alone on these games and making small progress each week. Not to sound offended or anything that’s just my opinion tbh!

    2. There’s a few reasons I’m doing it alone.

      a) As dgallivan says, the money. Creating graphic images is a rarer skill and those who do it know it.

      I’ve seen some artists charge $1000 just for 10 images.

      b) It’s very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to transfer your characters to another persons computer for rendering. Many are made up of hundreds of parts of different assets.

      c) It doesn’t save as much time as you’d might think. The amount of time I’d spend describing a scene in a email is about the same amount of time as it would take me to setup the scene myself.

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